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Rep. Schiff: NSA, CIA probably have more evidence pertinant to impeachment            Hasina, Karzai join criticism of Indian Citizenship Law            Leader of Iran: Iranís appeal as model of resistance angers US             UK legal team urges police to arrest Egyptís Sisi during London visit over Morsi death             Russia repels drone attack on Hmeimim base in Syria             China urges Canada to release Huawei chief as she heads to court to fight extradition to US             De Niro takes veiled jab at Trump at SAG tribute             Thousands of US-bound migrants set to enter Mexico from Guatemala in new influx             SARS-like virus spreads in China, nearly 140 new cases             Fears of radicalization as violent protests hit Lebanon             Alaska volcano spews thick ash cloud, triggering aviation warning             France probes police violence as video of officer beating up protester goes viral             Italians rally against far-right surge in north ahead of crucial regional vote             Billionaires richer than 60 percent of worldís population: Oxfam             Foreign powers call for ípermanentí Libya ceasefire, vow end to foreign interference            

* Suicide attack inflicts casualties in Kabul city
There are many miles away from the religion of terrorists
Violation of the sovereignty and rights of afghan citizens by America
Mexican Catholics find God in Islam
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What is your idea about US army in Afghanistan?
United Nations warns of drought crisis in Syria
Militant leaders among 86 arrested in Kandahar province
Afghanistan cricket board announces squad for ACC Premier League
Traffic incident leaves 16 dead, 28 others injured in Zabul
Microsoft stops patching Windows XP security bugs
Afghan parliament approves Younus Qanooni to succeed late Marshal Fahim
Afghan election officials to release partial election results soon
Appearance of China country
Afghan Presidential Election
Iraqi forces kill 25 ISIS militants in ambush
Kerry: Russian agents Ďcreate chaosí in Ukraine
Etihad in final talks over Ďnext stageí of Air Berlin partnership
Three development projects completed in Baghlan province
Young Afghan artists to compete for Afghan Contemporary Art Prize
Ala Nowruz AmadÖala Nowruz Amad (New Day has arrivedÖNew Day has arrived)
Eurozone sees ďdramatic improvementĒ in its economic recovery
Flour price goes up, gold goes down in Kabul
Ukraine, by the name of democratic to mortise of powers
Severe obesity on the rise among children in the U.S.
228 complaints of potential fraud filed against presidential candidates
United States Intervened in 2009 Presidential Election/US Dealt with Iran Vigilantly in Afghanistan
Afghan forces foiled 262 suicide attacks aimed at disrupting elections
Ex-Pakistani cricket captain joins Afghan team as short time batting coach
Huge blast in Rawalpindi leaves 23 dead, 120 others injured
Mass stabbing leaves 20 injured at US high school
The night sky is darkest and cleanest place on Earth (video)
Gas price up, flour down in Kabul
Afghanistanís economy to pick up pace in 2015 and 2016
Iraqi deputy PM escapes attack
Top Turkish court rejects judicial control
US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) raising Dahla Dam in Kandahar
Maoists kill 14 in India amid nationwide elections
Tensions spread to Slovyansk in east Ukraine
Partial Afghan vote result announcement delayed for another day
Partial Afghan vote results put Abdullah in the lead, Ashraf Ghani second
Sisi officially enters Egyptís presidential race
Syria forces enter Sarkha town in Qalamoun
Female MP Maryam Koofi injured in gunmen attack in Kabul city
4159 detainees released from Bagram prison
Ukraine on Ďvergeí of civil war
UK Gets Muslim Minister of Culture
The Rise of the Islamic Entertainment Industry
Former Taliban leader Agha Jan Mutasim has been held in UAE
Afghanistan presidential election goes to run-off
Leader slams Western version of woman rights as flawed
American cleric uses Facebook, Twitter to charge Syria war
US must quickly close prison in Kandahar
Explosion injure six government employees in Kabul city
Afghan election commission releases 49.67 percent of vote results
UN! / Cartoon
Eyes on skies for better Internet access
Wirelessly chargeable smartphones in offing
Google working on futuristic modular smartphone
Manchester United sacks David Moyes
Arghawan Festival Held in Parwan Province
NAI, Civil Society and Human rights commission urge Karzai to sign access to information draft law
15 Things Successful People Do on Monday Mornings
5 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People
Spinal Cord Damage May Be Fixed with New Therapies
Immunity in Preemies: Study On Gut Microbes
University of Tehran Researchers Invent Non-Enzyme Sensor to Detect Blood Sugar
Pistachios to fuel eco-friendly city in Turkey
Gabriel Garcia Marquez commemorated in Mexico, Colombia
51 Days to Go: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
Mourinho, Guardiola, Ancelotti: Who Is Most Successful Coach of Champions League Era?
Photo painful youngest prisoner in the hands of terrorists in Syria
Afghanistan election results delayed over fraud investigations
Save the Lion
The story of Israel's oppression of the oppressed Palestinian nation
Children with a sense of sadness calls to Afghanistan
Shooting in Kabul hospital leaves 3 foreigners dead
Brazil hosts Internet governance conference
Russia responds to Ukraine with military drills
Abdullah maintains lead in Afghanistan presidential race
Flash floods leave over 100 people dead in Afghanistan
In picture: Goitered gazelles in Iranís Kish Island
British women fighting in Syria
5 NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan helicopter crash
Iraq set to hold general elections on Wednesday
North Korea: We need capable army to beat US
Pakistanís North Waziristan comes under rocket attack from Afghanistan
Who Hampers Peaceful Management of Ukraineís Crisis?
Pro-Russians seize another east Ukraine town
Ariana Afghan Airlines moving towards self-sufficiency: Hakimi
Coal mine explosion leaves 20 people dead in northern Afghanistan
US and British forces run illegal prisons in Afghanistan
Hole in Afghan budget to have negative impact on development projects
Around 2500 people feared dead in Badakhshan landslides
Indian police discover bodies of 9 slain Muslims
Gul Agha Sherzai endorses Abdullah in second round of election
Kiev retakes Kramatorsk security service headquarters
Over 2,100 people confirmed dead in Badakhshan landslide
Government rejects over 2,000 people died in Badakhshan landslide
Bahraini forces injure protesters in Manama rally
Work on asphalting of Silk Road begins
Afghan private sector pledges USD 100,000 in aid for Badakhshan victims
Afghanistan defeats Oman by 5 wickets in ACC Premier League
Senior Taliban leader killed in Paktia province
Real held, Atletico beaten, new racism row hits La Liga+Video
DAB and HARAKAT team up to improve access to finance in Afghanistan
Karzai visits Badakhshan to offer sympathy to landslide victims
Jordanian politicians fight on live TV program over Syria: Video
Earthquake leaves 1 dead, 70 others injured in southern Pakistan
Russia calls NATO 'blind' for denying troops withdrawal
Turkmenistan and Tajikistan willing to support Afghanistanís socio-economic development
Hezb-e-Islami Shura endorses Ashraf Ghani in election runoff
Afghan cricket team brings home ACC Premier League championship trophy
UK probes British soldierís thumbs up picture with dead Taliban fighter
Major international aid conference to be held on Afghanistan
Afghanistanís first satellite starts formal operation
Bayerns 24. Meistersause in Bildern+video
Zalmai Rassoul endorses Abdullah in election runoff
Manchester City are the 2013-14 Premier League champions
Two rockets land in International Kabul airport
Turkmenistan to export 300MW of electricity to Afghanistan
Where is Ukraine? CNN map says in... Pakistan: Video
US unable to paralyze Iranian nation: Leader
Imam Ali (AS): The Kaba of Belief
Saudi Arabia Expels 13 Afghan Children
US military presence to remain significant in Afghanistan
ĎHush! Girls Donít Screamí scoops awards in Los Angeles Filmfest
Explosion in Kabul city leaves one Afghan soldier dead
Death toll soars in Turkey coal mine collapse
Final vote results announcement delayed
Security remains an impediment to economic growth
Afghan Border Police Killed in Pakistani Forces Attack in Kandahar
Final Afghan vote results released
New India premier in New Delhi
US-led airstrike kills 11 in east Afghanistan
Fire hinders Turkey mine rescue operation
Honey production increases in Herat Province
Balkh and Helmand residents protest against Pakistan shelling
Michelle Obama's viral pic fuels anti-drone campaign
Arsenal win FA Cup, end nine-year trophy drought
Martino leaves Barcelona after Atletico wins league title
Interview of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to
Afghanistan to launch 4G internet services soon
China summons US ambassador
Afghan Election: Provincial council vote results released
Afghan, Tajik trade turnover 59.6% lower than last year
Interesting photos of the presidents of China and Afghanistan
Shahrukh Khan named worldís second richest movie star
Former Afghan spy chief supports Abdullah in election runoff
Operation launched to retake control of Yamgan district
Afghan forces retake control of Yamgan district from Taliban
Afghanistan defeats Turkmenistan 3-1 in AFC Challenge Cup
Afghanistan close to be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
Militants attack Indian consulate in Herat province
Violation of the sovereignty and rights of afghan citizens by America
Turkish police detain several protesters in Istanbul
Afghan forces ready to retaliate to Pakistan shelling
Iran, Kuwait sign 6 pacts in Sheikh Sabah's 1st state visit
Afghan security officers boycott Pakistan visit in wake of border tensions
Reconstruction work begins on basic healthcare centre in Baghlan with German support
Abbas (A.S.) ; the Standard Bearer of Hossein (A.S)
The Merits of Imam Husayn (A.S.)
US-led soldier killed in E Afghanistan
Zionist influences driving US foreign policy
Tehran mega storm kills 5, injures over 30
Takfiri threats to boomerang on backers
Imam Khomeini passed away condolences wind
Lebanese experts praise Imam Khomeiniís legacy
Imam Khomeiniís inspiring leadership
Iran never giving in to West
Advertising presidency
91 dead bodies recovered after flash floods hit Baghlan
Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiban behind attack on Dr. Abdullah
Iran, US start direct nuclear talks in Geneva
Karzai greets Bashar al-Assad for his victory in Syrian elections
Afghan Forces on Alert for Runoff
Afghanistan Maintains Foreign Policy Sovereignty
Five US soldiers killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan
Jordanian couple wedding wows: Beheading 65 Syrian soldiers
Maliki declares state of emergency after Mosul falls to ISIL
Pakistan seeks power sharing with Taliban in Afghanistanís next government
Sistani issues call to arms against Iraq ISIL militants
Voting starts in Afghanistan run-off presidential election
ECC Records Complaints, Asks Observers to Stay Vigilant
473 major terrorist attack plots foiled by Afghan security forces
Senior IEC Official Accused of Fraud
Abdullah urges to suspend IECC chief Ziaulhaq Amarkhil
Iranian, British foreign ministers discuss Iraq chaos
At least 300 ISIL militants killed in Iraqís Tal Afar
FEFA Releases First Election Observation Report
Afghan president hopeful Abdullah Abdullah cries foul
Afghanistan GDP growth indicates a 6.4% spike
MPs Demand Impartiality of Karzai, International Community
Abdullah Boycotts Commissions, Accuses Karzai
Clash Between Police and Bodyguards of Paktika Governor
Karzai Reacts to Election Tensions
Suicide bomber attack in Kabul leaves 1 civilian dead
Afghan intelligence foils coordinated suicide attacks plot in Khost
Amarkhil Resigns in Wake of Fraud Allegations
Militants set hundreds of fuel tankers ablaze in Afghanistan
Iran remembers US downing of passenger plane
Imam Ali(as),Unique Leader in the History of Mankind
Daily supplications for the month of Ramadan
Palestinian teenager was burned alive: Medics
Ramadhan: From Passionate to Compassionate
Ghani Leads Preliminary Results
Abdullah declares victory, warns resistance against fake results
Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Increase
4 irrigation projects to be launched in Ghor
Iran urges firm action on brutal Israel attacks
Iran respects popular vote in Afghan presidential election
Stop Killing the Children of Palestine
Electoral Deadlock Broken
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gives a briefing on Ukraineís humanitarian crisis in Moscow
Campaigns Hopeful for Negotiations, But Timing Still Unclear
Putin calls on Kiev to talk with protesters instead of fighting
Mobarez faces American MMA fighter in his next fight in November
IEC Invalidates Results From 69 Polling Sites
Released Al-Qaeda Prisoner Leading Insurgents in Kunduz
Iran completes indigenous missile system
Palestinians celebrate victory against Israel
Pakistan, the source of terrorism
Ahmad Shah Massoud
The world was shocked by the assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud
Afghanistan Revealed
NATO Leaders Reaffirm Continued Support to ANSF
Foreign Troops Destroy Equipment Before Sale
Kabul Court Sentences Paghman Rape Gang to Death
Abdullah Issues Final Deadline As Negotiations Face Impasse
Ahmad Shah Massoud
Iran Cinema Celebration 2014 announces winners
Pak envoy summoned over Punjabi Talibanís war declaration in Afghanistan
Final report of Afghanistan National Development Strategy published with key support from Germany
Afghan Soldier Killed in Helicopter Crash in Daikundi
Supreme Leader Leaves Hospital
Afghan Energy Watchdog Reports Steep Drop in Extraction Revenues
ISAF condemns suicide attack by Taliban in capital Kabul+video
Turkey Mulling Buffer Zone along Iraq, Syria Border: Erdogan
Female journalist brutally murdered in northern Afghanistan
US to regret military action in Syria: IRGC chief
India signs agreement for construction Kandahar cricket stadium
Number of tourists visiting Qargha Lake declines
Sayyaf calls killers of Afghan forces and Jihadi leaders Ďinfidelsí
Candidates Reach Agreement on National Unity Deal
Questions Raised On Rabbani Death Anniversary
Final Results Will be Announced Sunday: IEC
Candidates Sign National Unity Government Agreement
IEC Announces Ghani as President
1000s hold demo in Bahrain to reject proposed reforms
President Rouhani to leave for New York Monday
Khan supporters hold anti-govt. rally in Karachi
Canada welcomes agreement on national unity govt in Afghanistan
Karzai criticizes US during farewell meeting with cabinet ministers
Arabs draft resolution against Israeli nuclear arsenal
Qatar gives $20m to Nusra Front
Missing Afghan army officers turned over to US immigration
Bin Laden Son-In-Law Sentenced to Life In US Prison
Ashraf Ghani is not the president-elect, Ata Mohd Noor says
America mother of terrorism: Hezbollah
UK: Iran part of solution to fight ISIL in Syria
Intelligence officer martyred in IED attack in Kunar
Smuggling to Pakistan hikes gas prices in Kandahar
Karzai signs death penalty for Kabul rape convicts
Afghanistanís new unity government to serve as a green signal for investors
Mass wedding of 100 Afghan couples organized in Daikundi Province
Senators want Kabul airport to be named after President Karzai
Ashraf Ghani sworn-in as the new president of Afghanistan
Media censor Argentina president's remarks at UN
What the BSA Entails for Afghanistan
National football team suspended due to weak performance
Taliban chief Mullah Omar claims victory through his Eid message
Combat Mission Will End This Year: Cameron
Iran Warns Turkey against Aggravating Regional Tensions
Iran volleyball players win 2014 Asian Games gold
Insurgents Failed to Disrupt Inauguration of New Govt
UN Has Misspent Millions in Afghanistan: U.S Watchdog
Iran Leader: Takfiris created to split Muslims
Pakistani Taliban Pledges Support for ISIS
Kurds getting upper hand in battle for Kobani
Japan funds mine clearance operations in Afghanistan
ISIL: From decapitation to Islamophobia
Senior Mafia leader Habib Istalif executed
Paghman gang rape perpetrators executed in Kabul Paghman gang rape perpetrators executed in Kabul
UK to screen major transport hubs for Ebola virus
Malala and Kailash Satyarthi Win Nobel Peace Prize
Protests continue in St. Louis over police shooting of another black teen
25 killed in Anti ISIS Violence in Turkey
Leader goes on first hike in Tehran mountainside following surgery
Pakistani Forces Fire 33 Missiles Into Kunar
Syrian Kurds repel 7 ISIL attacks on Kobani
ISIS Terrorists Go House to House in Kobane
US seeks to be dominant force in ME: Activist
Ukraine suffers inadequate gas supplies: Analyst
Shia Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Ghadeer
'US efforts against ISIL not real'
Afghans protest against Islamic State, US and NATO forces in Kabul
Afghanistan, Pakistan sign agreement on electricity transit fee
Suicide attack in capital Kabul leaves one dead
Eid Al-Ghadeer Khum
On The Khilafah Of ĎAli Over Abu Bakr
10,000 Ebola cases per week feared: WHO
5 Taliban Commanders Declare Allegiance to ISIS
Taliban Kill Nad Ali District Governor
Three Polio Cases Registered in Kandahar
US could avert ISIL genocide in Kobani: Historian
Russia wonít be blackmailed, Putin says
Brazil prison hostage standoff ends, guards freed
Key Taliban Commander Killed in Herat
Afghanistan a priority country for WFP
Top Haqqani Network leaders arrested by Afghan intelligence
Tehran to act if Islamabad refuses to secure border: Iran general
Video of female lions Kuban (in the Arab)
Pakistan National Security Advisor to Visit Kabul
Next Five Years Are the Years for Hard Work: Abdullah
Ministry of Public Works $22.3 million road maintenance project
Ayatollah Sistani Backs Iraqi Government
Is U.S operations against ISIL real?
