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íTaliban Commanderí Killed In Logar Airstrike             Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan             Abdullah at SCO: Afghan Peace Requires Regional Cooperation             Afghan woman politician sees Taliban talks as only hope for future             HRW says CIA-backed Afghan forces carry out Ďgraveí rights abuses             31 Taliban militants, civilians killed, wounded as explosives-laden vehicle goes off in Jawzjan             Abdullah Emphasizes on Transparency of Election, Importance of Peace            Taliban Had to Show Real Willingness to Make Real Compromises: NATO             Breach of IECís Digital Center Unacceptable: MPs             Afghan Govt May Join Beijing Peace Discussion             FM Rabbani Resigns, Citing Parallel Structures             US Mission Has Not Changed in Afghanistan: Esper             China Set to Host Taliban, Afghanistanian Politicians             IEC Chairperson Apologizes for Violation of Timeline             62 killed, 33 wounded in an explosion in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan            

Afghan parliament approves Younus Qanooni to succeed late Marshal Fahim
Trump growing frustrated with running White House: Aides
UAE Ambassador wounded in Kandahar explosion has died
Standoff underway in Kabul military hospital following heavy explosion
Abdullah: Unity Among Afghans Is Only Response To Enemies
UN rights chief slams Israeli infringement of Palestinian rights
Putin pardons woman found guilty of treason in 2016
Shahzad goes past Kohli in T20I career runs, secures 4th spot
Iran Unveils Its Most Advanced Tank
Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen May Mount to War Crimes: HRW Urges West Halt Arms Sale to Regime
Kabul and Moscow to hold talks on counter-terrorism and bilateral ties
1 killed, at least 8 wounded in Kabul explosion
Clash among Junbish and Jamiat gunmen leaves 4 dead in North of Afghanistan
Ex-US envoy questions Trumpís understating of NATO after tweets
Saudis urge UN to control Yemeni port after botch
Noor Announces His Intention To Run For President
Policeman Kills 9 Colleagues At Kunduz Check Post
Hundreds feared dead as refugee boat sinks off Libya
CIA was hacking iPhones one year after launch: WikiLeaks
European Union marks 60th anniversary in Rome as Brexit looms
UN urges Iran, Russia, Turkey to resume Syria talks in Astana
Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies
Biden regrets not running for US president
Herat Provincial Council Head Sentenced To Prison
Govt Under Fire For Failing To Fill Cabinet Positions
Over 70 rockets fired on Kunar from Pakistan in past 24 hours
UN Ďextremely concernedí over potential attack on Yemenís Hudaydah
Sandstorm unearths historical site in southeastern Iran
Russia, West trade barbs over Syria attack in UNSC meeting
Hojjatoleslam Raeisi to run for president: Representative
UN experts warn Saudi Arabia against demolition of Shia neighborhood
International probe must be launched in reported Syria gas attack: Iran president
CIA chief in South Korea for Ďinternal visití
US to grant 2,500 more visas for Afghans under $1 trillion deal
* U.S Looking At 'Adjustments' To Afghanistan's War Strategy
* ĎUS using North Korea pretext to launch nuclear attack on China
* Pakistanís Envoy To U.S Meets McMaster, Discusses Afghan Issues
* US losing leadership in world, EU filling the gap: Mogherini
US Mulls Sending New Forces to Afghanistan, Amid Trumpís Policy Incertitude
* UAE-Saudi Disputes Emerge Further as Yemen War Unfolds
Kunduz Battle Enters Third Day, MPs Criticize War Leadership
* Heavy Clashes Ongoing Close To Kunduz City
UNHCR says about 250 feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks
* ĎDeteriorating Securityí In North Has MPs Worried
* UNAMA Receives Petition On Hizb-e-Islamiís Hekmatyar
EU proposes one-year timetable to Turkey to renew ties: Erdogan
* Afghan government suspends mayors of Jalalabad and Herat
* US, Britain no longer reliable partners for EU: Merkel
* At least 20 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Iraq's Mosul: Report
* Trumpís decision on Paris deal to affect foreign direct investment: UN
* UNAMA Calls For Restraint Amid Protests In Kabul
* Turkey parliament approves troop deployment to Qatar
* Protesters Call On International Community For Support
* Pro-Trump Group Holds Anti-Islam Rallies Across the US
* UAE paid $3bn to finance coup attempt in Turkey: Report
