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Millions of Americans at risk of homelessness as aid talks collapse in Washington             Trump has left US íin tattersí, Biden and Harris say            Four Civilians Killed in Kandahar Roadside Mine Blast            Joint Letter Sent to the UN Secretary-General to Stop Human Rights Violations and Religious Oppression in South Korea             Barakah Power Plant; New UAE Security Weak Spot             Loya Jirga Approves Release of 400 Taliban Prisoners             íLess Than 5,000í Troops in Afghanistan by Late Nov: Esper             Whatís Behind Trump Election Delay Proposal?            The donation of the blood plasma from HWPL is a great sacrifice, the messages sent            Iraqi PM orders swift investigation into deadly Baghdad protest            US mayors urge Congress to block Trump federal deployment against protesters            Malaysiaís ex-PM Najib Razak found guilty on all corruption charges            Armed resistance sole way to end Saudi-led war on Yemen: Ansarullah            Russia intercepts another US spy plane over Black Sea            North Koreaís nuclear weapons deter another war on country: Leader Kim            


Italian politician launches ĎItalexití party to take country out of eurozone

Lawmakers slate EU recovery fund, long-term budget

US warplanes in aggressive maneuvering near Iranian airliner: Reports

Turkish drilling in Mediterranean can affect relations with EU, Germany warns

EU summit: Leaders reach landmark Ä1.82 trillion COVID-19 recovery deal and budget

Iran nuclear deal 5th anniv.: EU vows íto do everything possibleí to preserve JCPOA

EU preparing possible sanctions on Turkey

Ministers urge EU to formulate possible responses to Israeli annexation plan

Manchester City back in Champions League as European ban overturned on appeal

Srebrenica genocide 25 years on: Iran slams Europeís failure to uphold duties

EU leaders wrangle over COVID-19 recovery fund

Venezuela Ďneutralizesí unidentified US-registered aircraft over its airspace

EUís Borrell: Iran triggers dispute mechanism in nuclear deal

Britain contemplates joining EU coronavirus vaccine scheme

Russia slams Europeís dual standards on JCPOA, Ďdestructiveí US actions

EU, China restate commitment to Iran nuclear deal

Iran raps Europeís ídefeaning silenceí on US suppression of peaceful rallies

Tehran renews warning to UN nuclear watchdog as EU, US launch anti-Iran push

Maduro to EU: Venezuela not your backyard; stop your meddling

Iran on Nord Stream 2: US bully now biting EU allies with sanctions

Trump says US to pull some troops from Germany over NATO spending feud

US Senators Ask Pentagon if $1B in Afghan Aid was Cut: Reuters

Anti-racism protest signs destined for US museum exhibit

EU calls on warring sides in Libya to stop fighting, join peace efforts

Top EU diplomat: EU: US no longer party to Iran deal, canít invoke JCPOA

ECB chief: Eurozone economy in for unprecedented contraction this year

European markets edge lower ahead of ECB meeting

EU says US cannot allow Russia back in G7

Reuters cameraman hit by rubber bullets as police disperse protesters

EU acknowledged Chinaís rise, Ďend of US-led system before our eyesí

Zarif to US, Europe: Palestinians should not pay for your crimes, guilt

Iran scolds Europe for ístunning captivityí to Israeli lobby

EU to launch diplomatic push against Israeli West Bank annexation plan

EU again shies away from applying pressure on Israel

Latest round of post-Brexit talks with Britain disappointing: EUís Brexit negotiator

European shares drop as Powell fans recovery fears

Divisions in EU over economic recovery plans

Worldís coronavirus caseload at 4.34mn, EU to push for opening of borders

EU too dependent on imports amid medicines shortage

Iran exports to Eurasian countries surge by nearly 70%: Official

France urging EU partners to consider firm response to Israelís West Bank annexation: Diplomats

Watford to oppose Premier League neutral venue proposals

Rising China-US tensions not conducive to cooperation: EU ambassador

Coronavirus crisis threatens eurozoneís survival: EC

Fears over spiraling youth unemployment in EU

Contact tracing apps threaten democracy in Europe

US forfeited any right to seek renewal of UN arms embargo on Iran: European diplomats