Press TV Reporter Killed in Mysterious Crash in Turkey
Minister Calls for Political Will to Curb Smuggling
Crisis in region aimed at redrawing Mideast map: Nasrallah
Urgent: Head of Iran's Assembly of Experts 'Mahdavi Kani' dies
Acting Chief Justice Abdul Salam Azimi resigns
Fighting resumes between Kurdish fighters and ISIL terrorists in Kobani
Top Iranian cleric laid to rest in Tehran
IEC to Announce Provincial Council Results Saturday
US tracing New York Ebola patientís movements, panic spreads
Russian president says US undermines global stability
Ebola scare fabricated by US media to make profit
Ghani Leaves Kabul for Saudi Arabia to Perform Umrah
Pentagon: First US soldier died in offensive against ISIL
Liga - Real Madrid come from behind to beat Barcelona in Clasico classic
Gunmen kill 3 Turkish soldiers in Kurdish town
Ebola hoax created to justify imposing martial law in US: Prof. Fetzer
ISIL launches gas attack in Iraqís Anbar: Local cmdr.
Pro-Russians reject Ukraine parliamentary vote as Ďfarceí
Stages Canada terror Ďpretext for police stateí
11th cricket academy established in Afghanistan
Afghan state-owned businesses revenue decline by 90%
2 rockets land in Wazir Akbar Khan area of Kabul city
Rousseff vows to continue political reforms
The Third Imam, Husayn Ibn ĎAli (as)
Imam, Husayn Ibn ĎAli (as)
Afghanistan rolls out red carpet for Chinese investors
US aid package to Afghanistan, doubtful: Analyst
Turkey police clash with Kurds at border
ISIL posing threat to Middle East, world: Hezbollah official
S. Nasrallah: Takfirisí Atrocities Most Serious Distortion of Islam in History
Afghan Mobile Business event announces winners of Afghanistanís first smartphone app competition
Supreme Court Announces Special Kabul Bank Trial
Afghan retreat echoes of Vietnam defeat
A 9-month Old Shiite Girl Slains at Imam Hussain Majlis in Karachi
Pro-Israel Washington real Ďchickenshití
Ayat. Sistani urges Iraq govt. to help Sunni tribes against ISIL
Delivery of 63 Mi-17V-5 helicopters to Afghan Air Force completed
Ghani Stresses Inter-Afghan Dialogue in Calls for Peace Talks
Haqqani Leader Killed in US Drone Airstrike in Pakistan
House speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi accused of misuse of authority
Ghani Promises Chinese Help on Peace Process
Expansion of Rocket Attacks to Bagram Prison
West media blitz to blame for Jabbari execution: Iran official
Six govt. soldiers killed in east Ukraine fighting
Boko Haram Leader Says Kidnapped Girls Married to Fighter
NATO Secretary General Arrives in Kabul
Pakistani army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif arrives in Afghanista
US airstrikes in Pakistan surpass 400
President Ghani pledges robust investment on girls education
Lt General Rizwan Akhtar assumes office as Pakistanís new ISI chief
Eight Insurgents Killed in ANSF Operations
Dead bodies of 12 Afghan migrants brought to Kabul from Turkey
Indian army admits mistake in killing 2 boys in Kashmir
Protesters in London demand release of Saudi cleric
Iran ĎSnowí to compete at Singapore film festival
ICC cites Israeli war crime guilt but Ďtoo busyí to prosecute
Who is Responsible for killing Shiites in Saudi Arabia?
Taliban Attack Kabul Police Headquarter
Explosion injures 3 people capital Kabul
Kabul Bank Trial Underway, Final Verdict Expected Today
ĎFish and Catí wins NETPAC award in Australia
Iranís version of captured US drone makes maiden flight
ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi possibly killed in US airstrike
Sami Yusuf contributes to Iranian filmís music
Mexican protesters block access to airport
Fresh fighting in eastern Ukraine kills 5 soldiers
Police arrests 5 individuals over unpaid Kabul Bank debt
USAID Offers 75 Million USD to Ministry of Finance
Israel plans to build 200 more units in occupied Palestine
Thousands of nurses strike over Ebola measures in California
11,000 Brazilians killed by police in 5 years: Study
West Ďpre-staging new Ukraine warí
3-year-old girl gang-raped in Takhar province
President Ghani to visit Pakistan on Friday
Afghan look-alike of Salman Khan to appear on screen as Salmanís younger brother
Pakistan issues arrest warrants for Imran Khan, Qadri
Dental patients recalled in virus scare
Argentina bank workers stage 2-day strike
Neymar stars as Brazil win in Turkey
Iran is Americaís enemy, not partner: Israeli premier
Lebanese, Palestinian Resistance Own Fateh-Class Missiles: Iranian Commander
China urges BRICS to open development bank soon
Nigeria Islamic Movement stages rally in Zaria
1000s of Mexicans rally over missing students
12-year-girl gang-raped in Takhar province
Time for Afghanistan and Pakistan to open new trade avenues
Afghan-Pak relations should be based on Ďmutual economic dependenceí: President Ghani
Fazal-ur-Rehman endorses Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan
Israel terror state: Knesset member
Bomb attack targets Afghan MPís vehicle, kills 3
'Russia uses language Washington understands'
ĎUS withheld sat. image of MH17 downingí
What if the Iran nuclear talks fail?
Taliban Focus Attacks on Cities: NDS
Conspiracy to Bring Criminals into Power Not Viable: Abdullah
Parliament Enraged Over Pakistani Cleric's Remarks
President Putin calls upon US not to meddle in Russia affairs
Israel blasts Spain's symbolic vote on Palestine independence
Why's the queen scared of Iran?
Turkey to go ahead with development plan for Istanbul's Gezi Park
IncreaseNormalDecrease Afghanistan secretly lifts ban on US night raids: Report
US drone attack kills 4 in eastern Afghanistan
Paktika Death Toll Rises to 50
IncreaseNormalDecrease Monetizing debt Ďcould prompt revoltí
Afghan woman kills 25 Taliban rebels to avenge her sonís murder
AGO freezes assets of Mahmood Karzai and Haseen Fahim
Twin blasts in northeastern Nigeria claim at least 45 lives
Race problem canít be Ďsolved by electing more black faces to high placesí: Activist
US to increase troops in Afghanistan in 2015
West cannot bring Iran to knees over N-issue: Leader
Afghan mom avenges son's murder, kills 25 Taliban militants
Mexicans hold rally, urge detained protestersí release
More National Guard troops due in Ferguson
Ghani, Abdullah Head to Europe for NATO, London Conference
Ministry of Interior rejects Gen. Zahirís resignation
Over half of UK PCCs accused of misconduct
Nigeriaís Damaturu city rocked by explosions, gunfire
Turkey a main supporter, partner of ISIL: Analyst
London tube drivers begin 24-hour strike
US riot police arrest protesters outside football stadium in St. Louis
Ronaldo, Messi, Neuer Shortlisted for World Player of the Year
Clash in Badghis Kills 6 ANA
Lebanese army arrests one of ISIL headís wives: Reports
Counter-terrorism conference in Syria
Kabul Bank Corruption Case Closed, Supreme Court Upholds Ruling
Mexico police kill six drug cartel members
Foreigners arrested with 3 million counterfeit Euros, Dollars in Kabul
Another white police officer kills another black man in US
Kabul to receive USD 529mn worth of annual development aid from Germany
US Defense Secretary Arrives in Kabul
Top al Qaeda leader killed in South Waziristan
Abdullah Discusses Taliban, Pakistan in Britain
Key Pakistani Taliban Leader Handed Over to Islamabad
US drone strike kills 4 people in northwest Pakistan
Shia Muslims heading to Karbala to mark Arbaíeen
Militants launch rocket attack on US airbase in Afghanistan
The great lie of our time
5 year old raped in Afghanistan
Two foreigners killed in rocket attack on Bagram
US police fire tear gas at protesters in California
US used Afghanistan as testing battleground: Analyst
No More Combat Mission Needed in Afghanistan: NATO
Iran to provide 500 scholarships to Afghan students each year
Parts of Swedish airport evacuated over bomb threat
US police arrest 150 civil rights protesters in California
Millions of pilgrims flock to Iraq for Arbaíeen
US Justice Department interventions not stopping police violence
Afghanistan World's Third Largest Opium Producer: UNODC
Parliament Calls Mehsud Handover Violation of Afghan Sovereignty
President Ghani Condemns CIA Torture Tactics
Global oil price fall political scenario: Rouhani
Palestinians to hold 3-day mourning for slain minister
Six MoD Personnel Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack
Suicide attack in Estiqlal high school leaves 1 foreigner dead
President Ghani appoints new acting ministers for four ministries
CIA Chief Defends Agency, But Admits 'abhorrent' Abuses
Logar Districts on the Edge of Collapse: Officials
Haqqani network used child bomber in French school attack: NDS
Pakistan arrests al-Qaeda commander in Karachi
Number of Karbala pilgrims to hit new record in Arbaíeen
Secretariat Head of Supreme Court Killed in Kabul
Afghan government seeks bailout from donors to pay salaries
US Congress approves over half a trillion dollars in military spending
IncreaseNormalDecrease Millions of pilgrims in Karbala on eve of Arbaíeen
17 MoD Personnel Killed in Kabul Attack
Germany not in favor of swift end to NATO mission in Afghanistan
Central Asian Countries Vow Anti-Terror Combat
There is No Good and Bad in Terror: Ghani
FBI to investigate death of black teen in North Carolina
British Muslims commemorate Arbaíeen
Turkish police raid TV station close to former Erdogan ally
Gunmen take several hostages in Australia cafť
Imran Khan supporters block roads in eastern Pakistan
Five hostages escape from Australia cafe
Peshawar attack over, militants killed: Pakistan police
EU Urges Rapid Reform in Electoral System
128 Journalists Killed Worldwide in 2014
US torture and tyranny: Lies, injustice and the CIA way
Kabul Suicide Attack Kills One, Wounds 3
Ghani and Abdullah to introduce 9 key ministers in next 48 hours
Australian woman arrested over child murder
Foreign presence pretext for Afghanistan attacks: Iran
Afghan civilian casualties hit record high: UN
Panel to advise against punishment for CIA computer search
US drone strike kills 5 in Pakistanís North Waziristan
Vital Section of Cabinet to be Announced Soon: Mohaqeq
Top Taliban intelligence official among 4 released from Guantanamo
Border Police Return Fire On Militants Across Border in Pakistan
14 Americans, one Spanish fund Netanyahuís Likud campaign: Report
Beyond police bullets and chokeholds
Northern Provinces Face Serious Security Threats
MoI Backs Raziq to Respond Cross Border Attacks
Izadi girl gives account of sex slavery by ISIL
North Korea threatens to strike US over Sony hack
Families of missing students to continue protests in Mexico
US-Cuba deal 'new front for Russia war': Analyst
Kargar Flown to India for Further Medical Treatment
Finally NUG Announces Cabinet Nominees
To Charlie Hebdo:
Ministry of Commerce to fix price of gas in Kabul
Afghanistan probes regarding ministerís name on Interpol list
Clashes continue over Donetsk International Airport
Train services resumed in Channel Tunnel
Afghan President Raps Charlie Hebdo over Insulting Cartoon
President Talks Plans for Economic Growth, Other Policy Priorities With Parliament
Afghan Surgeons Help Female Walk After 21 Years
Krygz protesters stage rally to slam Charlie Hebdo cartoon
No Regional Progress During Foreigners' Presence in Afghanistan: Zarif
Funeral held for Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon
Obama Insists Fewer Troops in Afghanistan
India responds to the ongoing Afghan-Pak transit issues
Four Cabinet Nominees Present Agenda to Parliament
Obama warns again Congress over Iran sanctions
Ukraine forces lose control of Donetsk airport
Saudi Arabiaís King Abdullah dies
Iran leader message to the youth in Europe and North America
An open letter like no other
Parliament Approves National Budget
Parliament Approves 9 of 19 Cabinet Nominees
Taliban claims their infiltrator killed 3 US contractors at Kabul airport
Pentagon nominee considers changing troops pullout plan from Afghanistan
Fresh Castro Photos Published in Cuba After 6-Month Hiatus
ISIL online video shows burning death of Jordanian pilot
Ghani Urges Foreign Leaders Not to Forget Afghanistan As New Threats Emerge
Ismail Khan Labels New Cabinet 'Communists' and 'Dual Citizens,' Calls for Mujahideen Leadership
FEFA and TEFA Urge for Non-Political Electoral Reforms
Putin to join 4-way talks on Paris-Berlin Ukraine plan
No nuclear deal better than bad deal: Leader
Happy anniversary of the Islamic Revolution!
Palestine opens first W Europe embassy in Sweden
Killer of Afghan National Army soldiers arrested
ACA suspended Taliban website ďwww.toorabora.netĒ
Obama Presses Putin to Strike Ukraine Peace deal
Iran's Islamic Revolution: An indisputable reality
Obama Administration to Reassess US Troops Presence in Afghanistan Post-2015
TAPI Project Stalled Due to Disagreement Between Turkmenistan, Contractors
Iranians rally in millions to mark Revolution victory
Obama seeks three-year war authority against ISIL
Three American Muslim students shot dead in North Carolina
Takfiri groups will soon breathe their last: Iran Quds Force cmdr.
Panjsher avalanche death toll nears 200 people, more missing
3 day nationwide mourning due to recent disaster
Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov Shot Dead Near Kremlin
Ghani Visits Panjshir, Holds Extraordinary Meeting
Canada judge refuses to hear hijab-wearing woman
13 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Afghan Operations
Afghan Mafia Boss Hung to Death in Kabul
29 Insurgents Killed in Afghan Military Operations
Afghan woman to receive the ďInternational Women of CourageĒ award
US envoy to South Korea attacked in Seoul
U S Ambassador Lippert attacked in South Korea
Myanmar ferry sinks, killing 21 with dozens missing
Iran anti-terror assistance to Iraq unconditional: Iraqi commander
President Ghani to visit Saudi Arabia today
Germanyís top court overturns headscarf ban for teachers
Iran mass produces long-range anti-ship Qadir cruise missile
Iran, US kick off 5th day of nuclear talks in Lausanne
Kabul cleric under fire for endorsing murder and burning of woman
Ghani and Abdullah Leaves for Washington
Leader: Removal of sanctions should be part of any nuclear deal
Farkhunda Buried, Ghani Appoints Fact-Finding Team
No Decision Made in NSC to Support Saudi Arabia in Yemen: Mohaqiq
World condemns Saudi aggression against Yemen
Turkey eager to buy more Iran gas
Female Afghan activists face rising violence: Amnesty
Indian police kill 20 suspected red sandalwood smugglers
Ayatollah Khamenei calls for end to aggression against Yemen
UN Condemns Deadly Jalalabad Blast That Killed 33
Attack on civilians in Yemen to bring disgrace to aggressors: Rouhani
Tehran, Canberra concerned over ISIL: Iran FM
Four Saudi troops killed in clashes with Yemen tribesmen
Iran showcases domestically-developed defense achievements
Ghani Visits Badakhshan A Week After Insurgents Attack Military Posts
MPs Approve All 16 Nominees, Leaving Only Defense Open
Iran, Afghanistan sign memorandums to improve cooperation
Iran must always be prepared for defense: Leader
US, allies oppose Iran-Afghanistan cooperation: Leader
China, Pakistan Reaffirm Support for Afghan Peace Process
16 new ministers took oath
Suspects in MoD Fuel Contract Scandal Distance Themselves
Riyadh declares end to Decisive Storm phase in Yemen
Russia backs immediate lifting of anti-Iran sanctions
Over 225,000 people under ISIL siege in Syriaís Deir Ezzor
60,000 Afghan Police Are Illiterate
ISIL leader Baghdadi hiding in al-Baíaj in northern Iraq: Report
ISIS (Daesh) rejects involvement in Jalalabad suicide attack
1st phase of Saudi war on Yemen killed 951: Health Ministry officialsst Yemen
Government, Taliban discussed ceasefire in Qatar
UK may impose internet rationing as electricity depletion looms
1000s of migrants rescued in Mediterranean: Italy
Baltimore holds victory rally after mayor lifts curfew
Two people killed, guard shot in Texas
Iran to produce US-, Europe-licensed drugs
Oil prices up as market struggles to remain strong
Saudi war on Yemen has failed: Hezbollah chief
Support for Saudi aggression further disgraces US: Leader
Lionel Messi fires late brace as Barcelona beat Bayern Munich
Kabul court sentences 4 to death over mob killing of woman
35 Taliban Militants Killed in Zabul Passenger Rescue Operation
Female Afghan students win gold medals in a biology competition in Kenya
Chapel Hill man shot Muslim students in head, autopsies show
Afghans stage anti-US protest, call for withdrawal of all American forces
Military Operation Launched to Retake Control of Badghis's Jawand
Alien life may exist on Saturnís Enceladus, scientists say
Obama lying about Osama bin Ladenís death: US investigative journalist
Kidnappers release 19 hostages out of 31 abducted in Zabul
Yemenís Houthi fighters bring down Saudi fighter jet: Report
North Korea executed its defense minister on treason charges
Explosion near Attorney General Office in Kabul
Militant attack leaves 47 Shia pilgrims dead in Pakistan
U.S. national among five killed in Kabul attack
Leader warns Riyadh over impacts of aggression on Yemen
Iran complains to UNSC of Riyadh siege on Yemen
Google robots army may turn against human race: SpaceX CEO
Bin Laden died in Afghanistan in 2001, not in 2011 in Pakistan: American scholar
Saudi Arabiaís fear of revolutionary blowback from Yemen
Tehran raps as ďcontradictoryĒ US-Arab Camp David statement
Bodies of 4 Indians killed in Kabul attack flown to India
EU to lift ban on Afghan airlines by the end of 2015
Lindsay Lohan converting to Islam? Mike Tyson and other stars who became Muslims
Barca seal 2015 Spanish league title
6 injured in blasts targeting Turkish party
Weíre in Heart of Qalamoun Battle, Saudis gained nothing in Yemen but
ISIS Tries to Inter Europe by Posing as Refugees: Intelligence Analyst Says
The Night of Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad observed with devotion across Kashmir / Pics
Enemy failing to sow ethnic discord in Kurdistan'
Abdul Rahim says he will continue to save lives with his new hands
Abdullah oppose with the appoint of 4 new provincial governors
Bin Laden believed 9/11 was inside job: US documents
Iran allows no foreign inspection of military sites: Leader
What persuaded Pakistan to rethink its Afghan policy?