* Taliban claims 44 killed, wounded in suicide attack on Mullah Rasool militants
* UN Chief Calls on World to Support Afghanistan
Bahrain, UAE violating human rights amid Persian Gulf dispute
US not to repeat past mistakes in Afghanistan: Mattis
* U.S. To Send Almost 4,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan
* Russia blasts US shooting down of Syrian jet as violation of intl. law
* Pakistan Still Home To 2 Million Afghan Refugees: UNHCR+Video
* Two Protesters Dead, Over 20 Wounded In Clash With Police
More Refugees Likely To Return From Iran, Pakistan: UNHRC
US questions Saudi concerns over Qatarís alleged support for terrorism
* UN Report States Security Situation ĎIntensely Volatileí
Moscow cancels meeting with top US diplomat due to new sanctions
* UNAMA Chief Calls For Urgent Reforms To Avert Future Crises
* Afghanistan and US hold talks regarding the framework of new bilateral cooperation
* Afghanistan announces parliament elections date scheduled for 7 July 2018
UNAMA Welcomes Announcement Of Election Date
* ARG Accepts Need For Reforms On Back Of UNAMA Criticism
India to overtake China as most populous country: UN
U.S Moves To Close Afghanistan, Pakistan Affairs Office
Afghan governmentís optimisms on Gen. Dunfordís visit to Afghanistan
US Senate approves 4,000 more visas for Afghans under the SIV program
US sets new criteria for travel ban against Muslims
Saudi-led blocís demands unreasonable: Qatar
* Efforts Underway for Israeli-Arab Normalization Amid Tense Iranophobic Campaign
* Fierce Battles Rage On Outskirts Of Kunduz City
* Taliban, Foreign Fighters ĎPlanning Major Offensive On Kunduzí
US-Russia Relations Under Shadow of INF Treaty
* Pentagon confirms death of US soldier in Helmand province of Afghanistan
North Korea will not be intimidated by US threats: Author
Brexit negotiator warns UK it has 'more to lose' than EU
* Russia blocks UN condemnation of North Korea's missile launch
* $19.6 million contract signed for new Salang tunnel technical studies
* UNESCO Puts Ibrahimi Mosque on World Heritage in Danger List, Israel Objects
HPC To Draw Up New Peace Strategy In Bid To Break Stalemate
* Karzai condemns alleged airstrikes by foreign forces in Kunduz and Uruzgan
President Rouhani's brother taken into custody over financial charges
* War Closes In On Baghlan-e-Markazi's Center
Saudi Regime Blocks UN Aid Flight to Yemen
Israeli Regime Plans New Field Hospital to Treat Terrorists in Syria
Saudi Warplanes Killed 20 Civilians Including Women, Children in Yemen: UN
* Philippines President Duterte Vows Never to Visit Lousy America
* Taliban leader's son carries out suicide attack in Helmand province
Sudan Sanctions Case Reflects US Failure to Keep Commitments
* 250,000 minors under 16 married in US over past years: Report
US purchases five new ScanEagle drones for the Afghan forces
* U.S, EU Pledge to Finance Next Elections: IEC
* France announces plan to set up processing centers for refugees in Libya
* IEC to Launch E-Registration Process For Voters Soon: Official
* Watch moment Iran successfully launches Simorgh satellite carrier
* Afghanistan announces Kankor results for enrollment of students in universities
* ICBM test meant to waken US from foolish dream: N Korea
* Baghlan-Kunduz Highway, One Of The Most Unsafe Routes: Officials
Venezuela Constituent Assembly Commences, Country Faces Armed Insurgency
One Million Yemeni Children Risk Dying from Cholera Amid Saudi Aggression, Blockade
Private, public sector meet to review progress in reconnecting Afghanistan to regional markets
UK: Reports on Ä40bn Brexit bill inaccurate
* Cargo Route Failure Draws Backlash From Business Community
* Is US, North Korea Nuclear War Imminent?
* US white nationalists clash with counter-protesters+VIDEO
* N Korean leader playing dangerous game with US: McMaster
* Hashd Shaíabi to actively participate in Tal Afar liberation op: Official
* North Korean Leader Briefed on Guam Attack
* Iran's Missile Program ĎInternal Affair', Suffocating N. Korea Tragic: Russia
* Trump encourages gross violence against Muslims after Barcelona attack
* Ambassador Llorens greets Afghans on the occasion of Afghan Independence Day
* Anti-US Posters Spread in North Korea as Trump Plans War Drills
* US-South Korean war games will begin on Monday: Pentagon
* UN mission Afghanistan confirms massacre of civilians by Taliban and ISIS loyalists
* Americans cheer as rare total solar eclipse marches across country
* Junbish slams Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for his remarks regarding the new coalition