EU warns against suspension of children vaccination amid pandemic

Michael Gove continues anti-EU offensive in Northern Ireland

European Road Cycling Championships postponed by year

Europe: 1.5-million-plus coronavirus cases recorded

Economic figures show grim toll in Europe and US from virus

ECB says eurozone faces historic economic slump amid corona crisis

US no longer party to JCPOA: EU on Washingtonís anti-Iran bid

Trump warned Saudis to cut oil production or lose US military support: Reuters

EU airlines face ruin due to COVID-19

Americans losing faith in what Trump says about coronavirus: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Global COVID-19 caseload grows slowly, contagion curve flattens in Europe

EU calls for Ramadan truce in Libya

US Army announces upcoming deployments to Mid-East, Europe

Deutsche Bank refuses to give US MPs info on recent Trump dealings

China sent medical team to advise on North Koreaís Kim: Reuters

Muslims across Europe gear up for very different Ramadan amid pandemic

Italyís PM hails EUís massive coronavirus recovery fund

Big questions surround EUís COVID-19 rescue plans

EU agrees massive aid package of immediate support for member states

EU warns COVID-19 drug pushed by Trump could kill patients

Spain arrests one of Europeís most-wanted Daesh terrorists

Coronavirus: Spain wants EU to unite behind Ä1.5 trillion COVID-19 recovery fund

Europeís COVID-19 death toll surpasses 100,000

COVID-19 LIVE updates: Macron on EUís ímoment of truthí, China revises figures upwards

Hard-hit European countries berated over care home deaths

Europe remains íin the eyeí of coronavirus storm: WHO

Covid-19 threatening a chronic emergency in Europeís refugee camps

Coronavirus in Europe: Polish MPs set to debate abortion ban while lockdown prevents protest

UK could be worst-hit country in Europe as COVID-19 death toll passes 10,000

Iran has handled virus outbreak better than US, Europe: President Rouhani

Coronavirus: EU finance ministers agree on Ä500 billion emergency fund

Coronavirus in Europe: Migrants in Poland being hit hardest by life on lockdown

Germanyís Merkel: Coronavirus EUís biggest test since foundation

Italy slams EU lack of unity as bloc offers apology over virus

Record COVID-19 deaths in Europe as global cases surpass 900,000

Europe sends medical aid to Iran in first INSTEX transaction: Germany

íThe future of the European project is at stakeí: EU in crosshairs of coronavirus pandemic

Fears of domestic violence rise as millions in Europe confined over virus

Coronavirus: íEurope is in a fight for its lifeí says Ursula von der Leyen

Trump secretly seeks Asian, European alliesí medical help amid coronavirus spread

COVID-19 death toll continues to surge in Europe

Virus triggers Ďunprecedented collapseí in EU, US economies

Coronavirus updates: Europeís key economies at standstill, as death toll rises worldwide

EU abandoning Italy in viral crisis while China sends supplies

Coronavirus updates: Asia hotspots report decline, Europe scales up response

Coronavirus updates: China reports downfall, Europe sees outbreak rapidly growing

Coronavirus updates: Spain declares emergency state, some EU states block entry

EU chief slates moves to close blocís borders

Oil prices fall further as Trump EU travel ban fans recession fears

Trump bans travel from Europe to US over coronavirus

US military curtails Europe exercise over Coronavirus fears

Dollar slides after Trump bans travel from Europe to fight virus

Turkey says refugee deal with EU Ďneeds updatingí

A joint statement was agreed on the occasion of the signing of the US-Taliban Agreement on February 29 in Qatar. The representatives of the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United Nations met