Afghanistan strongly condemns Saudi terrorist attack
Hezbollah may mobilize public against Takfiris: Nasrallah
Leader warns of plots to sow discord among Muslims
Raziq Criticizes NDS-ISI Agreement
Pakistan engaged in an undeclared war with Afghanistan: Ghani
ISI-NDS accord not yet finalized and executive
Daesh Recruiting in Afghanistan: Campbell
Hezbollah victories belong to all Lebanon: Nasrallah
Massoud Calls For Urgent Loya Jirga To Resolve NUG Issues
68 people wounded in Zabul suicide attack
Minister of Mines Looks to Clear Air Around Hajigak Mine Controversy
Pakistan warns Afghan Taliban to immediately end ďSpring OffensiveĒ
9 dead, 32 injured in Chicago weekend shootings
sport news
Three civilians wounded in Helmand blast
Indian heat wave death toll passes 1,400
ĎExtra-territorial application of US lawsí in FIFA case
Iraqis make gains against ISIL in Ramadi
China, India, Russia to play constructive role in Afghan reconciliation process
Russian FM slams unauthorized US raids in Syria
Sepp Blatter reelected FIFA president amid scandal
93 militants killed in two days of Afghan army operations
Fresh Saudi air raids leave 7 dead in Yemen
Wolesi Jirga: Government should react to massacre of Muslims in Burma
UAE to cooperate in changing Karzai Airport into Airport of Transit for Central Asia
Saudi warplanes pound new areas across Yemen
Iranians celebrating Imam Mahdi birth anniversary
Quebec court rules Canadian Tobacco firms pay smokers
FIFA President Sepp Blatter announces resignation
ISIL beheads 10 Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan
Russia says preparing S-300 for delivery to Iran by 2016
The Awaited Mahdi (as) And Dissensions
The Blessed Birth of Imam Mahdi (peace be upon him)
Imam Mahdi (A.S) - The Awaited One (video)
United Airlines apologizes to US Muslim woman over discrimination
Bodies of migrants washed ashore in Myanmar: Report
Iran mourns Imam Khomeiniís decease anniversary
History of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi Khomeini (Imam Khomeini)
'The Biggest Funeral in History' - Tehran, June 3rd 1989
Abdullah Calls For India's Inclusion in APTTA During Tajikistan Visit
Border Police Arrest Suspended Urban Development Ministry Officials
Obama: 'We don't have complete strategyí on ISIL
Saudi warplanes strike NW Yemen with cluster bombs
Saba: Daesh Seeking to Exploit Mines for Funding
Afghan Mines Minister committed to transparency and accountability in mining industry
Abdullah Meets With Ban Ki-Moon On Sidelines Of Dushanbe Conference
Continuation Of MPs Work Legal: Wolesi Jirga Speaker
Turkeyís Erdogan pushes for coalition amid uncertainty
Turkeyís democratic renaissance?
Former Education Minister Denies ĎSIGAR Report on Ghost Schoolsí
Russia economic sector open to world: Putin
Lawmakers Question Ghani's Authority Over Term Extension
Iranian volleyballers stun US in World League
Cameron threatens to close BBC over election biased coverage
Host Iran blanks US volleyball team 3-0
Devastating heat waves kill 140 people in Sindh, Pakistan
Parliament Under Attack, Taliban Claims Responsibility
Dasht-i-Arche District of Kundoz province fall to Taliban hands
Ghani Mulls Pilot Phase To Roll Out ID Cards
NATO agreed to help enhance the Afghan Air Force capabilities: Stanikzai
Pakistan rejects allegations of involvement in attack on Afghan Parliament
NATO and US committed to long term support for Afghan forces: Carter
Forces Retake Nuristan's District That Fell to the Taliban
Bomb attack kills 16, injures several at Shia mosque in Kuwait City
Foreign investment in Israel down by near 50%: UNCTAD
Iranian volleyballers edge past Poland in 2015 FIVB World League
Afghanistanís dried and fresh fruits export to reach 55,000 tons this year
19 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Airstrike
Afghanistanís Natural Resources under the sight of Islamic State
Daesh thriving with foreign intelligence help: MPs
Islamic State Eying Afghanistanís Natural Resources
Ata Mohd Noor proposes 11 nominees for the Ministry of Defense
Blatter reveals Ďinfluencesí behind Qatar 2022 World Cup
Russian scientists find new DNA repair method to cure Alzheimerís disease: Report
23 Palestinians killed, 2,156 abducted by Israel in 2015: PLO
New attacks in northwest Nigeria kill over 30
Ramadan Gives Us the Great Gift of Taqwa
Who Invented the Trinity in Christianity?
Hekmatyarís party to support ISIS in fight against Taliban
Significance of Night of Qadr
Three terrorists detained in Kabul
Afghanistanís mining law draft to be ready by year-end
The only female nominee for Supreme Court rejected by Wolesi Jirga
Parliament confirms Khalilullah Sediq as Central Bank governor
Recommended Deeds for each Night of the Last Ten Nights of the Month
Events Related to the Martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S.)
Imam Ali (AS) and the ideals of Freedom and Liberty
Afghan govít, Taliban militants to meet again after Pakistan talks
69 killed, dozens injured in Saudi attacks on Yemen
Taliban's Chief Political Officer Resigns Over Replacement of Mullah Omar
Taliban working to resolve leadership issues
Astronomers Discover 'Young Jupiter' Exoplanet
John Kerry in Cuba to officially reopen US embassy
Grand Ayatollah Sistani urges more reforms in Iraq
Erdoganís constitution ambitions refuse to fade
Woman brutally beaten in public over robbery suspicion in Sar-e-Pul
Ulema Council Condemns Attacks, Demands Justice
Afghan Troops Doing Well But Still Need Coalition Support: Shoffner
Iranian Foreign Minister Urges Reconciliation in Region
Ghani Calls On Religious Scholars To Back Government
Nasrallah hails 2006 victory in Israeli war on Lebanon
The role of the West in the face of Islamism in the Muslim world
Analysis of Turkish military action against ISIS
The risk of ISIS for Afghanistan
the conservative and liberal new approach
110 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Musa Qala Clashes: Officials
Taliban kill 25 militiamen loyal to first vice president Gen. Dostum
Yemen Ansarullah fighters, army units shell Saudi Arabia's Jizan
Photos: A Militant Group from 'Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine' Graduates
'We Love Germany!', Cry Relieved Refugees at Munich Station
Young Girl, Boy Commit Suicide in Balkh, Samangan
Taliban shadow governor for Faryab arrested before escaping to Quetta
Afghanistan president targets corruption
Afghanistan, Pakistan likely to resume talks this week
Millions of Indian workers go on strike over economic policies
Israel arrests parents of Palestinian boy beaten by soldier in West Bank
UN warns of civilian fatalities in Yemen's Taiz
Migrant Child's Body On Beach Shocks Europe
Social media users slam PG Arab rulersí inaction on refugee crisis
Ahmad Shaah Massoud
Certain Groups Conspire to Target Youths: Rabbani
Pakistan Blame Afghan Militants For Air Base Attack
Foreign Ministry: Kabul wonít allow its soil be used against neighbors
Islam and democracy in the age of democratization
Muslims flock to haj despite deadly crane collapse
Ayatollah Javadi Amoli: Mosque is not just place of worship
Taliban Changing Military Strategy in Afghanistan
ĎBritain might be forced to reduce interest ratesí
Saudi jets kill 76 in fresh raids on Yemen
Syrian girl dies in another boat tragedy off Greece
Afghan Govt Rejects Pakistan's Claim It Attacked Peshawar Air Base
Look at the United States efforts to expand its forces in West Asia
Hundreds Attend Ceremony In Memory Of Rabbani
Twenty Afghan female football players participating in HLCTP in Japan
Sayaf: Certain individuals looking for chance to make chaos in Kabul
US updating contingency plans for possible war with Russia: US officials
Pakistani forces detain 40 Afghan refugees in Quetta
Taliban new Supreme Leader criticizes low quality of projects in his first Eid message
NATO soldier killed in militants attack in the vicinity of Bagram Airfield
US to station 20 new nukes in western Germany: Report
US policies, Israel crimes key problems for Muslims: Leader
Kerry Reaffirms U.S Commitment To Fighting Terrorism
Ghani: Government to concentrate on economic development during autumn and winter
Hajj - An act of love
717 killed in crush during Hajj in Mecca
The full text of the speech of Vladimir Putin, Russian president at a meeting of the United Nations
UN urges warring sides in Kundoz to protect civilians and respect international law
US strongly condemns Taliban attacks in Kundoz
160 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Kunduz Airstrikes
Emotions Run High As MPs Demand Answers Over Kunduz Crisis
Muhammad(PBUH); the Messenger of God: a film that will capture the hearts of the world people
Russiaís upper house of parliament approves military presence in Syria
Iran's possible reaction vis-ŗ-vis Mina tragedy tough: Leader
Palestinians forced out of Aqsa compound
Russia launches first airstrikes in Syria: US
Pakistanís Inzamam-ul-Haq hired as Afghanistan National team head coach
The events of Al Ghadeer
Taliban did not shoot down US military aircraft: Pentagon
UN urges US to take measures to reduce gun violence
Russia airstrike destroys Daesh bomb-making facility in Syria
West should compensate Russia for fighting terrorists in Syria: Pundit
Afghanistan to play with Singapore for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers 2018
Ghani, Obama Discuss Afghanistan Security
Obama apologizes to Doctors Without Borders for deadly airstrike
Afghanistan likely to receive Russiaís support in fight against terrorism
Arab coalition challenges for occupation of Sanaa
Migration to Europe: opportunities and threats
The inherent illegitimacy of the Zionist Regime paved the ground for Securitization
The dual effect of environment and idea on political behavior of ISIS
Ethnic and religious challenges in West Asia
Talks with US banned because of disadvantages: Leader
Russia launched 100+ strikes at Daesh positions in Syria
John Kerry urges Netanyahu to end violence against Palestinians
For the love of Hussain
Bombing claims 10 lives in Pakistani Shia mosque
Israeli forces arrest two dozen Palestinians in East al-Quds
The Melancholy of Muharram
Abbasí loyalty in Karbala
Quotes about Hazrat Imam Hussain!
Facebook bans white nationalism, separatism
President Assad, Oman FM meet in Damascus
Russia airstrikes in Syria very effective: US general
Afghanistan defeats Zimbabwe in first T20 following historic ODI win
More than 100 Afghans arrested in Pakistanís Balochistan
Millions Lost To Pakistan By Afghan Trade Sector: ACCI
20 Killed and 229 Injured In Powerful Afghanistan Earthquake
Abdullah Calls For Urgent Aid to Quake-Hit Areas
80 killed in fighting between Taliban rival groups
Iran to US defense chief: Mind your words
India ruling party loses major state election
Israeli forces kill two more Palestinians in West Bank
Ghani Questions Effectiveness of Past Decade Investments
Women Among Seven Beheaded in Zabul
Afghans Disappointed with New Coalitions, Divisions
Bomb downed Russia plane in Egypt: Investigator
Firozi Bribed Officials For Housing Project: MP
ISIS's Future Ideology; Maintaining Caliphate
Unidentified armed men gun down woman in Sar-e-Pulís Kohistanat District
ISIS photo purports to show captured Taliban fighters in Afghanistan
25 Daesh militants killed in Nangarhar air strikes
Key World Events In 2015
Daesh kidnap 300 Afghan civilians over two months: Officials
US exceptionalism hinders fight on terrorism: Lavrov
Barcelona 4-0 Betis: Barca end 2015 on top of La Liga
A selection of iconic stories of 2015 in pictures
Russia approves updated sanctions against Turkey
Ayatollah Khamenei: Why Muslim World Silent on Atrocities Against Its Own?
Hijab-Wearing Women in US Facing Abuse
Tehran Backs Afghan Peace Talks: Iranian Diplomat
President Ghani, NATO strongly condemn Kabul restaurant attack
Afghan Special Forces release 59 hostages from Taliban captivity in Helmand
Rival Taliban groups agree on ceasefire, exchange of prisoners
Gunmen Attack Indian Air Force Base Near Pakistan Border
Saudi executes 47 people, including Sheikh Nimr
Five people killed in US drone strike in northeast Afghanistan
What sin?