* US strategy to enhance NATO's role in empowering Afghan security forces: Ghani
* 22 million Americans support neo-Nazis, white supremacists: Poll
* Merkel: Germany won't necessarily take US side in potential Korea war
* Ex-President Karzai Opposes New US Strategy for Afghanistan
* Young Ukrainian converts to Islam at Imam Reza Holy Shrine
* Fresh sanctions on North Korea would be dangerous, Russia warns US
* White House petition asks Trump to declare George Soros a terrorist
* UNAMA says 28 civilians killed, 16 wounded in Logar and Herat airstrikes
* Defense Ministry Preparing For US Troop Surge
* Haleyís remarks show US envoyís ignorance of JCPOA text: Iran FM
Bangladesh relief camps for Rohingya reach full capacity: UN official
* US ready to use Ďnuclear capabilitiesí against North Korea: White House
Western diplomats call for fresh UN sanctions on North Korea
* Trumpís rhetoric on N Korea ícould lead to great dangerí: Ex-CIA chief
* The United States viewpoint on the new regional security order in the Middle East
* Republican leaders annoyedí over Ivanka visit during meeting
* US Navy SEALs training South Korean Ďassassinationí squad to take out Kim: Report
* Putin suggests North Korea will not give up nukes
* Amnesty Slams US, UK Support for Repressive Bahraini Regime
* Some 370,000 Peace Activists Want Stripping Myanmarís Suu Kyiís of Nobel Prize
Syria strongly denies alleged role in Khan Shaykhun chemical attack
* Iran FM urges swift UN action on Rohingya crisis
Haley íhysteric fití to cost US dearly, North Korea warns
* CIA, Zionists helping Myanmar to execute Nakba-inspired operation against the Rohingya: Expert
* Japan conducts air exercise with US over East China Sea
* US plans to expand military ties with Myanmar amid atrocities against Rohingya: Report
Hurricane Irma pummels Florida amid mass exodus
* UN asks for aid to tackle Rohingya crisis unfolding in southern Bangladesh
McCain threatens North Korea with Ďextinctioní
* MPs Furious Over Leaflets Dropped By US Army
Security Council to vote on US-drafted resolution on North Korea
* Irmaís death toll rises to 22 in US; millions without power
Global Peace Summit is Held for the Establishment of Peace Governance
Afghan Politician Calls for ĎNational Consensusí on Eve of Election
* CIA says will not release the porn collection of Osama bin Laden
Ansarullah missiles can reach anywhere in UAE: Houthi
Biden says Trump íundermines Americaís standing in the worldí
* Ghani to Discuss War on Terror, Peace and Security at UNGA
Hurricane Irma
Ghani off to US to attend UN General Assembly and meet President Trump
* Human Rights Violations in UAE
UK to lose 10,000 finance jobs after Brexit: Survey
Trump says Ďbureaucracyí and ímismanagementí holding UN back
* Noble Peace Prize: Discriminatory, Serving Westís Interests
* Trump Defends Afghan War Strategy, Vows Action Against Taliban
JCPOA belongs to whole world, not just US: EU foreign policy chief
* UN chief urges Myanmar to halt military campaign against Rohingya
* Taliban and their backers cannot win militarily, Ghani says
* Rouhani censures Trumpís anti-Iran rhetoric
French leader speaks in defense of Iran deal in first UN speech
* Trumpís anti-Iran speech proves US failed policies in Middle East: IRGC commander
Comprehensive Approaches to Build "Peace Governance"
Trump: North Korean leader Ďwill be tested like never beforeí
* Lavrov slams war of words between Trump, Kim as íkindergarten fightí
* UN, HR Groups Retail Rohingyasí Suffering at Hand of Myanmar Regime
UN: Longer-term plans needed to manage Rohingya influx into Bangladesh
France, China call for diplomacy over North Korea
* UN rights chief calls on Spain to investigate referendum violence
Gen. Raziq confirms Taliban chiefís visit to Helmand
* Oman To Host Quadrilateral Meeting Monday
* US UNESCO Exit Signaling Washington Frustration, Hegemony Decline
* Kabul Expects Positive Results From Quadrilateral Meeting
* EU supports Iran nuclear deal, vows full commitment
* Second federal judge rules against Trumpís latest travel ban
UN Strongly Condemns ĎTerrorist Attacksí in Paktia
* Russian ships in Philippines as Manila diversifies away from US
* Over 22 Million Yemenis Depend on Aid Amid Saudi Aggression
Bar Association of Indonesia and International NGO Proposed International Law for Peace for Settling Disputes​
* More than 10,000 civilians killed, wounded in 2017 in Afghanistan: UNAMA
* Former VP Qanooni warns of írevolutioní in Afghanistan