EU leaders to hold crisis teleconference to tackle coronavirus

European Commission urges Turkey to take migrants back from Greek border

Greece cancels asylum as Turkey lets migrants travel towards Europe

EU border force on íhigh alertí as migrants push to enter continent

EU pledges Ä230m to fight COVID-19 as Italy grapples with virus

Macron says ínot sureí EU-UK trade deal possible before end of 2020

First European dies from coronavirus in Italy as 10 towns locked down

Abdullah Asks EUís íClarificationí on Election Stance

US assassination of Soleimani breached international norms: UN rapporteur

Europe has to develop an appetite for power: EU foreign policy chief

EU parliament lawmakers slam Trumpís Mideast plan as unlawful

Storm Ciara latest: Hurricane-force winds batter Northern Europe

Greece seeking to outmaneuver Turkey in Mediterranean Sea

EU to unveil reforms in accession system to appease France

UK officially leaves European Union

Britain officially leaves the European Union

Hosting Macron, Abbas urges Europe to recognize State of Palestine

France, Germany say EU will respond in kind to new US tariffs

Trump mounts pressure on EU to shun Iran

Juan Guaido in Europe to shore up support for regime change in Venezuela

European shares drop from record high on threat of US auto tariffs

Zarif: EU3 submission on JCPOA only whetted Trumpís appetite

British government in Brexit defeat over EU citizensí rights in House of Lords

Russian Shakeup: What Does Putin Have in Mind?

Sanders, Warren try to ease tensions after a week of feud

Europe to face terror threat if Tripoli-based government falls: Erdogan

EU Brexit spokesman says Britain assured him about those who do not apply for settled status

EU warns of WTO challenge if US-China deal harms businesses

Zarif: Europeans sold out remnants of Iran deal to appease Trump

EU3 triggers dispute mechanism with Iran in blow to nuclear deal

Europe accuses Iran of íviolent actioní, urges return to obligations

EU ministers hold emergency talks on Iran

Russia starts European gas deliveries through TurkStream pipeline to Turkey

Mysterious pneumonia outbreak infects 44 in China, puts Asia on alert

Russia Ďwatching US for new missile deployments in Europe, Asia-Pacificí

European Parliament Condemns Child Abuse in Afghanistan

Trump approves sanctions against Russia-Europe gas pipeline

EU Ďconcernedí about restrictions in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Italy PM defends reform of euro zone bailout fund but seeks concessions

EU Envoy Condemns ďExtrajudicialĒ Detention of Rights Activists

US-China trade friction sends European shares lower

EU moves closer to disciplinary action over Italyís rising debt

Italy Ďdeterminedí to avoid EU debt procedure

EU cannot be blackmailed on Brexit: Germany

US mulls new sanctions to kill Iran-EU trade vehicle

Europe must resist US economic terrorism against Iran: President Rouhani

Italy Must Leave the Eurozone

Euro 2020 Qualifications: Turkey 2-0 France

Huawei, ZTE ban would cost EU operators up to Ä55 billion: Report

Senators ask Fed to investigate Trumpís Deutsche Bank transactions

Trump to UK: íWalk awayí if EU does not give what you want

Lionel Messi wins sixth European Golden Shoe

EU under huge US pressure over Iran trade: France

Far-rights across Europe rally, call for pre-Maastricht rules

Trump says EU Ďtreating US worse than Chinaí on trade

EU rejects Iranís 60-day deadline on nuclear deal, says will remain committed for now

EU, Canada vow to fight new US sanctions on Cuba

EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory

Germany pledges 59 million euros to Afghanistan

Ghani Welcomes EUís Stance On Afghan Peace

Pope blames US, Europe for deaths of people in war zones

Britainís May asks EU for Brexit extension to June 30; EU could offer a year

European Unionís chief negotiator warns no-deal Brexit more likely

EU Parliament Urges Ghani to Stop ĎPolitical Pressuresí Against CAG Educational NGO

EU Says Geneva Conference is An ĎImportant Opportunityí

EU, Asia leaders call for lifting sanctions on Iran

US government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger: Reuters

EU Says ĎWe Stand United With Afghanistaní After Attacks

EU wants firms exempt from US sanctions on Iran

EU confirms Iran enrichment plan not in nuclear deal violation

UK press freedom among Europeís worst: Study

Macron to meet Merkel to push for EU reform plans

Facebook seeks to limit effects of new EU privacy law

EU issues ultimatum for Facebook to answer data scandal questions

Ghani Meets EU Envoy On Sidelines Of Tashkent Meeting

Turkey still aims for Ďfull membershipí of EU: Erdogan

Millions plan to leave Africa for US, Europe: Study

EU sides with Greece in Cyprus dispute with Turkey

Iran sanctions already tough enough, says EUís Mogherini

France says wants to be Indiaís gateway to EU, replacing Britain

UK PM Theresa May admits Brexit negotiations with EU are in ídifficultyí

Some awesome Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

EU supports Iran nuclear deal, vows full commitment

Mr Afghanistan Wins Gold At World Amateur Championships

Europeís cancer drugs mostly ineffective: Study

Merkel, Macron outline plans for post-Brexit EU

JCPOA belongs to whole world, not just US: EU foreign policy chief

Rapist, killer of EU officialís daughter had also raped young Afghan girl in Ghazni