UN chief expresses Ďdismayí at Sheikh Nimr's execution by Riyadh
US calls on Saudi Arabia to respect human rights
Awakening not suppressible: Leaderís tweet on Nimrís execution
I will veto Obamaís executive actions on guns, Trump says
Leader condemns Saudi execution of Sheikh Nimr
ANA chopper crashes in Logar, 3 killed, 1 wounded
Afghanistan faces defeat during the final match of SAFF Championship
India mission in Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif comes under attack
Execution of Sheikh Nimr Points to Saudi Terrorism, Arrogance, Collapse: Nasrallah
Consulate Attack Will Not Affect Relations: Indian Envoy
1 US soldier killed, 2 wounded in Taliban attack in Helmand
Leader calls for Ďcommunal unityí in Afghanistan
State-owned Indian firm commissions two 220/20kV substations in Afghanistan
Daesh judge among 18 killed in clash with Taliban in Nangarhar
Special force formed to counter ISIS in Afghanistan
Tajik, Uzbek, Turkmen inducted into Taliban Leadership Council
Pollution Threatens Health Of Kabul Residents, Warns MoPH
Ghani extends term of the appointed members of Afghan Senate
Leader warns of enemy attempts to harm Iran
US drone kills Daesh, civilians in Afghanistan: Report
Afghan minister narrowly escapes HIV infection in syringe attack by drug addict
Human Rights: From Comedy to Tragedy
Cricket Team Beats Zimbabwe By 81 Runs in Second T20 Mach
Kabul police arrest woman for using false identification to meet the first lady
Pakistan To Present List Of Taliban Open To Peace Talks At Meeting
Israel nabbed 100s of kids in 2015: Rights group
US may deploy more strategic assets to South Korea
100s of New Zealanders hold rally over Nimr execution, urge premier to cut ties with Saudi
Ten Daesh Insurgents Killed in Nangarhar Air Strike
Mosazai says at least 60 % militants fleeing Pakistan join Daesh in Afghanistan
IRGC move in Persian Gulf shows Iran might: MP
UNICEF calls for urgent help for 10 million Yemeni children
Car bomb kills five, destroys police HQ in southeast Turkey
Saudi king not aware of his surroundings, report says
Austria turns away 3,000 asylum seekers over 'false claims'
At least 7 dead as bombs hit Jakarta
U.S Declares Daesh Af-Pak Wing A Terrorist Organization
Daesh Leader Killed In Nangarhar Drone Strike: Officials
Ayat. Sistani urges Iraqi govt. to protect Sunni mosques
Turkey arrests 12 academics for signing declaration
Saudi King to abdicate throne in favor of son: Report
Obama lifts ban on aircraft sale to Iran
New US drone raid kills 11 in eastern Afghanistan
Clinton plans advertising blitz to fend off surging Sanders
President Ghani arrives in Kapisa
Pakistan strengthens security of Afghan diplomats following attack
Al-Qaeda Attack On Burkina Faso Hotel Kills 20
Refugee Crisis: EU Seeks Political Solution For Challenges In Afghanistan
Saudi warplanes kill 30 in NW Yemen
Iran: All sanctions to be annulled today
Sanctions imposed over Iranís nuclear program lifted
Raheel Sharif Oversees Clearance Op After Deadly University Attack
Helicopters From India Now Fully Operational: Officials
21 Killed, 50 Wounded In Pakistan University Attack
Ghani Leaves Kabul for World Economic Forum
Israel conducted 570+ attacks on reporters in 2015: Report
Saudi Arabia bought $1.5bn worth of bombs from UK last summer
Nuclear agreement result of Iranian nationís endeavors: Leader
Persian Gulf banks eye Iran prospects
4 killed, 24 wounded in blast near Russian embassy in Kabul
Global oil prices fall below 12-year low of $25 a barrel
Another group of Daesh recruiters busted in Nangarhar
Security agencies investigating deadly attack on journalists
Bahraini regime jails 250 children on political grounds: Report
Pakistan observes mourning for university massacre victims
Pakistan claims attack on university handled from Afghanistan
US State Department hangs Russian flag upside-down
Saudi Arabia has killed 8,278 people in Yemen: Group
Israeli forces detain Hamas members in al-Khalil
Ayatollah Khamenei hails IRGC's arrest of trespassing US sailors
Iran urges cooperation between ASEAN, ECO
Space junk may cause armed conflict: New report
30th anniversary of man's only visit to Uranus
Taliban wants to be removed from UN blacklist before new peace talks
Austria warns Athens of Schengen zone expulsion over refugee crisis
Pakistan army arrests 5 over deadly university attack
US-led drone strikes kill over three dozen in eastern Afghanistan
US Excuses for Missile Sanctions on Iran
Afghanistan signs grant agreements worth $128 million with World Bank
Russia's Putin decides not to expel US diplomats
Truck-ramming attack kills 4 Israeli soldiers, injures 18 in East Jerusalem al-Quds
Truck-ramming attack kills 4 Israeli soldiers, injures 18 in East Jerusalem al-Quds
Chairman of Expediency Council Ayatollah Rafsanjani passes away
Top Pakistani leaders of Haqqani terrorist network killed in Nangarhar
Afghanistan signs $205m road construction project with a Chinese firm
Leader expresses condolences over Rafsanjaniís passing away
Ayatollah Khamenei to Lead Ritual Prayers at Ex-Presidentís Funeral
Hezbollah Chief Calls Iranís Rafsanjani "Great Supporter" of Resistance Movement
Ayatollah Rafsanjani: A look back at his life
Ayatollah Rafsanjani
Condolences Pour into Iran over Demise of Ayatollah Rafsanjani
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Iranian, foreign officials attend mourning ceremony for Ayatollah Rafsanjani
5 Emirati diplomats slain in south Afghanistan bomb attack
Muslim girls must take part in mixed swimming lessons in Switzerland
Iranís president stresses need for anti-terror fight
Trump accepts Russian hacks, says Ďeverybodyí can hack US
Saudi campaign has killed 1,400 Yemeni kids, UNICEF says
NATO admits to killing of civilians in 2016 Afghanistan attack
Russia withdraws S-24s, deploys S-25 jets to Syriaís Latakia
AHPC official under fire for calling Taliban ĎAngels, Holy Groupí
Europe must boost efforts to save refugees dying of cold: UNHCR
Takata agrees to pay $1bn in air bag scandal
Hungarian court sentences journalist to probation for kicking refugees
Government strongly reacts at ĎTaliban Angels of Peaceí remarks
Trump open to lifting Russia sanctions if Moscow cooperates with US
Daesh militants attack Nangarhar district, torch 60 houses
Bahrain executes 3 activists amid public rage
Pakistan army chief calls President Ghani, suggests intelligence cooperation
Iran, intl. community condemn Bahrainís execution of three activists
Flood water in Pakistan
2 wagon train moved Russia's most powerful woman
My jet flight in the skies of Dubai
Afghanistan defeats Oman in Desert T20 Challenge semi-final
Tajikistan defeats Afghanistan in friendly football match
Afghanistan becomes Desert T20 champion, defeats Ireland in final
Shahzad breaks Virat Kohli record with four 50s in one tournament
India approves MoU with Afghanistan on Space Technology Cooperation
Facebook plans to provide internet to 4 billion people with solar plane
Afghan brothers make drone to hunt mines in Afghanistan
Draft Agreement Finalized to Link Afghanistan with Black, Mediterranean Sea
Tiles factory in Mazar city to resume production with Indiaís support
Trump vows support to help unearth Afghanistanís massive natural resources
Afghanistan to profit $1 billion annually for transit from TAPI pipeline
Selfie leads to mental health issues
Herat Ladies Turn To Facebook To Sell Their Products
Looted Bowl Returned To Kabul Museum
Afghan Womenís Orchestra Wins Freemuse Award
Michelangeloís Moses statue unveiled after cleanup
ĎLook of Silenceí named best 2015 documentary
Family stumbles on Caravaggio painting worth $137 million in attic
Sixty percent of refugees in Iran become educated: Official
Photos: Protests around world following US presidential inauguration
Mashhad named cultural capital of Muslim world
Italy police recover Van Goghís stolen paintings after 14 years
16 killed in Hungarian school bus crash in northern Italy
India bans all forms of disposable plastic in its capital
Searching for Life on Wolf 1061 Exoplanet
New Genetic Engineering Technique Could Help Design, Study Biological Systems
Russia could miss 2018 Paralympic Winter Games, says IPC chief
Recent Afghanistan Bombings Muscle-Flexing from Taliban: Analyst
Astana Talks: Conceding to Assadís Power, Stay
Astana meeting; is peace negotiable?
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36 ISIS militants killed, 20 wounded in South of Afghanistan
Taliban earn $4.8 million annually from Kajaki Dam
MoI To Implement AGO's Order Against Dostum Guards
Trump signs executive order for Mexico wall
Afghanistan A wins series against Zimbabwe A with third consecutive victory
Abdullah arrives in Helmand amid deteriorating security situation
Hekmatyar Expected In Kabul Within Next Three Weeks
All JCPOA signatories must remain committed to obligations: Rouhani
Yemen loses decade of health gains due to Saudi war: UN
Trump administration sending armored vehicles for Syria opposition
Trump showing signs of 'malignant narcissism': Psychologists
Dutch mosques shut doors after Quebec attack
Celebrations begin in Iran to mark anniversary of Islamic Revolution
Missile tests Iranís inalienable defensive right: Qassemi
38 Years On, Iran Celebrates Islamic Revolution Anniversary
Atta Noor Pushes For Role On National Stage
Militaryís Violence Displaced 92,000 Muslims in Myanmar: UN
Will US Congress Take Nuclear Button from Unpredictable Trump?
CEO Assures Helmand Residents Lashkargah Wonít Fall To Taliban
Central Bank Sets Deadline To Hand In Defaced Banknotes
SIGARís Afghanistan report to Trump admin offers bleak progress statistics
Saudi defense minister, new Pentagon chief discuss Mideast in 1st conversation
Russian cybersecurity experts arrested in ĎUS-linkedí treason case
US fighter jets involved in deadly training accident in New Mexico
Trump threatened to send US troops to Mexico, report says
Taliban Abducts Two Badghis Health Officials
Copa del Rey: Atletico Madrid 1-2 Barcelona
Saudi diplomat found guilty of sex assault in Singapore
Trump to Turnbull: Australia trying to export ĎBoston bombersí to US
Asia has the most daily active Facebook users
US Ďlikelyí killed Yemeni civilians, kids in recent Qaeda raid
ISIS fighters held from Peshawar hospital, returned to Afghanistan: Pak officials
Mattis and President Ghani discussed enduring US-Afghan security relationship
Why Tackling Israeli Regime No Longer Arab Leadersí Priority?
Iran lineup for 2017 Freestyle World Cup announced
Pope issues stinging warning about Myanmar's treatment of Rohingya
6 ICRC employees shot dead in northern Afghanistan by ISIS loyalists
How Are Al Saud, Al Sheikh Clans Ruling Saudi Arabia?
Myanmar crackdown has allegedly killed 1,000 Rohingya: UN officials
Trump adviser raises ethics concerns for touting Ivankaís products
Ageing Europe needs migrants: EUís Mogherini
Iranians stage nationwide rallies to mark anniversary of 1979 Islamic Revolution
UN Welcomes NUGís ĎStrong Willí For Elections
Bullies will regret threatening Iranian nation: President Rouhani
Iran says Daesh elements arrested in vicinity of capital
Putin may send Snowden to US as Ďgiftí, US intelligence claims
Trump growing frustrated with running White House: Aides
Car bomb explosion rocks Lashkargah city in Helmand
The days of testimony fatemeh zahra
Al Khalifah continues crackdown due to US, UK support: Analyst
Daesh brainwashes Izadi children into becoming bombers
NATO firmly committed to Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan: Stoltenberg
Terrorism is a common enemy of both states, Nawaz tells President Ghani
Saudi royal family was Ďdeeply involvedí in 9/11: American analyst
UAE Ambassador wounded in Kandahar explosion has died
No favoring govt collapse but serious reforms need: Sayyaf
Ghani to brief world leaders on menace of terrorism in Germany summit
Top Haqqani network leader killed in Afghan forces coordinated attack
Pakistan army summons Afghan diplomats, demand actions against 80 terrorists
ISIS suffer heavy casualties in latest operations of Afghan forces
MoFA Summons Pakistan Envoy Over Border Shelling
US man pepper-sprayed by police while strapped in restraining chair
Terror groups should be eliminated with no distinction, Atmar tells Aziz
Afghan forces rescue 26 civilians kidnapped by ISIS loyalists
Merkel calls for joint efforts with Moscow to battle terrorism
Afghanistan to launch 4G services in the near future: MCIT
Germany deports 18 more rejected Afghan asylum seekers
Peace with Taliban possible but safe havens must be eliminated: Abdullah
Amnesty accuses Israel of multiple human rights violations
Israeli soldiers caught in prostitution cycle over economic woes: Report
Senior Samsung executives offer to resign: Report
Russian cargo ship docks at International Space Station
Afghanistan finalizes law to criminalize Bacha Baazi
Yemeni forces target Jordanian F-16 fighter jet over Saudi Arabia: Report
6 key ISIS leaders killed in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan
No evidence Trumpís banned Muslim states pose threat to US: DHS
Coordinated suicide attacks rock capital Kabul
Iranian university launches Pashtu faculty
Mass rally held in Sanaía against Saudi onslaught on Yemen
MoI Announces New Appointments To Key Posts
Afghan govt takes key step towards electronic ID card distribution
Maldivian opposition warns against atoll sale to Saudi Arabia
Mosul chemical attack believed to be carried out by Daesh amounts to war crime: UN
Key Taliban group member arrested in capital Kabul
Standoff underway in Kabul military hospital following heavy explosion
Abdullah: Unity Among Afghans Is Only Response To Enemies
UN rights chief slams Israeli infringement of Palestinian rights
38 killed in Daesh attack on military hospital in Afghan capital
Taiwan has no diplomatic future: China
Putin pardons woman found guilty of treason in 2016
Israel holding 65 female Palestinian prisoners, rights group says
Marshall Fahim Honored on Third Anniversary of His Death
Top ISIS leader involved in Kabul demonstration attack killed
8 Afghan policemen shot dead by their comrades in latest insider attack
US militaryís nude photo scandal spreads to all branches
We wonít sell Saudis our land: Maldivian opposition
Afghanistan whitewashed Ireland in T20I series
Shahzad goes past Kohli in T20I career runs, secures 4th spot
Ex-Afghan spy chief Saleh appointed as minister for security reforms
Govt asks for analysis report in 10 days for the launch of Electronic ID cards
Iran Unveils Its Most Advanced Tank
Americans arenít filing their taxes this year: IRS
Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen May Mount to War Crimes: HRW Urges West Halt Arms Sale to Regime
Russia Regaining Its Superpower Status?
Happy New Year
Kabul and Moscow to hold talks on counter-terrorism and bilateral ties
Turkey summons Dutch envoy over treatment of minister, protesters
Backing Abdullah biggest mistake of my career: Noor
1 killed, at least 8 wounded in Kabul explosion
Afghanistan defeats Ireland in first ODI series by 30 runs
Probe team updates on Kabul military hospital attack, 50 confirmed dead
31 killed in Damascus court house bombing
Taliban: Transformation from Stabilizing to Destabilizing Force
Ghani: ĎThere is No Sovereignty of the Law in the Countryí
No Famine in Yemen but Over Half on the Brink: U.N.-Backed Report
US set to deploy 1,000 more troops to Syria: Pentagon official
Afghan MP Lalai accused of irresponsible firing in Kabul under alcohol influence
Israel says will continue hitting Hezbollah in Syria
Militants begin leaving last bastion in Syriaís Homs
Black man streams live on Facebook as officers shoot him + video
Turkish diaspora in Europe should have at least 5 children: Erdogan
Russia reiterates contacts with Taliban only aimed at promoting Afghan peace
Trump repeats charge that Obama ordered spying on him
1 killed, 2 wounded in gunmen firing in Kabul city
16 ISIS militants killed in Afghan commandos operation in Nangarhar
Third party should monitor work on list of wanted terrorists, Kabul tells Islamabad
Clash among Junbish and Jamiat gunmen leaves 4 dead in North of Afghanistan
Netanyahu seeks end to Russia airstrikes in Syria to avert Israel's collapse: Nasrallah
Ex-US envoy questions Trumpís understating of NATO after tweets
Yemeni ballistic missile strikes air base in Saudi capital: Report
Viewing women as commodity Zionist plot
Nawaz Sharif orders immediate opening of Pak-Afghan routes
Russia summons Israeli ambassador over Syria attacks
Saudis urge UN to control Yemeni port after botch
Pakistanís PM Orders Immediate Re-Opening Of Torkham
1395 A Year Of Tension Between NUG Leaders
Noor Announces His Intention To Run For President
National E-ID cards distribution likely to start in 90 days
Prominent religious cleric killed in East of Afghanistan Prominent religious cleric killed in East of Afghanistan
US Muslims Discriminated, Donít Feel Safe: Poll
Illiteracy Rate in Afghanistan is Terrible: Danish
Iranian Foreign Ministry condemns London terrorist attack
Putin: Russian weapons proved efficient in Syria war
At least four people killed, 40 injured in attack outside UK Parliament
Policeman Kills 9 Colleagues At Kunduz Check Post
India wary as China defense minister visits Nepal
Afghanistan defeats Singapore 2-1 in friendly football match
Afghanistan defeats Ireland in fifth and final ODI and wins series 3-2
Taliban Attack On Takharís District Pushed Back
Hundreds feared dead as refugee boat sinks off Libya
Mubarak walks free for first time in six years
Taliban militants capture key district in Afghanistanís Helmand
CIA was hacking iPhones one year after launch: WikiLeaks
Russia rejects US claim of giving supplies to Taliban in Afghanistan
live tv news
Suppress all militants opposing govt and law, Ghani tells ANP Special Forces
European Union marks 60th anniversary in Rome as Brexit looms
UN urges Iran, Russia, Turkey to resume Syria talks in Astana
President Ghani arrives in Mazar-e-Sharif city on unannounced visit
ĎNoor has always asked for Balkh, not for himselfí: President Ghani
Ghani did not discuss disbanding of parliament with anyone: ARG
High-Profile Al-Qaeda leader Qari Yasin killed in Paktika
ISIS execute 3 civilians on charges of supporting police in North of Afghanistan
Open trial of MUDH officials kick off on charges of AFN 1 billion embezzlement
Iran announces sanctions on 15 US companies
Merkel faces big test as Germans vote in Saarland
Biden regrets not running for US president
Pakistan has started fencing work along the Durand Line
Yemenis rally in Sanaía on 2nd anniversary of Saudi war
Saudi-led Yemen War Turns Three: Report of Outcomes
4 Afghan officials jailed for 20, 7 years each and total fine of 1.186b over corruption
Top Afghan security officials secure vote of confidence from parliament
Trump urged Germany to pay $375bn NATO debt: Report
Govt wants Uzbeks sidelined: Dostumís office
Ghani Introduces Nehan as Mines and Petroleum Minister
Herat Provincial Council Head Sentenced To Prison
State Support of Terrorism Threatens Global Peace: Abdullah Abdullah
Muslim women rally in London in solidarity with attack victims
Govt Under Fire For Failing To Fill Cabinet Positions
Govt Given 90 Days To Roll Out Electronic ID Card System
UK prime minister triggers Brexit process
Taliban militants suffer heavy casualties in US airstrike in East of Afghanistan
6 people working at US Embassy in Afghanistan fired over drugs
Anti-Palestinian Jewish attorney sworn in as US envoy to Israel
Arab League calls for formation of independent Palestine state
Germany, France, speak up after UK triggers Brexit
US should use Ďmilitary meansí against Iran: CENTCOM chief
Over 70 rockets fired on Kunar from Pakistan in past 24 hours
The video introduces the Galaxy S and S 8 8 Plus
Nargis Nehan Takes Over As Acting Minister Of Mines
NATOís work in Afghanistan remains critical: US Secretary of State
NATO in Afghanistan to prevent it from becoming terrorism safe haven: Stoltenberg
Russia supports Talibanís call for withdrawal of all foreign forces
UN Ďextremely concernedí over potential attack on Yemenís Hudaydah
Islam is not against desire and pleasure
View of good and evil Afghanistan from 1960 to 1980
Ghani reacts at Russia bombing saying combined efforts must to defeat terrorism
Ghani And Aussie PM Sign $240m USD Development Agreement
St. Petersburg metro bombing suspect Ďfrom Kyrgyzstaní
May hopes to tap Saudi 'immense potential' to boost UK economy
EU states wonít move Israel embassies to al-Quds: Mogherini
Saudi Arabia State Sponsor of Terrorism: Iraqi PM
What Causes Muslims Massacres in Nigeria, Myanmar?