Indian Religious Leaders Raise the Voice for Securing Human Rights During the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week
* President Ghani warns against illegal use of force
* Loss of life is high in Afghanistan: CE Abdulah
Syria Ceasefire Resolution: Containing or Perpetuating Conflict?
23 missing refugees likely dead off Libyan coast: IOM
UNAMA Chief Reports Back On Peace And Elections
* Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un to meet by May: South Korea
South Korea, China, Russia welcome possible meeting between Trump and Kim
Dubai rulerís daughter secretly jailed for over three years, drugged in hospital: Report
* Afghanistanian lawmakers elect the first deputy speaker of the Lower House
UN accuses Mexico of torture, cover-up in missing students case
* Politicians React to Hekmatyarís Idea of Granting Local Autonomy to Taliban
* UN Security Council Calls on Taliban to Accept Peace Talks Without Preconditions
Champions League Quarter-Final Matchups By The Numbers
Iran sanctions already tough enough, says EUís Mogherini
* UN Condemns Kabul Bombing as Death Toll Rises to 32
EU sides with Greece in Cyprus dispute with Turkey
Millions plan to leave Africa for US, Europe: Study
Turkey still aims for Ďfull membershipí of EU: Erdogan
EU issues ultimatum for Facebook to answer data scandal questions
* UNSC holds urgent meeting on Israelís massacre in Gaza, Guterres urges probe
* Trump says CIA chief met North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un
* 50 People Killing Weekly in Syriaís Raqqa, Captured by US-Backed Militias: UN
* There was already intíl consensus on Karzai as Afghan leader before Bonn conference: Qanooni
Taliban Kills 14 Soldiers in Kunduz
* UN Chief Urges Governments To Protect Civilians From Violence
* Three Reasons Driving Saudi Hudaydah Offensive despite UN Warning
UN: Trump forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin
* Nearly 3.7 Million Afghanistanian Children Out of Schools: UNICEF
* EU confirms Iran enrichment plan not in nuclear deal violation
* Trump-Kim summit set for Singaporeís Sentosa Island: White House
ĎIntercultural Dialogue for Peace and Developmentí Held at UN Headquarters to Create a Foundation of Understanding and Tolerance
* EU wants firms exempt from US sanctions on Iran
* UK Contributes £10m Aid to Drought-hit Afghans
EU Says ĎWe Stand United With Afghanistaní After Attacks
Russia: New US sanctions not based on evidence
* Ghazni Is Not Safe For Aid Workers To Enter: UN
Taliban Chief invites US to talks to ĎReach Understandingí to end the ongoing war
* UN calls for resumption of Yemen peace talks íwithin a monthí
* 85,000 Yemeni Kids May Have Starved as Saudi Aggression: NGO
Letters from Citizens to National Leaders: Endorsing Accountability for Global Peace Building at the UN General Assembly
ĎResolveí of Fatemiyoun Forces in Anti-Terror Fight
Flash Floods Affected Thousands of People in Afghanistan: UNOCHA
* Afghan Forces Push Back Taliban Attack on Kunduz City
* UN expert: Assange not guaranteed fair trial in US; torture, death penalty possible
* Champions League: íMan Utd are miles offí - reaction to exit in Barcelona
* UN Condemns Taliban Announcement of Spring Offensive
* Cases of Torture Reduce in Afghanistan Prisons: UNAMA
EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory
EU, Canada vow to fight new US sanctions on Cuba
* UNAMA Report Shows 23 Percent Decrease in Civilian Casualties
* North Koreaís Kim arrives in Russia for summit with Putin
* World Slams Saudi Regime after Beheadings
* UK may defy US warnings on Huawei cooperation: UN envoy
* Dunford Suggests Longer Military Presence In Afghanistan
Hungary Forces 11 Afghan Asylum-Seekers Into Serbia
* EU rejects Iranís 60-day deadline on nuclear deal, says will remain committed for now
* UN chief warns of nuclear Ďcoffiní leaking in Pacific
* Yamamoto Calls For Separate Holding Of Upcoming Elections
* UN Stresses On Persistent Anti-Corruption Efforts In Afghanistan
* ĎTwo Out Of Five Childrení Are Not In School In Afghanistan
Almost Half Of Rural Afghans Face Food Insecurity: UN Report
* US-China trade war to cut global economic output next year, IMF warns
* Naderi Calls For Impartial Probe Into Allegations Against Arg
UNSC assigns no blame despite UAEís claims on oil tanker attacks
Myanmarís Suu Kyi, Hungaryís far-right PM, lament ígrowing Muslim populationsí
* NATO Has Commended Reforms In Afghan Institutions: Qayumi
Blast In Ghazni University Leaves 23 Students Wounded
* Civilian Casualties Have Spiked: UN