EUís decision on Turkey membership not expected this year: Estonia

Zarif criticizes European states for anti-Iran statement with US

U.S, EU Pledge to Finance Next Elections: IEC

China, Britain: From Feud to Friendship

Russia to Deal with NATO's Military Buildup in Eastern Europe

Muslim religious leaders launch European tour in condemnation of terrorism

Brexit negotiator warns UK it has 'more to lose' than EU

Italy calls on EU ports to welcome migrants

EU urges Italy against sudden refugee boat shutout

EU hits Google with 2.4bn euro fine

EU leaders to discuss refugees in key summit in Brussels

U.S Needs To Be In Afghanistan For The Long Haul: Petraeus

ISIS Terrorists Training to Hit Europe:Report

German FM Harshly Slammed Trump for Weakening EU, Fueling Crisis in Mideast

US, Britain no longer reliable partners for EU: Merkel

EU proposes one-year timetable to Turkey to renew ties: Erdogan

Why Terrorists Target Europe?

Ghani Vows to Reform MoI As EU, UN Warn Against Corruption

US losing leadership in world, EU filling the gap: Mogherini

Scrapping Iran deal in no oneís interest: EUís Mogherini

Erdogan actions Ďseverely hití EU-Turkey ties: Merkel

Iran, EU sign first-ever nuclear safety cooperation project

Europe cautions Turkey after referendum

Iran rejects EU sanctions over human rights as politically-motivated

EU states wonít move Israel embassies to al-Quds: Mogherini

Ghani Introduces Nehan as Mines and Petroleum Minister

European Union marks 60th anniversary in Rome as Brexit looms

Turkish diaspora in Europe should have at least 5 children: Erdogan

Ageing Europe needs migrants: EUís Mogherini

Iran lineup for 2017 Freestyle World Cup announced

Looted Bowl Returned To Kabul Museum

Europe must boost efforts to save refugees dying of cold: UNHCR

Refugee Crisis: EU Seeks Political Solution For Challenges In Afghanistan

Migration to Europe: opportunities and threats

Migrant Child's Body On Beach Shocks Europe

ISIS Tries to Inter Europe by Posing as Refugees: Intelligence Analyst Says

EU to lift ban on Afghan airlines by the end of 2015

Iran to produce US-, Europe-licensed drugs

Palestine opens first W Europe embassy in Sweden

Iran leader message to the youth in Europe and North America

EU Urges Rapid Reform in Electoral System

Foreigners arrested with 3 million counterfeit Euros, Dollars in Kabul

Ronaldo, Messi, Neuer Shortlisted for World Player of the Year

Ghani, Abdullah Head to Europe for NATO, London Conference

Eurozone sees ďdramatic improvementĒ in its economic recovery

German officials: US threats against Russia pipeline harm ties

Greece says Turkey encroaching on its territory, threatening NATOís cohesion

Senior Catalan politician says phone hacked with Israeli spyware

Duda wins Poland presidential election in boost for planned judicial reforms

Brexit talks move to London after tough week in Brussels

UK plan to invest in US satellite operator OneWeb nonsensical: UK experts

íSorry is not enoughí, Caribbean states say of British slavery apologies

Belgiumís 1st black mayor demands apology for nationís colonial past

Ukraine receives $60mn worth of military aid from US

Latest Brexit trade talks end without ísignificantí progress

Poland willing to accommodate US troops withdrawn from Germany

Putin slams tycoon over huge Arctic spill, declares emergency

Brexit free trade talks yield Ďno significant progressí as deadline nears

20,000 protest police brutality in Paris, echo anti-racism calls in US

Polish senior archbishop refers child abuse negligence case to Vatican

France rejects US should get coronavirus vaccine first

Woman who was on flight from Stansted to Poland last week says distancing was impossible