St Petersburg Blast: Russia Contains Aftermath
President Ghani arrives in Indonesia, key agreements expected to be inked
Japan provides $12m in fresh aid to Afghanistan for irrigation and fiscal support
Sandstorm unearths historical site in southeastern Iran
Trump removes chief strategist Steve Bannon from NSC
Afghanistan strongly reacts at Pakistani violations along Durand Line
Russia, West trade barbs over Syria attack in UNSC meeting
Iran Slams Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, Ready to Treat Victims
Whatís Behind British PMís Visit to Jordan, Saudi Arabia?
Turkey Annexes Syrian Land: Diplomat Says Threatening Ankara with Military Option
Syria Denies Using Chemicals, Says It Informed OPCW of Terroristís Access to Toxic Materials
Senior Taliban leader arrested in North of Afghanistan
Kabul Zooís Latest Residents Settle In To New Home
Syria war guarantees shared interests of powers, Israel: President Assad
Russia pledges to stand by Syria in anti-terror battles
Hojjatoleslam Raeisi to run for president: Representative
Australians sue Apple for refusing to repair error
US military leaders warn Congress on budget
Trumpís nepotism is Ďextremely scaryí but not new
UN experts warn Saudi Arabia against demolition of Shia neighborhood
Islam Set to Be Worldís Largest Religion by 2075: Study
Syria blasts US Ďaggressioní, terrorists and Israel hail it
US attack on Syria significantly damaged US-Russia ties: Putin
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online news tv
57 Insurgents Incl Daesh Killed in Afghan Forces Operations
Top Haqqani terrorist network leaders killed in Ghazni airstrike
International probe must be launched in reported Syria gas attack: Iran president
Saudi king congratulates US for attacking Syria with missiles
Terrorism in West Asia: Pros, Antis
Foreigners among 25 ISIS militants killed in East of Afghanistan
Rashid Khan secures 3 wickets as SunRisers Hyderabad wins second IPL match
Iran Named Afghanistanís Largest Trade Partner in 2016: ACCI
US strikes in Syria violate UN Charter: Rouhani, Putin
Blast hits area near church in Egyptís Tanta
Nine Afghan forces battling Taliban killed by roadside bomb
* US missile strikes against Syria strategic mistake: Ayat. Khamenei
Seven Theories About US Missile Strikes on Syria
* Russia reacts at alleged support to the Afghan Taliban
* Turks attack Syrian refugees with knives, burn tents
* How Germany Chases its Economic, Military Interests in West Asia?
* Why Mosul Liberation Op Proceeding Slow?
sport live
Heavy explosion heard in Kabul city
* UN: Refugees traded in Libya Ďslave marketsí
* Iran rejects EU sanctions over human rights as politically-motivated
China denies any deployment of troops near North Korea
* Pakistan says will quit Saudi-led military coalition if it turns 'sectarian'
* Russia-US relations deteriorated under Trump: Putin
Manchester United gets its first Muslim captain
134 Sri Lankan Peacekeepers linked to Child Sex Ring; No Arrests: UN Report
* Why Did NATO Expand to West Asia?
Zainab (s.a) the Greatest Messenger of the Hussaini Revolution- Rajab 15th, The Martyrdom Anniversary of Hadrat Zainab bint Ali (A.S.))
Afghan Ulemas once again slam Pakistanís Maulana Fazal for his remarks
Trump sending Gen. McMaster to Afghanistan to review the situation
* 132 ISIS terrorists killed in Afghanistan in past 6 days: MoD
Pistachio harvest in NE Afghanistan expected to surpass 1,000 tons
America's first Muslim woman judge found dead in New York
* Two billion people drinking polluted water worldwide: WHO
* Saudi blockade paralyzing Yemen, causing catastrophe: UN expert
* US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan + video
One in four young women in UK reports mental health problems: Study
* Trump lauds US military for firing Ďmother of all bombsí in Afghanistan
* Karzai strongly condemns US dropping of huge bomb in Afghanistan
* Raeisi joins mix for 12th Iran presidential election
ISIS in Afghanistan kidnapped wives, daughters for forced marriage: Nicholson
* (Satan is the clear enemy of mankind)
* Mega-bomb dropped by US on east Afghanistan kills 94: Official
* Trump, Republican fundraising tops $42 million in 2017: Report
* Karzai vows to oust US forces from Afghanistan after MOAB strike on ISIS
Afghans protest US dropping of massive bomb
Taliban kill child and 3 women over alleged cooperation with govt in Sar-e-Pul
Ring construction worth 256 million kicks off in Laghman province
* Europe cautions Turkey after referendum
* Bahraini Regime Committed 2,389 HR Violations in 2016: Report
* What Will Be Outcomes of Recapture of ISIS De Facto Capital in Syria?
* Turkeyís Future after Erdoganís Narrow Win in Referendum
* No political motive behind N Korea flights suspension: China
* Noor reacts at dismissal of Ahmad Zia Massoud by President Ghani
* Child Brides Run The Risk Of Dying Young, Warns First Lady
* Massoud warns of instability and war after dismissed by President Ghani
Police fire 'live bullets' at Nigerians urging Zakzaky's release
Theresa May calls for early general election to strengthen Brexit hand
Iran, EU sign first-ever nuclear safety cooperation project
Libya fishermen find 28 dead asylum seekers
Turkish helicopter transporting senior officials crashes in southeast
* Yemenis shoot down Saudi Black Hawk, at least 12 Saudi troops killed
* 5 Pakistani militants killed in an airstrike in East of Afghanistan
Iran can help Kyrgyzstan with hydropower plants construction: Zarif
* US strike on Syria gave Daesh terrorists free rein: Russia PM
Will US Send 50,000 Troops to Syria?
* HRW Warns Australia to Halt Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia amid Concerns over Yemen War
* Enemies Ty to Sabotage Upcoming Presidential Elections: Iran Leader
* Why Snap Election in Britain?
* Pakistan braces for court ruling likely of removing Sharif
* 10 top tips for cycling in the Alps
Farooq Wardak appointed as Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs
* Russia has the right to have relations with Taliban: Karzai
You committed an immense atrocity against Afghans, Karzai tells Trump
Afghanistan gets Minister of State to boost tourism
* Ghani inaugurated Kamal Khan dam phase-3 construction in Nimroz
* Iran's Interior Ministry nnounces final list of presidential candidates
China to help Afghanistan in deployment of second satellite to orbit
* ISIS-K leader Hafiz Saeedís horse presented to the Afghan President
* Reports Indicate Dozens Could Have Died In Army Base Attack
Turkey opposition files appeal against vote result at top court
US defies both letter, spirit of nuclear deal: Iran FM
Hekmatyar Expected In Afghanistan In Next Few Days: Hizb-e-Islami
Erdoganís Wild Claims against Iraqi Volunteer Forces
* Ghani makes unannounced visit to Balkh after deadly attack on army base
Senior Taliban leader identified as Ijaz-ul-Haq killed by own bomb in Laghman
Taliban claims 4 of its fighters had enrolled before the attack on army base
US forces confirm death of top Taliban leader Quari Tayib
209 Shaheen Corps: The Base The Taliban Attacked
* Ghani Calls On Nation To Raise Its Voice Against Terrorism
MPs Slam Govt Over Latest Military Attack
* Karzai says can no longer call Taliban brothers after army base attack
* Afghan forces to take revenge of the attack on Shaheen Corps: Atmar
Security Forces Failing To Prevent Terrorist Attacks: Murtazawi
Prayer Ceremonies Countrywide In Honor Of Fallen Soldiers
* Macron, Le Pen heading for French presidential race: Projection
Afghan govt and nation not alone in the fight against terror: Gen. McMaster
* Killings on the rise in presence of US and their false actions: Karzai
* Afghan defense minister and army chief of staff resigns
Germany Ďrejects most Afghan asylum requests in 2017
* Mattis in Afghanistan to shape US strategy
Ghani approves major changes in army commands after deadly attack
First Afghan Minister elected a member of Governing Council of UN-Habitat
* Mattis Slams Taliban, Calls Them 'Barbaric Enemy'
* MPs Split Over Ghaniís Ability to Fix National Issues
* Security Council must impose new sanctions on North Korea: Trump
Ivanka Trump booed at Berlin womenís panel for defending father
* Iranís Leader Highlights Reasons behind US, Israel Hostility towards Islam, Iran
* Afghan authorities have made progress in fight against corruption: UN
* U.S To Review Afghanistan Strategy Following Army Base Attack
* Scientists develop artificial womb for premature babies
Will India Become Another Major Actor in West Asia?
* Riyadh Seeks Dragging Washington in Yemen War
* US Nuclear Sub in S Korea, Trump Summons Senate for N Korea Briefing
* Ex-Army Chief, Defense Minister Tipped As Ambassadors
* Geopolitical games being played around Afghanistan: Russia
China urges peaceful solution to Korean Peninsula tensions
8 border guards killed in clashes with outlaws in southeastern Iran
ISIS suffer heavy casualties in Zabul province of Afghanistan
* Trump picks retired general to lead Secret Service
* 91 killed in Taliban and ISIS militants clash in North of Afghanistan
* Russia Terms Terrorism Major Global Danger, Syria Top Victim
* China Performs Military Drills after US Deploys THAAD in S. Korea
Erdogan actions Ďseverely hití EU-Turkey ties: Merkel
* Western Powers Seek to Dominate Muslim Nations: Iranís Leader
MoFA Confirms Appointments Of Disgraced Leaders As Envoys
Hekmatyar likely to appear in a gathering in Laghman on Friday: Source
* Police clash with French students protesting election in Paris
* Four Reasons Why is Afghan Military So Inefficient?
* US losing 'tremendous amount' defending Saudi Arabia: Trump
* U.S Considering Sending In Up To 5,000 Additional Soldiers
Ghani has handed over 50 percent of territory to Taliban, claims Massoud
Afghanistan reacts at Talibanís announcement of spring offensive
* Mixed reactions as Hekmatyar expected in Kabul soon
US growth hits 3-year low in Trump's first quarter
* Iím your true friend: Trump tells gun owners
* Local officials in Badakhshan reject fall of Zebak district
* Iran 2017 presidential candidates hold first live debate
* Trump administration profoundly committed to destroying planet: Chomsky
Taliban not to achieve goals through war and violence: Hekmatyar
* Calls For Unity Ring Out As 8th Of Saur Marked In Kabul
Taliban Suffer 'Heavy Casualty Toll' In Baghlan Battle
* USS Carl Vinson sails in Japanese waters towards Korean Peninsula
* North Korea ballistic missile test fails: South, US
Britain must pay price for Brexit, Franceís Hollande warns
Trump 'disappointed' in GOP Congress as he hits 100-day mark
Iranian weightlifters at crest of Asian championships
* Mass hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners enters 2nd week
Military plane crashes in Cuba, killing all eight on board
* Turkey Sacks 4,000 More as Post-Coup Purge Continues
* Israel Only Illegal Owner of Nukes, Disturber of Peace in Mideast: N. Korea
* Bahrainis Ultimate Alert for Al Khalifa ahead of Top Clericís Trial
* Reasons behind Talibanís Recently-Heightened Violence in Afghanistan
Taliban are main reason behind US forces presence in Afghanistan: Hekmatyar
Second Vice President visits Nangarhar, invites Gulbuddin Hekmatyar to Kabul
MoIC Strikes Back at Hekmatyar Over Anti-Media Remarks
Afghan President had serious negotiations with Pakistani delegation: Muslimyar
* Afghan forces waging true Jihad against slaves and foreigners: Sayyaf
807 Afghan soldiers killed in first 6 weeks of 2017: SIGAR
President Ghani signs decree to release over 70 prisoners of Hezb-e-Islami
* Germanyís Merkel tells Saudis to stop war on Yemen as arms sales go on
CIA chief in South Korea for Ďinternal visití
* Workers rally to mark Labor Day around world
Al-Qaeda Militants Fight alongside US-Backed Forces in Yemen: Groupís Leader
* How Saudi Arabia Backs Terrorism?
US to grant 2,500 more visas for Afghans under $1 trillion deal
Government approves contracts worth 6 billion and 290 million Afghanis
* ISI chief to visit Kabul as efforts underway to mend Pak-Afghan ties
Afghan woman killed by fellow asylum seeker in Germany
Kabul Hosts Plastic Products Trade Show
India To Fund Documentary On Nabi And Rashidís Rise To Fame
* Calls For Justice Grow After Relea Of 55 HIA Inmatesse
+ UNAMA Chief Commends Local Media For Its Courage
How Does ISIS Agenda Work and How Can Be Taken Down?
* Hezbollah Chief Slams Arab Leadersí Silence amid Palestinian Hunger Strike
Jail staffers cut off water to black inmate for 7 days: Prosecutors
* Fourth round of Syria peace talks opens in Kazakh capital
* 8 killed, 25 wounded in Kabul suicide attack
* ISIS claim responsibility for Kabul suicide attack that left 8 dead
Hekmatyar likely to arrive in Kabul on Thursday
Journalists bravely face Taliban, other terrorist networks threats: Llorens
'Venezuela opposition not interested in reviving economy'
* 250,000 activists sign petition to back jailed Turkish journalists: Amnesty
* Myanmar rejects UN probe into crimes against Rohingya
NATO SG vows continued fight against terrorism after Kabul suicide attack
* Ghani Condemns Kabul Bombing That Killed 8 Civilians
* HIA Admits 13 Of Its Prisoners Had Plotted Suicide Bombings
MoD Outlines 4-Year Strategy To Boost Armyís War Capacity
* Iran, Pakistan agree to boost cooperation on border security: Zarif
* Russia, Turkey underline need to continue anti-terror fight
* Coal mine explosion leaves casualties in NE Iran
* Hekmatyar arrives in Kabul after almost 20 years, expects to meet Ghani
* North Korea will not beg for Chinaís friendship: State media
* Hekmatyarís Convoy Arrives Carrying Dozens Of Heavily Armed Men
* Russiaís МС-21 Jet to Rival Airbus, Boeing
* Massive corruption involved in mines contracts in Afghanistan: IWA
* Hekmatyar Calls Taliban ĎBrothersí, Urges Them To Lay Down Arms
* Hekmatyar Should Be Held Accountable For Past Actions: HRW
* Afghan War Being Financed From Abroad: Hekmatyar
* U.S Looking At 'Adjustments' To Afghanistan's War Strategy
* Casualties Sustained In Spin Boldak Clash
* US Senate Republicans hesitate on Obamacare repeal bill
* Syria safe zones closed for US-led warplanes: Russian envoy
Pentagon admits March strike hit a 'mosque complex' in Syria
* ĎUS using North Korea pretext to launch nuclear attack on China
* Pakistanís Envoy To U.S Meets McMaster, Discusses Afghan Issues
* Qala-e-Zal District Collapses To The Taliban
Scrapping Iran deal in no oneís interest: EUís Mogherini
* US losing leadership in world, EU filling the gap: Mogherini
348 militants killed in Afghan forces operations in past one week: Waziri
* Afghan And Pakistani Officials Meet Over Border Clashes
Hizb-e-Islami Names 3,500 Fighters For Security Departments
US Mulls Sending New Forces to Afghanistan, Amid Trumpís Policy Incertitude
* US to Ink Multi-Billion Arms Deal with Saudis amid War Crimes in Yemen
* Britain Unable to Control ISIS Terrorists Returning from Syria, Iraq: Report
*Iran, Afghanistan Vows to Expand Ties, Fight Terror
* Raziq Warns Pakistan Of Fallout If Border Issue Talks Fail
* Iran Rejects UNESCO 2030 Agenda: Ayatollah Khamenei
Scared Bahraini Regime Postpones Ayatollah Sheikh Qassimís Trial
* Macron Trounces Le Pen to Win French Presidency amid Low Turnout
*Why are so many Muslims suddenly visiting Japan?