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Americans taking advantage of protests in Lebanon for own interests: Nasrallah

íTaliban Commanderí Killed In Logar Airstrike

Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan

Abdullah at SCO: Afghan Peace Requires Regional Cooperation

Afghan woman politician sees Taliban talks as only hope for future

HRW says CIA-backed Afghan forces carry out Ďgraveí rights abuses

31 Taliban militants, civilians killed, wounded as explosives-laden vehicle goes off in Jawzjan

Abdullah Emphasizes on Transparency of Election, Importance of Peace

Taliban Had to Show Real Willingness to Make Real Compromises: NATO

Breach of IECís Digital Center Unacceptable: MPs

Afghan Govt May Join Beijing Peace Discussion

FM Rabbani Resigns, Citing Parallel Structures

US Mission Has Not Changed in Afghanistan: Esper

China Set to Host Taliban, Afghanistanian Politicians

IEC Chairperson Apologizes for Violation of Timeline

62 killed, 33 wounded in an explosion in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan

Civilian Casualties Have Spiked: UN

Qayoumi Referred to Attorney General

Authorities Fail to Enforce Court Order over a Former IEC Member

Leaders of India, China have frank discussions defuse border tensions

Russia jails American-Israeli woman on drug charges despite Netanyahu plea

IEC Registers Non-biomteric, Fraudulent Votes: Saadati

Blast In Ghazni University Leaves 23 Students Wounded

Reasons Riyadh May Be Leaning to Yemen War End

Ghani: We Must Avoid 2014 Election Chaos

Taliban Delegation Meets Pakistani Officials

UN Insists on Transparency With Afghan Election Count

Abdullah Claims Victory in Presidential Elections

Yemenís Houthis to free 350 captives, including three Saudis, in good will gesture

Floods kill 113 in north India in late monsoon burst; jail, hospital submerged

Pro-Government Fighters Killed ĎBy Mistakeí In Takhar Airstrike

Vote Counting Underway; 1 Million Counted So Far

Abdullah Calls on Electoral Commissions to Stay Independent

Hekmatyar Casts Vote without Having Sticker on His Tazkera+photos

Voting Kicks off in Afghanistanís 4th Presidential Election

Suicide attack in Kabul city kills 22 civilians, injures 38 others

Taliban claims Kabul and Parwan explosions

ďLegislate PeaceĒ Campaign in Afghanistan

Trump rejects UN request for FBI probe into Khashoggiís murder to save weapons sales

Tory leadership race exposes Britainís democratic deficit


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