US ready to recognize Israel Ďsovereigntyí in West Bank, Friedman says

Russia: US use of low-yield nukes would still be nuclear attack, draw retaliation

Libya Caught Between Proxy War And International Differences

Germanyís economy to suffer biggest slump this year, govt. warns

4 injured in stabbing incident in German city

Franceís top two leagues will not resume this season

Oxford-based pharmatech company uses artificial intelligence to find drug against COVID-19

Daesh member goes on trial in Germany for genocide of Izadis, war crimes

Coronavirus hits German businesses with Ďfull furyí

Pope urges removal of international sanctions amid pandemic

Suicide rate in England hit record high in 2019

France warns of serious side effects of coronavirus Ďmiracle curesí

Italyís new coronavirus cases expected to start declining soon

Syria UN envoy calls for lifting of sanctions amid COVID-19 outbreak

Coronavirus: Spain announces new record with over 9,000 new infections and 849 deaths in 24 hours

7.5-magnitude quake hits off Russiaís Kuril Islands

Coronavirus cases in Italy probably Ďten times greater than announcedí

Spanish military test disinfecting streets with adapted military emergency unit

Coronavirus: German Chancellor Merkel in quarantine as Italyís death toll exceeds 5,000

Balkans; New Counter Ground Of World Powers

COVID-19: Countries see outbreaks growing, Chinaís effectively halts

Beijing fumes at US attempt to link coronavirus to China

Coronavirus Latest: People older than 70 will be told to self-isolate in UK



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



Netizen shares progress in Beirutís recovery from catastrophic explosions / Video

Millions of Americans at risk of homelessness as aid talks collapse in Washington

Trump has left US íin tattersí, Biden and Harris say

Four Civilians Killed in Kandahar Roadside Mine Blast

Joint Letter Sent to the UN Secretary-General to Stop Human Rights Violations and Religious Oppression in South Korea

Barakah Power Plant; New UAE Security Weak Spot

Loya Jirga Approves Release of 400 Taliban Prisoners

íLess Than 5,000í Troops in Afghanistan by Late Nov: Esper

Whatís Behind Trump Election Delay Proposal?

The donation of the blood plasma from HWPL is a great sacrifice, the messages sent

Iraqi PM orders swift investigation into deadly Baghdad protest

US mayors urge Congress to block Trump federal deployment against protesters

Malaysiaís ex-PM Najib Razak found guilty on all corruption charges

Armed resistance sole way to end Saudi-led war on Yemen: Ansarullah

Russia intercepts another US spy plane over Black Sea

North Koreaís nuclear weapons deter another war on country: Leader Kim

Fossil fuel industry supporting US police groups cracking down on protests

Trump national security adviser Robert OíBrien has Coronavirus

Protests in Portland enter 60th day with no sign of stopping

Political activists worry about aspects of impending Afghan peace talks

US-occupied Iraqi base struck by three rockets: Reports

Rare Hawaiian hurricane brushes islands

English Premier League: Leicester City 0-2 Manchester United

Taliban seek to control aid agencies, private companies in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Cricket CEO sacked for Ďmisbehaviorí

One Killed, Two Wounded in Kabul Blast

MBRKA to be awarded to entities fighting epidemics

Eight in 10 Americans believe country headed in wrong direction: Poll

Saudis take madrassa-building spree to Afghanistan: Report

Rohingya refugees feared dead found alive on Malaysian islet

Indiaís Modi to lay foundation stone for Hindu temple at site of demolished mosque

Diplomatic tensions: China confirms closure of US consulate in Chengdu

Reversal of quarantine for travelers from Spain causes a sense of ďpanic and loss of controlĒ

American flag lowered at US consulate in Chengdu: China state media

Afghan govt. under criticism over alleged pandemic budget misuse

Hanna pummels Texas coast with strong winds, heavy rain

Over 60 killed in fresh violence in Sudanís Darfur: UN

Portland Black Lives Matter protesters clash with armed federal agents

Israeli military says its drone crashed in Lebanon

Trump banned from using Reaganís name to raise money for 2020 vote


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