Iran loses to Tahiti, fails to snag berth in Beach Soccer World Cup final
Head of Daesh in Afghanistan killed in joint strike with US: Ghani
* ISIS head in Afghanistan, mastermind of Kabul military hospital attack killed
Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian woman over alleged stabbing attempt
Facebook wages war on Ďfake newsí ahead of UK general elections
* Saudi kingdom will be destroyed if Riyadh does anything 'ignorant'
Cholera Outbreak in Yemen: Over 1,600 Cases Detected in 12 Provinces
* UAE-Saudi Disputes Emerge Further as Yemen War Unfolds
* SIS radio station destroyed, 34 militants killed in East of Afghanistan
Unemployment And Poverty On The Rise: Word Bank
11 dead, 200 missing in fresh refugee shipwrecks in Mediterranean
* Terrorists safe havens will be hit in Pakistan, Tehran warns Islamabad Terrorists safe havens will be hit in Pakistan, Tehran warns Islamabad
Kunduz Battle Enters Third Day, MPs Criticize War Leadership
* U.S Seeks to Establish Hegemonic Govt in Afghanistan: Pedram
* Ghani Vows to Reform MoI As EU, UN Warn Against Corruption
ICC recognizes Afghanistanís domestic ODI tournament as List A league
* Trump committed to defeat ISIS and Taliban: White House
* Russiaís Putin Urges Global Unity to Combat Terrorism, Extremism
Relative of Palestinian Toddler Burned Alive by Zionists Sue Israeli Regime
Pakistan Asked To Stop ĎSupporting Terroristsí
* Heavy Clashes Ongoing Close To Kunduz City
* 14 killed in Mexico fireworks warehouse explosion
UNHCR says about 250 feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks
* US, UK, Jordan deploy troops, tanks in southern Syria: Reports
Why Trump Chose Saudi Arabia as His first Foreign Visit?
* US Builds Pressure Tool Out of Alliance with Kurds
Pakistanís notion regarding Spin Boldak clash was challenged: Zakhilwal
Govt Plans to Review TIR System Agreement
* ĎDeteriorating Securityí In North Has MPs Worried
* MPs Concerned Over Hizb-e-Islamiís Refusal To Give Up Arms
Germany to launch reforms in army, defense minister says
* Iranís Enemies Seek to Create Insecurity, Sedition: Ayatollah Khamenei
* Trump, Tillerson meet Russiaís top diplomat at White House
* Bahraini Court Convicts Shiitesí Spiritual Leader as Trump Meets Al Khalifa
* Yemenis Protest US Arms Deal with Riyadh as Trump Faces Censure at Home
* China Killed over 12 US Spies, Unraveled CIA Network
Insecurity And Bureaucracy Threatening Economic Development
* Hekmatyar acting as if the Afghan government has surrendered: Noor
* Melania Forgoes Hijab on Saudi Trip as Trump Ignores Riyadh War Crimes
* Jamiat-e-Islami eyes major role in Afghan presidential elections
* ISIL claims responsibility for deadly Manchester attack
* Five people killed in Bahrain raids on top shia cleric's home
* Afghan and Indian officials meet in Moscow, hold talks on key issues
* Karzai met Russian Ambassador to discuss ongoing current Afghan situation
* Barcelona star's 21-month jail term confirmed
* Trump should engage in talks with Iran: Kofi Annan
* US-led airstrikes kills over dozen civilians in northern Syria
* Only Iran, Syria helped Lebanon when it was occupied by Israel
China vows more support to Afghan forces and peace process
* UNAMA Receives Petition On Hizb-e-Islamiís Hekmatyar
* Five Killed 100s Detained as Bahraini Regime Attacks Peaceful Protest
* Raziq Accuses NUG Elements Of Trying To Destabilize Kandahar
10 Civilians Killed In Roadside Blast In Herat
Taliban militants kill 15 Afghan soldiers in Kandahar
* Trump using Japan as foil to pressure North Korea and China: Scholar
* Why Terrorists Target Europe?
* What is Ramadan and Why Ramadan?
* As Ramadan comes to an end stay healthy
* Trade Volume Between Afghanistan and Tajikistan Doubles
* 13 killed, 8 wounded in Khost city suicide attack
Ghani Calls On Militants To Quit Violence During Ramadan
* 15 ISIS loyalists killed by Afghan civilians in Nangarhar province
EU proposes one-year timetable to Turkey to renew ties: Erdogan
* Iran, Russia presidents discuss JCPOA implementation, Middle East developments
* Merkel says climate talks at G7 summit 'very unsatisfactory'
Death toll of landslides, floods in Sri Lanka reaches 113
Muslim man sues Little Caesars, claiming Ďhalalí pizza was a lie
At Ramadan, group pushes positive images of Muslims
Indonesian Muslim fashion wants the worldís attention
* Afghan government suspends mayors of Jalalabad and Herat
Spin Boldak Crossing Reopened Following Controversial Census
* US, Britain no longer reliable partners for EU: Merkel
* Some members of Manchester network terror still at large: UK interior minister
* At least 20 civilians killed in US-led airstrikes in Iraq's Mosul: Report
* Saudi Kingdom Doomed to Collapse: Iran Leader
* Racist Jailed after Fatally Stabbing 2 Men Trying to Stop His Anti-Muslim Rant
Deadly ending of a young boy and girlís intimacy in Kabul
* NSC reacts at Zubair Massoudís remarks about ISIS plans in Afghanistan
Afghan govt approves 24 projects worth 1.8 billion Afghanis
* Pak-Afghan cricket series agreement not finalized yet: Mashal
Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism
* Parliament Commission Wants Govt-Alokozay Land Deal Terminated
* Petition Calls For War Crime Trials In The Hague
Russia Says Syria Never Used Chemical Weapons, Alarmed by US Threats
German FM Harshly Slammed Trump for Weakening EU, Fueling Crisis in Mideast
* ISIS Expansion to Southeast Asia: Poisonous Fruit of Saudi Arabian Trees
* 80 killed, over 350 wounded in Kabul explosion
Ghani approves Habibiís appointment as Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority chief
* US embassy issues security alert after explosion leaves 80 dead, 350 wounded in Kabul
* Taliban reacts at Kabul bombing that left 80 dead, over 350 wounded
Protest against refugee deportation in Germany turns violent
* Trump's claims against Iran Ďlead to nowhereí: Russia
* Officials Confirm 7 Protesters Killed During Kabul Rally
Senate House deputy speakerís son killed during Kabul protests
Afghanistan-India air corridor program first flight scheduled for 15th JuneAfghanistan-India air corridor program first flight scheduled for 15th June
Pakistan reacts at Afghanistanís decision to cancel cricket series
* Putin: Normalization of Russia-US ties to benefit both sides
* Zia Massoud Organizes Sit In Among Kabul Protesters
* Trumpís decision on Paris deal to affect foreign direct investment: UN
37 injured as Explosion Hits Hypermarket in Shiraz, Iran
Ghani chairs emergency security meeting after violent Kabul protests
* At Least 87 Wounded In Cemetery Blast, Up To 20 Dead: Sources
U.S Envoy Calls For Unity Following Two Days Of Bloodshed
* UNAMA Calls For Restraint Amid Protests In Kabul
Pakistani ambassador claims Haqqani network has shifted to Afghanistan
Protesters Call For Ghani And Abdullah To Step Down
Nangarhar olive production to surpass 1,200 tons this year: officials
Noor strongly reacts to coordinated suicide attack targeting Kabul funeral
* Ghani admits reforms needed in security, other sectors as violence soars
* Protestors Slam President Ghaniís Reform Policy
Remaining suicide bomber, 12 terrorists arrested after Kabul funeral bombing
* Afghan govtís call for talks rejected as Jamiat-e-Islami called emergency meeting
* Syrian Situation Improving, Wahhabi Terrorists Retreating: President Assad
* Ten Killed, Dozens Injured after Assailants Plow Van into Crowd, Stab People in London
* Imam Khomeiniís Saying That US Unreliable Attested by Western Leaders: Iran Leader
Imam Khomeini the architect of an enlightened nation
* US Muslims in California break Ramadan fasting with community Iftar / Pics
* 28 Years Death Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (ra)
* Imam Khomeini Performing Final Daily Prayers on Death
* Jamiat Party Demands Dismissal Of All Security Chiefs
* Politicians Call for Reforms in Security, Intelligence Sectors
* Kabul Process Meeting Aims To Find Ways To End The War
* ISI Provided Haqqani With Explosives for Kabul Bombing: MoI
* ARG Defies Rabbaniís Call to Dismiss Atmar
* Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE Sever Diplomatic Ties with Qatar
* Afghanistan loses the third and final T20I match to West Indies
* Afghanistan defeats Maldives 2-1 in friendly football match
* Explosion near Herat mosque leaves 7 dead, 16 wounded
* Jamiat-ARG Tensions Deepen As Atmar Row Grows
* Abdullah Says Current Situation Is 'Sensitive'
* Rights groups: Saudis planning to execute 14 Shias after unfair trial
* President Ghani accuses Pakistan of launching 'undeclared war' against Afghanistan
* Atta Noor Calls On Govt To Consider Jamiat's Demands
* May says will rip up human rights laws in terror fight
* What Is behind Fresh Qatar-Saudi Crisis?
* Pakistanís ISI behind appointment of new ISIS chief in Afghanistan: Uzbekistani
MPs Warn Of Repercussions Amid Growing Jamiat-Arg Tension
* AGO Reportedly Summoned Kabul Garrison Chief Over Shooting
* Jamiat Official Calls for Early Elections to Fix Current Crisis
Sixth Sit-In Camp Established As Protests Continue Across Kabul
* ISIS Claims Responsibility for Twin Attacks in Iran Capital; 12 Killed, 42 Injured
Rouhani: Iran to crush any enemy plots through unity, integrity
* Daesh sponsors accomplices in Tehranís twin terror attacks: IRGC
* Riyadhís Regional Gamble May Result in Lose-Lose Situation
* Turkey parliament approves troop deployment to Qatar
Faith as the Essence of Invitation of the Prophets
* President Ghani, Pakistanís PM Discuss Afghan Peace Process
* Afghanistan and China sign agreements on railway network, electricity projects
* Ghani Calls For Joint Efforts Against Terrorism
* Saturday Declared A Day Of National Mourning
* Iran says arrested 48 Daesh Wahhabi terrorists
* US sends mixed signals over Saudi spat with Qatar
* Britain in Turmoil after Conservatives Loose Parliamentary Majority
* President Ghani and Nawaz Sharif hold talks on key issues on SCO sidelines
* Protesters Call On International Community For Support
* Ghani Under Pressure To Bring Security Reforms, Review Policies
* AGO Suspends Kabul Garrison Chief And Police Chief
Qatar says keen to have Ďpositiveí Iran ties amid row with neighbors
* Massive rally held in Barcelona in support of independence referendum
Trump tells may he'd delay state visit over public protests: Report
Kuwait says Qatar ready for talks as Bahrain moves to freeze assets
Iraqís Kurdistan Referendum: Inefficacious Course
* Pro-Trump Group Holds Anti-Islam Rallies Across the US
Norway proposes bill to ban full-face veils in schools
* Iran beats Uzbekistan 2-0, gains entry to 2018 World Cup
* Attorney General Sessions requests his testimony be public
* Spain bracing for rising Catalonia tensions
MPs Reject Govt Land Sale To Alokozay Company
Abdullah Pledges Probe Into Recent Attacks In Kabul
* Trumpís Muslim ban will win in Supreme Court: Spicer
* New strategy about Afghanistan to include ĎRegional Approachí: Mattis
* Afghanistan receives $180 million in incentives from World Bank
US airstrike target Haqqani network commander in Pakistan
* Kabul Traffic Expected To Ease After Tents Demolished
CEO Reins In Absent Ministers
* China Eyes Mediator Role To Ease Afghan-Pakistani Tensions
* Amrullah Saleh Resigns as State Minister for Security Reforms
Cristiano Ronaldo charged with tax fraud
* UAE paid $3bn to finance coup attempt in Turkey: Report
Trump mulling firing special counsel on Russia Robert Mueller
* Pro-Government Forces Reach Iraq-Syria Border, Take Step Closer to Major Win
* Saudi Arabia, Muslim Brotherhood: From Cooperation to Confrontation
* Massive fire engulfs tower block in west London, 6 dead
* UN Chief Warns Terrorist Sponsor States
* Taliban claims 44 killed, wounded in suicide attack on Mullah Rasool militants
Afghan Cricket Team To Face West Indies in Last ODI Match
MPs Warn of Growing Daesh Activity in Eastern Regions
* UN Chief Calls on World to Support Afghanistan
* 1 congressman shot as gunman opens fire on lawmakers in Virginia
Security forces kill 2 terrorists, arrest 5 in southeastern Iran
US Senate moves to punish Moscow over 2016 alleged meddling
Senior Iranian official warns US against any act of aggression
Bahrain, UAE violating human rights amid Persian Gulf dispute
* Famine in Yemen to Reach Biblical Proportion by US Weapons: Senator Paul
* Advantages, Challenges of Turkeyís Pro-Qatar Stance
156 Killed after Landslide in Bangladesh, India
* Kabul metro bus project work to kick off today
* Tora Bora Falls To Daesh After Heavy Clashes With Taliban
US not to repeat past mistakes in Afghanistan: Mattis
* US, Qatar sign $12bn fighter jet deal amid Persian Gulf row
* 4 killed, 8 wounded in suicide attack on Kabul mosque
* U.S. To Send Almost 4,000 Additional Troops To Afghanistan
* Huge Fire Rips Through Takhar Market
* Mohaqiq Slams Security Agencies Following Mosque Attack
Security Forces Advancing Through Tora Bora: MoD
* 'I am being investigated for firing FBI chief': Trump
* Iím canceling Obamaís one-sided deal with Cuba: Trump
Ten people killed in India-controlled Kashmir clashes
Israeli forces shoot dead three Palestinians in al-Quds
* Whatís Behind New US Sanctions Against Iran?
Iran Kills, Nabs Terrorists in Border Areas
* ISIS Terrorists Training to Hit Europe:Report
British PM Heckled, London Fire Death Toll Expected to Reach 100
President of Costa Rica Swallows Wasp at Press Briefing
* Iranís Leader Dismisses Trump, says Regime Change Plots Failed
Top Haqqani network leaders killed in Paktia airstrike
American national kidnapped in Kabul city
Islamabad says two Pakistani diplomats have gone missing in Afghanistan
* US president under no investigation for obstruction: His attorney
MoD Says Security Forces Still Advancing On Tora Bora
* Insurgent Attacks Will Not Divide Afghans: Ulema Council
* Israeli Regime Increases Incursions on Al Aqsa as Global Quds Day Rallies Start
Stanekzai Dismisses Rumors About A Fifth Pillar Within The System
* IRGC launches missiles at Daesh headquarters in Syria from western Iran
* UK media reacts at beating and slapping of Afghan asylum seeker+video
* Afghanistan-India air corridor inaugurated as $5m cargo to arrive New Delhi today
* U.S Needs To Be In Afghanistan For The Long Haul: Petraeus
* Ghani Warns Countries Against Fueling The War
* China naval fleet steams toward Baltic Sea to participate in drills with Russia
May booed as she visits Finsbury Park Mosque in London
* Terrorist ringleader killed in clashes with IRGC in SE Iran
Iran summons Swiss envoy over 'meddlesome' US remarks
* Russia blasts US shooting down of Syrian jet as violation of intl. law
* Kabul protesters claim nearly 30 killed, wounded in latest violence
Modi thanks Ghani for Afghanistan-India air corridor initiative
* Death of protester during clash with Kabul police to be investigated: Abdullah
* COST, MoPW And MoRRD Sign ĎTransparencyí Agreement
* Pakistan Still Home To 2 Million Afghan Refugees: UNHCR+Video
* Two Protesters Dead, Over 20 Wounded In Clash With Police
More Refugees Likely To Return From Iran, Pakistan: UNHRC
Yemen Crisis News Blackout Amid Arab Diplomatic Row
Hamas Stresses Palestinian Right to Return as World Marks Refugee Day
* Iranís Leader Urges Iraqi Vigilance over US Plots
China Plans Military Base in Pakistan, US Influence Declining
NASA discovers 10 more Earth-size planets
Millions set to hold rallies across globe on International Quds Day
US questions Saudi concerns over Qatarís alleged support for terrorism
* Lavrov slams Washingtonís latest round of anti-Russia sanctions
* Ex-senior Afghan officials jailed, fined on embezzlement of over AFN 1 billion
* Pakistan Opens Illegal Trade Crossing Into Afghanistan: MoCI
* MPs Worried About ĎInfiltratorsí In Parliament
* UN Report States Security Situation ĎIntensely Volatileí
Ghani Appoints Civil Service Reforms Commissioners
* Rights Groups Slam Govt Over Crackdown Against Protesters
* Palace Coup in Saudi Arabia as King Sacks Crown Prince Nayef, Appoints Son, Bin Salman
* Ayatollah Khamenei: Defending Palestine, defending truth
ĎUnprecedentedí 81 million need food aid: Study
* US, Qatar, Israel rejoice at appointment of new Saudi heir
Moscow cancels meeting with top US diplomat due to new sanctions
* UNAMA Chief Calls For Urgent Reforms To Avert Future Crises
* Afghanistan and US hold talks regarding the framework of new bilateral cooperation
* Afghanistan confirmed as full members by the International cricket council
* Afghanistan announces parliament elections date scheduled for 7 July 2018
Ghani Addresses First ĎResponsible Citizen Debateí
UNAMA Welcomes Announcement Of Election Date
* Death Toll Rises to 34 in Lashkargah Bombing
* ARG Accepts Need For Reforms On Back Of UNAMA Criticism
Iran starts much-awaited gas exports to Iraq
India to overtake China as most populous country: UN
EU leaders to discuss refugees in key summit in Brussels
* Daesh leader al-Baghdadi Ďhighly likelyí eliminated: Russian Foreign Ministry
UK govt. admits minimal fire safety standards for Grenfell Tower
Emergency food will run out in drought-hit Ethiopia by next month, warn aid agencies
Trump says he has no secret tapes of ex-FBI director James Comey
* US House speaker supports swift action on Iran, Russia sanctions
* Iranís Anti-ISIS Missile Strikes Send Clear Message to Terrorists, Their Patrons
In what Areas Trump Policies are Different from Obamaís?
Cornered ISIS Terrorists Destroy Historic Al Nuri Mosque in Mosul
* Thousands attend slain Muslim teen Nabra Hassanenís funeral in US
* Quds Day marks a global awakening leading to Palestine's liberation
* Defeating Israel is definite with Resistance
* 25 killed, over 100 wounded as back to back explosions hit Parachinar in Pakistan
Removal of barricades starts in Kabul city today: officials
Kabul police commandment and Garrison gets new acting commanders
* Saudi Traitors, Hypocrites Canít Liberate Al Quds: Sayyed Nasrallah
* Saudi-Led Arab Regimes Issue Qatar with 13 Demands to End Blockade
* Iranís Missiles Used in Syria Anti-ISIS Strike Displayed at Tehran Quds Day Rally
* Afghanistan declares Sunday first day of Eid-ul-Fitr
* Chinaís FM Meets Rabbani In Follow Up Of Shanghai Summit
U.S Moves To Close Afghanistan, Pakistan Affairs Office
* Atta Noor Accuses Security Institutions Of Inefficiency
Hundreds of Greek activists protest against refugee squats evacuation
* Thousands of South Koreans protest against THAAD deployment
* ĎBuild bridges, not walls,í British Labour leader tells US president
Scuffles break out in demo between far-right, anti-fascism protesters
* South Korea invites North to participate in 2018 Winter Olympics to boost peace
Putin honors Russiaís intelligence network
* Failed Militarily, Saudis Seek Controlling Yemenís Vital Port Through UN
* Is US Relocating ISIS Terrorists to Afghanistan, Central Asia?
* Ghani Delivers Eid Message, Tells Taliban To Join Peace Process
* Atta Noor Threatens Mass Rallies If Reforms Arenít Applied
* US Demands Bin Salman Shows Obedience to Israel before becoming Saudi King
Visit Bashar al-Assad from the home of the oppressed/Video
* ISIS in Afghanistan release grim execution video purports to show execution by children+Video
* ARG Confirms Pakistani Delegation Will Visit Kabul Soon
* Combating Israeli Regime, Obligation of All Muslims: Iranís Leader
* Pakistan defends groups fighting against Indian forces in Kashmir
EU hits Google with 2.4bn euro fine
Over 8,000 migrants rescued in Mediterranean in 48 hours
Dutch state partly liable for deaths of 350 Muslims in Bosnia war: Court
Ukraine targeted by worst cyber attack in its history
Afghan governmentís optimisms on Gen. Dunfordís visit to Afghanistan
Clashes reported among the Taliban and ISIS militants in Nuristan
* Ata Mohammad Noor, Mohaqiq, and Gen. Dostum meet in Turkey
* Indians protest against recent attacks targeting Muslims
* US Congress preparing bill against travel to North Korea
* Iranís Armed Forces to continue anti-terror battle: Official
* Two-thirds of Americans disapprove of Trump's healthcare plan: Poll
* NATO considering an increase in troops level in Afghanistan: Stoltenberg
US Senate approves 4,000 more visas for Afghans under the SIV program
* Old Afghan rivals meet in Turkey for political unity after recent violence
* Pakistanís Aziz Expected In Kabul In Move To Ease Tensions
Germany bans Erdogan from addressing ethnic Turks outside G20 summit
US sets new criteria for travel ban against Muslims
Saudi-led blocís demands unreasonable: Qatar
EU urges Italy against sudden refugee boat shutout
* Efforts Underway for Israeli-Arab Normalization Amid Tense Iranophobic Campaign
Sunni Conference Due in Iraq, Fugitive Politicians with Terrorism Links Invited
* Detention of Ex-Crown Prince Exposes Tensions in Al Saud
* Iraqi forces recapture iconic Nuri Mosque in Old Mosul
* Fierce Battles Rage On Outskirts Of Kunduz City
* IEC Signs Agreement on Election Security With NDS, MoD
* Deadly airstrike target ISIS militants in Nangarhar, leaving several dead
* Ghani insists on Ďreconciliation first with Pakistan' to bring peace in Afghanistan
US Had No Role in Mosul Liberation: Iraqi Commander
Italy calls on EU ports to welcome migrants
US Navy warship sails near Chinese island
Mass rally held ahead of G20 summit in Hamburg
1 killed, 6 hurt as car plows into group of teenagers in London
* British Special Forces Probed Over Killing Innocent Afghan Civilians-Report
Trump listens to mass choir singing ĎMake America Great Againí
* Will ISIS Termination Mark Crisis End in West Asia?
* Taliban, Foreign Fighters ĎPlanning Major Offensive On Kunduzí
* Afghanistan and Turkmenistan sign 7 agreements during President Ghaniís visit
US-Russia Relations Under Shadow of INF Treaty
Modi becomes first Indian prime minister to visit Israel
* US oil companies join Trump against Russia sanctions: Report
* Half Americans trust CNN more than Trump: Poll
Russia may deploy troops to police Syria's de-escalation zones
* Qatar Gas Production Boost Challenges Trump's Plan of US Dominance
* Russia, China call for freeze on North Korea missile tests, US military drills
* Detained Kabul protester released on bail, says MoI
Afghan cricket team off to London for historic match against MCC at Lord's
* Pentagon confirms death of US soldier in Helmand province of Afghanistan
* What Are Post-ISIS Mosul Challenges?
France Slightly Shifts Syria Approach Under Macron
* Iran's Leader Urged IRGC to Boost Country's Missile Defense Power
Doha needs healthy, constructive relationship with Tehran: Qatari FM
* North Korea used a new missile: US intelligence
* Americans have more confidence in Merkel than Trump: Poll
* Ghani in Tajikistan for CASA-1000 summit, to meet Pakistani and Tajik counterparts
Khalilzad doubts Pakistan will act against Haqqani network and Taliban
* Afghan intelligence chief has reportedly met vice president Dostum in Turkey
* Construction Of TAPI Pipeline To Start Within A Year
Saudi Regime Funding Terrorism, Extremism in Britain: Report
North Korea will not be intimidated by US threats: Author
Brexit negotiator warns UK it has 'more to lose' than EU
* Russia blocks UN condemnation of North Korea's missile launch
* Dostum's Authorities Are Clear, No Need For Clarity
* $19.6 million contract signed for new Salang tunnel technical studies
* Indian Troops Clash with Kashmiri Protesters on Anniversary of Separatist Leader
* Saudi Forces Ravage Awamiyah, Persecute Shiite Muslims
* UNESCO Puts Ibrahimi Mosque on World Heritage in Danger List, Israel Objects
* Bolivian President wants G20 to Assist the Poor, Refugees, Dispossessed
Muslim religious leaders launch European tour in condemnation of terrorism
* Israeli-American Puzzle Behind Peace Process
* G20 communique exposes split with US on climate policy
* Ensuring Syria's territorial integrity extremely important: Russian president
* Russia: North Korean tested medium-range missile not intercontinental
* Turkey's opposition leader to address mass crowd after ending 'Justice March'
* ISIS, Secret of Chemical Attacks
* North Korea Warns of Nuclear War over US Provocations
* Iraqi PM Declares Victory over ISIS Terrorists in Mosul
* McCain Claims U.S ĎLosing' In Afghanistan Due To Lack Of Strategy
HPC To Draw Up New Peace Strategy In Bid To Break Stalemate
* War has Cost Syrian Economy $226 Billion: World Bank
Concerns of Saudi Biological Warfare as Yemen Cholera Cases Surpass 300,000
* Iraqi PM Officially Declares End of ISIS State of Falsehood, Terrorism
* Russian Role in Resolving Syrian Crisis
* IRGC commander: Daesh defeat in Mosul victory for whole world
* Ghani Rejects Claims He Is Monopolizing Power
16 US Army Marines Killed in KC-130 Plane Crash in Mississippi+video
* Amid Absence of Solution, Qatar Crisis Proves Costly for Both Sides
* Iran Dismisses Interfering Comments by US Defense Chief
Kurds May Return Afrin to Syrian Govt amid Turkish Invasion Threats
* US created Daesh, allowed regional states to fund terror group: Nasrallah
Daesh declares its ringleader dead: Source
* Putin preferred Clinton as US president: Trump
* Britain Slammed for Withholding Terrorism Report Incriminating Saudis
* Bin Salman's Difficult Journey to Saudi Throne
Philippine air raid targeting militants kills 2 soldiers
* Chinaís Military Base in Africa to Counterbalance Japan, US?
* Monitoring group: US-coalition killed 744 civilians in Iraq, Syria in June
* Steinmeier visits Afghanistan more than a month after deadly Kabul bombing
* Abdullah Calls For Regional Consensus Against Terrorism
* After Israeli Closure of Al Aqsa Mosque, Muslims Perform Friday Prayers Outside
* Saudi Regime Backed ISIS in Mosul, Iraq, Yemen: Reports
* Russia to Deal with NATO's Military Buildup in Eastern Europe
* Karzai condemns alleged airstrikes by foreign forces in Kunduz and Uruzgan
* Ex-Afghan intelligence chief announces the formation of new political party
* Spanta slams Ghani for remaining silent regarding violations in Durand Line
* Atta Mohammad Noor: the coalition will use all options to reach its objectives
Muslims Refuse to Enter Al Aqsa Mosque Protesting Israeli Security Measures
Indian Forces Kill Four Pakistan Soldiers in Kashmir
Majority of Britons Oppose Weapons Sales to Saudi Regime: Poll
President Rouhani's brother taken into custody over financial charges
* Trump censures US media for Ďdistorting democracyí
* Status of Factions of Taliban in Afghanistan
* Bride killed, 4 others wounded in Kabul firing involving Mohaqiq's guards
* Afghan MP warns regarding tactical achievements of ISIS in Nangarhar
Afghan forces foil terrorist attack plot by ISIS in Jalalabad city
Israeli Regime's PM Opposes Russian-US Pact on South Syria
Hamas Urges Mass Protests over Israeli Al-Aqsa Mosque Violations
80,000 Muslim Children in Myanmar Facing Hunger: WFP
Ruthless Saudi Crackdown Continues in Shiite Regions With US Green Light
* Saudi Regional Policy Total Failure
US Seizure of Russian Diplomatic Property Daylight Robbery: Lavrov
* Trump insulting US allies while Ďembracing autocratic thugs': Scarborough
* Taliban Threat or Opportunity for Pakistan?
* War Closes In On Baghlan-e-Markazi's Center
German embassy issues new instructions for visa applicants after Kabul bombing
Saudi Regime Blocks UN Aid Flight to Yemen
Venezuela vows to continue with new congress despite US threats
* ĎFather of Taliban' Sami-ul-Haq offers conditional support to Afghan peace process
* CEO Urges Restraint Amid Ongoing Political Tension
Infighting Erupts Between Terrorist Groups in Syria's Idlib
Israeli Regime Plans New Field Hospital to Treat Terrorists in Syria
Saudi Warplanes Killed 20 Civilians Including Women, Children in Yemen: UN
US Syria Deal with Russia Unattainable without Iran's Approval
Blacklisting Iran's IRGC to cost US dear: Top commander
* Trump urges GOP senators to cancel recess, work on repealing ObamaCare
* Shiites Subjected to Strains, Abuses in Azerbaijan
Fish oil could prevent diabetes in babies, study shows
* How Trump Is Stealthily Carrying Out His Muslim Ban
* US To Withhold Military Fund From Pakistan Over Haqqani Inaction
Afghanistan Inches Closer To U19 World Cup By Beating Malaysia
* Oil-dependent Saudi Economy Grappling with Deficit
* Israeli Forces Kill Four Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque Protests
Qatar's Emir Issues Demands to End Dispute with Saudi-Led Regimes
* Russian Naval Forces to Counter Growing US Military Threat
* Philippines President Duterte Vows Never to Visit Lousy America
US air raid kills 15 Afghan troops in Helmand
President Erdogan criticizes statements by German officials
* Taliban leader's son carries out suicide attack in Helmand province
* US forces confirm airstrike on Afghan security personnel in Helmand
Robotics Team Returns Home To Hero's Welcome
* Afghan Movie Nominated For Opera Prima Award
* MPs Ask President Ghani To Step Down
Sudan Sanctions Case Reflects US Failure to Keep Commitments
Iran Starts Producing Sayyad (Hunter) 3 Air Defense Missiles
* Egypt opens sprawling military camp, says largest in Middle East
* Trump assigns new team to work against Iran nuclear deal: Report
* Libya Burning: Domestic Conflict, Foreign Interventions, Terrorism
* Irresponsible statements and moves could spark chaos, warns Abdullah
* 40 dead, wounded in a traffic incident in North of Afghanistan
* Taliban Seize Two Key Districts in Ghor and Faryab Provinces
* Taliban Kill Civilians And Doctors After Collapse Of Taywara
* Iran, Iraq Sign Pact to Enhance Military Ties
* BBC must Ďlook very hard at itself' as top female presenters revolt over pay
* 250,000 minors under 16 married in US over past years: Report
* One killed in shooting incident at Israeli embassy in Jordan
* China, Britain: From Feud to Friendship
* MoD Criticizes Pakistan Over Military Operation
US purchases five new ScanEagle drones for the Afghan forces
* U.S, EU Pledge to Finance Next Elections: IEC
* Hezbollah's Anti-Terrorism Operation in Arsal Almost Over: Sayyed Nasrallah
* North Korea Threatens to Destroy US with Nuclear Strike
* Russia, China Reaction to US Presence in Central Asia
* US Sanctions Hezbollah amid Lebanese Group's Anti-Terror Offensive
HRW urges Riyadh to clarify deposed crown prince's status
* France announces plan to set up processing centers for refugees in Libya
Turkey sacks two MPs over alleged PKK links
US police killings linked to racial bias in community: Study
* UK to send warship to South China Sea, raising tensions with Beijing
* Saudi Arabia's top court upholds 14 Shias' death penalty
Gang leader of kidnappers arrested in Kabul city
* IEC to Launch E-Registration Process For Voters Soon: Official
* Ghani Pledges Systematic Reforms in Security Sector
* Uprising for Change Accuses Govt Of Monopolizing Power
* Watch moment Iran successfully launches Simorgh satellite carrier
* Three Reasons Why Are Saudis Bullying Tiny Arab States
* President Ghani and VP Pence discuss 4 year development plan of Afghan forces
* Afghanistan announces Kankor results for enrollment of students in universities
* Pakistan to Nominate Ousted PM's Brother as His Successor
* US Sanctions, Russia Retaliates; Ties Hit New Low
* How Ayatollah Sistani Supported Anti-ISIS Campaign in Iraq?
* Why Pakistan Seeks Weak Govnt, Strong Militants in Afghanistan?
* Urban water supply contract worth $11.141 million signed for Kabul city
* Iran Leader Urges pilgrims to Use Hajj to Take Stand against Israel
* Pakistan to elect new prime minister on Tuesday
* Chinese army must be further strengthened: President Xi
* ICBM test meant to waken US from foolish dream: N Korea
* UK stripped 150 criminals, terrorists of citizenship: Report
* Attack on Iraq embassy ends as Afghan forces eliminates remaining attackers
Tons Of Fruit Left To Rot As Flight Delays Continue
* Abdullah Visits Ghor's Taywara Following Taliban Takeover
* UN, NATO Condemn Attack on Iraqi Embassy in Kabul
* Saudisí Politicizing of Hajj Violation of Right to Worship: Qatar
Turkey Nabs Some 1,100 over Terror Charges
North Korea Far from Nuclear Weaponization: Russia
Qatar files legal protest with WTO to challenge trade boycott by Saudis, allies
* With Kelly in the White House, Ďthe Moochí has to go
* Pakistan Politics: Three Unofficial Powerhouses
* e-NIC Rollout To Be Launched In A Month
* Ulema Scholars Slam Herat Mosque Attack, Say It Was Un-Islamic
* Thousands Pay Tribute to Herat Mosque Victims
Turkmens Objection to Iraqi Kurdistan Region Independence Referendum
* Is US Inciting India, China Tensions to Break BRICS?
* Glance at Dire Condition of Shiites, Women, Immigrants in Saudi Arabia
Qatar Airways withdraws plan to buy American Airlines stake
Italy's Libya mission could implicate Rome in rights abuses, HRW warns
* US Sanctions Imply Declaration of Trade War on Russia: PM Medvedev
* Trump, GOPers launch crackdown on immigration
* News US Anti-Iran Sanctions Violate Nuclear Deal: Iran Deputy FM
* Dostum and Ahadi warns government regarding deteriorating situation
* Baghlan-Kunduz Highway, One Of The Most Unsafe Routes: Officials
Venezuela Constituent Assembly Commences, Country Faces Armed Insurgency
One Million Yemeni Children Risk Dying from Cholera Amid Saudi Aggression, Blockade
* What Divides Saudi Arabia, UAE?
* North Korea Slams ĎInternational Hooligan US Brandishing Sanctions Club'
* Hezbollah Chief Salutes Fighters after Arsal Victory, Warns ISIS
Zarif criticizes European states for anti-Iran statement with US
* US violations of JCPOA destructive, warns Rouhani
* Rouhani sworn in for 2nd term as Iran president
Skyscrapers In The World!
Private, public sector meet to review progress in reconnecting Afghanistan to regional markets
* 40 Civilians Massacred In Sar-e-Pul
UK: Reports on Ä40bn Brexit bill inaccurate
* Lebanese army seizes control of Daesh outpost in Ras Baalbek
* Philippinesí Duterte asks congress for more troops
* 2020 presidency rumors 'fake news,' offensive: Pence
* India supports Afghanistan in hatching anti-Pakistan conspiracies, Asif claims
Abdullah informs regarding CIA chief's visit to Afghanistan
* Massoud Accuses Govt of Ethnic Polarization, Power Monopoly
* Mirza Olang Village Victims' Families Ask For Justice
* Noor slams security institutions amid reports over 50 massacred in North of Afghanistan
* Russia Gradually Dumping US dollar in Response to Sanctions
* Shocking Conditions Faced by Civilians Inside Saudi Town Besieged by Regime Forces
* Bahrain Accuses Qatar of Espionage, Harboring Terrorism, Coup in UAE, Attempted Assassination
* Ankara accuses Berlin of assisting terrorists amid rising rift
* Half Of Afghan Asylum Seekers' Applications Denied In Sweden+video
Trump's Secret Service
* Trump's Frustrated in Afghanistan Quagmire, Demands Plunder of Country's Minerals
* Ghani vows revenge for the massacre of scores of civilians in Sar-e-Pul
* Kabul police arrest 2 suspects for murdering 5 children of a single family
* Cargo Route Failure Draws Backlash From Business Community
* Syrian army, allies make new advances against Daesh terrorists
* Trump's approval rating hits 32% as he completes 200 days: Poll
* 235 civilians rescued from Taliban and ISIS captivity in North of Afghanistan+Photos
* Ghani, Nicholson Vow to Defeat Terrorists in Afghanistan
* Iran Slams Massacre of Shiites in Afghanistan, Urges Unity in War on Terror
* Famine Affecting Over 20 Million in War Torn Yemen, Somalia, S. Sudan, Nigeria
* Abdullah Stresses Need to Rid Security Agencies of Corruption
* Mirza Olang Waiting For Military Action Six Days After Massacre
* Iraq Requirements to Find Way Out of Current Messy Conditions
* US Warship Provokes Chinese Navy in South China Sea
* Saudi Regime to Executes 14 Shiite Muslims after Unfair Trial: HRW
* Is US, North Korea Nuclear War Imminent?
* Failure In Afghanistan Means Strengthening Terrorists In West
US Airstrikes Kill 16 more Civilians in Afghanistan
* Afghan and US security advisers hold talk on military and civil cooperation
* Saudi Regime Attempted to Host Taliban Liaison Office
* Karzai reacts at alleged civilian deaths in US airstrike
Chinese leader urges Trump for restraint on N Korean nuclear issue
* Trumps Military Threat against Venezuela+VIDEO
* US white nationalists clash with counter-protesters+VIDEO
* Hezb-e-Islami reacts at deadly attack on a mosque by ex-commander loyalists in Takhar
* Ghani appoints new minister-designate for the Ministry of Interior
* N Korean leader playing dangerous game with US: McMaster
* White House defends Trump's response to Charlottesville violence
* Lebanese Hezbollah leader says Israel not able to wage new war on Lebanon
World Educators are Gathered in South Korea for Peace Education
* Mirza Olang Recaptured By Security Forces
* Hezbollah Stronger, Israel Scared, US Unable to Intimidate Lebanese: Nasrallah
* Pakistan celebrates 70 years of independence
Iran, Russia presidents discuss Syria crisis, JCPOA over phone
Ayatollah Shahroudi named new head of Expediency Council
* Hashd Shaíabi to actively participate in Tal Afar liberation op: Official
* What Factors Destabilize Afghanistan?
* Envoy Calls For Olive Branch To Pakistan
* Mass Graves Discovered In Mirza Olang Following Massacre
* Noor's Office Rejects Claims Of Involvement In Mohmand's Arrest
* North Korean Leader Briefed on Guam Attack
* Terrorism a serious threat both for Afghanistan and Pakistan: Ghani
Ex-Kabul Bank shareholder Dawi jailed for 9 years for embezzling of millions of dollars
* AIHRC Calls on ICC to Probe Human Rights Violations
* Dostum says coalition to stand against conspiracies being hatched against Noor
* Belarus, Afghanistan Forge New Strategy for Cooperation
* Iran's Missile Program ĎInternal Affair', Suffocating N. Korea Tragic: Russia
* Trump praises Kim Jong Un's decision to delay attack on Guam
* How Wahhabism Serves Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy?
* US soldier killed in operations against militants in eastern Afghanistan
* UN experts say Charlottesville highlights rising racism in US
* Van plows into crowd in Spainís Barcelona, killing many
* Putin condemns Barcelona attack, calls for united front against terror
* Trump encourages gross violence against Muslims after Barcelona attack
* Ambassador Llorens greets Afghans on the occasion of Afghan Independence Day
* Jamiat-e-Islami warns Afghan govt not to further challenge the party's resilience
* Afghanistan Celebrates 98 Years Of Independence
* Independence Day Celebrated Across Afghanistan
* Anti-US Posters Spread in North Korea as Trump Plans War Drills
* Iran, Russia finalizing Ďoil-for-goodsí deal: Novak
* US formally launches probe of China trade ties
* US senator warns Trump can't calm down coming violence
* Taliban militants kill 5 Afghan police in Helmand overnight raid
* Daesh losses in Mideast increasing UK terror threat: Minister
* Steven Bannon prepares to 'go to war' for Trump's agenda
* US-South Korean war games will begin on Monday: Pentagon
* UN mission Afghanistan confirms massacre of civilians by Taliban and ISIS loyalists
* Taliban Suffer Heavy Casualty Toll in Chemtal
* Special Operation Division Upgraded To Military Corps
* Turkey, Russia, Iran Planning Permanent Ceasefire in Syria: Turkish PM
* Syrian Army Making Progress in Fighting Terrorists: President Assad
* After Charlottesville, Trump losing popularity in states that made him president
* Abdullah slams Gulbuddin Hekmayar for his remarks against Ahmad Shah Massoud
* Canadian Daily Slams Saudi Regimeís Bid to Justify Crackdown on Minority Shiites
* Al-Aqsa Mosque Still Under Siege 48 Years after Arson Attack by Zionists
* Prior to Astana Talks, Accords Make Syria Crisis Solution Look in Sight
* Turkeyís Erdogan, Jordan's King Abdullah II discuss Palestineís al-Aqsa
* Americans cheer as rare total solar eclipse marches across country
* US visa move resembles logic of color revolutionists, says Russia
* 10 Sailors Still Missing after US Warship Collides in Singapore
* Political geography change in Iraq creates regional insecurity: Iranian cmdr
Rising tensions among prominent Afghan political leaders amid deteriorating security
* Trump Releases US Central Asia Policy; Afghanistan, Pakistan in Focus+VIDEO
* Junbish slams Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for his remarks regarding the new coalition
* US strategy to enhance NATO's role in empowering Afghan security forces: Ghani
* South Asia floods affect 24 million: Red Cross
9/11 was planned in Tel Aviv and Washington, not in Kabul: Scholar
* Saudi warplanes kill 3 Hadi loyalists in friendly fire incident
* After Trump barbs, China jumps to defend Pakistan
* Pakistan reacts as US unveils new strategy criticizing Pakistan for harboring terrorism
* Charlie Hebdo stirs controversy with new Islamophobic cartoon
* Erdogan feels Ďuneasy' about US support for Kurds
Israel wary of Iran's growing influence: Netanyahu
* Three Reasons Why Kurdistan Independence Can Stir Civil War
* 22 million Americans support neo-Nazis, white supremacists: Poll
* New US strategy an opportunity for Pakistan to review its old approach: Ghani
* Merkel: Germany won't necessarily take US side in potential Korea war
* Ex-President Karzai Opposes New US Strategy for Afghanistan
* What Driving US Def. Sec. Visit to Turkey?
* Young Ukrainian converts to Islam at Imam Reza Holy Shrine
* Ex-Afghan intelligence chief welcomes new US strategy and approach towards Pakistan
* Pakistani army chief reacts at new US strategy for Afghanistan, South Asia
* Khalilzad Says Trump Deserves High Marks For New Strategy
Taliban a criminal organization, cannot win on battlefield: Gen. Nicholson
* ISIS Besieged in Lebanon-Syria Border, Victory Close: Hezbollah Leader
* Kabul Mosque Attack Death Toll Rises To Over 30
* Tal Afar Almost Liberated; ISIS Loses Second Bastion in Northern Iraq
* Saudis Admit Killing 8 Members of A Yemeni Family in Sanaa
* Hajj Ministry Calls For Tight Security At Mosques
* Noor Lashes Out at Hekmatyar, Accuses ARG of Conspiracy
* Understanding Afghanistan's Haqqani Network
* NSC rejects contacts between Atmar and Taliban leaders in Pakistan and Qatar
* Karzai strongly reacts at civilians deaths in Taliban, ISIS attacks, and US airstrike
* Zionism Influence in China
* Iranís Leader Urges Immediate End to Domestic Wars in Islamic Countries
* Lebanon fully liberated from Daesh terrorists: Hezbollah leader
South Korea miss World Cup chance after draw with 10-man Iran
* CIA Spyware Inside Windows Operating Systems: WikiLeaks
16 Rohingya Muslim refugees drown in Myanmar-Bangladesh border river
* Fresh sanctions on North Korea would be dangerous, Russia warns US
* Ghani Delivers Eid Message, Gives Another Chance To Militants
* Noor claims certain circles in government attempts to spark ethnic tensions
* Turkish president labels killing of Rohingya Muslims ígenocideí
* White House petition asks Trump to declare George Soros a terrorist
* UNAMA says 28 civilians killed, 16 wounded in Logar and Herat airstrikes
* Germany likely to rethink relations with Turkey: Merkel
* Defense Ministry Preparing For US Troop Surge
* Haleyís remarks show US envoyís ignorance of JCPOA text: Iran FM
* Iraqis Facing Abuse in US Immigration Detention Centers
* Saudi Economy Faces Uncertain Future Due to Yemen War: Report
* Reverse Migration Could Eventually Dismantle Israeli Regime
* Trump brings back Ďsmall handsí joke amid Harvey: Video
* US Benefits from Afghanistan Drugs Production
* A Look At Ghaniís Multi-Pronged Pakistan Policy
Threats Hinder Review of Polling Centers in 32 Districts
* $7 Billion Will be Spent on Afghan Air Force
* North Korea conducts Ďsuccessfulí H-bomb test
* Iranís Leader Hails Army Air Defense Forces
* Russia Blasts US Hostility, Occupation of Its Diplomatic Properties
Bangladesh relief camps for Rohingya reach full capacity: UN official
* Yemeni Partners Reach Deal to Defuse Tensions, Continue Resistance
Major operation to kick off in Kandahar, says Gen. Raziq
* BRICS Nations Condemn Pakistan-Based Terror Groups
* MoFA Condemns Killing Of Rohingyas, Calls It ĎGenocideí
* US ready to use Ďnuclear capabilitiesí against North Korea: White House
Western diplomats call for fresh UN sanctions on North Korea
* Trumpís rhetoric on N Korea ícould lead to great dangerí: Ex-CIA chief
* The United States viewpoint on the new regional security order in the Middle East
* Muslim nations denounce Myanmarís persecution of Rohingya Muslims
Stop Killing the Burmese Muslims!/photo and VIDEO
Afghanistanís oldest female asylum seeker faces deportation from Sweden
* Pyongyang says ready to send Ďmore gift packagesí to US
* Obama makes rare re-entry into politics over DACA
* Unity Is Key To Resolving Current Crisis: Massoud
* Bagram Airbase Targeted In Suicide Bombing
* Iranís President Urges Myanmar to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims
Powerful Hurricane Irma poses increasing threat to Florida
* Republican leaders annoyedí over Ivanka visit during meeting
* US New Afghan Strategy Impairs Afghan Gov., Heralds Long-term Stay
* US Sending 3,500 Extra Troops To Afghanistan
* US Navy SEALs training South Korean Ďassassinationí squad to take out Kim: Report
* US authorizes sending 3,500 more soldiers to Afghanistan: US official
* Putin suggests North Korea will not give up nukes
NATO, Russia meet amid tensions over war games
Pakistanís anti-corruption agency to file criminal charges against ex-PM, finance minister
* Amnesty Slams US, UK Support for Repressive Bahraini Regime
* EUís decision on Turkey membership not expected this year: Estonia
* Spain to bring criminal charges against Catalan lawmakers over referendum plan
* Moscowís Tools in Face of Washingtonís Hegemony
* Some 370,000 Peace Activists Want Stripping Myanmarís Suu Kyiís of Nobel Prize
* Afghan Air Force To Receive 150 Helicopters By 2022
* China Wants íImproved Ties Between Afghanistan, Pakistaní
* Biography of Ahmad Shah Massoud
* Who Killed Massoud?
Syria strongly denies alleged role in Khan Shaykhun chemical attack
* Iran FM urges swift UN action on Rohingya crisis
Haley íhysteric fití to cost US dearly, North Korea warns
* China defends Pakistani anti-terror bids following Trumpís criticism
Erdogan criticizes US for charging ex-minister over Iran bans
Four Arab states reject progress in Kuwait mediation efforts with Qatar
* CIA, Zionists helping Myanmar to execute Nakba-inspired operation against the Rohingya: Expert
The Famous Sermon of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) in Ghadir Khum
* Ghadir Tradition: The Expressive Evidence for Guardianship
Ghadir Khumm and the Orientalists
* Abdullah calls Taliban a Ďterrorist groupí Afghanistan marks week of martyrs
* Sayyaf warns sidelining of Mujahideen to have negative repercussions
* Japan conducts air exercise with US over East China Sea
Najib Razak says Myanmarís Rohingya Muslims face systematic atrocities
* Coach Paterno had prior knowledge Sandusky was child sex abuser: police report
Egypt announces discovery of 3,500-year-old tomb
* France must scrap own nuclear arsenal instead of criticizing Pyongyang: North Korea
* US plans to expand military ties with Myanmar amid atrocities against Rohingya: Report
Afghanistan ready for comprehensive talks with Pakistan, Ghani tells Erdogan
Afghan history, cultureís historic friend Nancy Dupree dies in Kabul
* Disappointed Saudis Seek Face-saving Yemen War Exit
* Merkel Says Iran Deal a Model for solving North Korea Issue
Hurricane Irma pummels Florida amid mass exodus
Iranís missile boat warns off US warship in Sea of Oman
* Riyadh may have sponsored 9/11 ídry runí: New lawsuit data
Russian Mir cards to replace Visa, MasterCard soon
* UN asks for aid to tackle Rohingya crisis unfolding in southern Bangladesh
Mass rally expected in Barcelona in support of Catalonia independence
McCain threatens North Korea with Ďextinctioní
Modi, Abe to kick-start Indiaís first bullet train project
Wahhabi elements from Saudi Arabia supported 9/11 attacks: Analyst
* Arab countries, Qatar should mend Persian Gulf rift by direct talks: Russian FM
* OIC leaders urge swift end to violence against Rohingya Muslims
Top Five Lesser-Known Pistols Used by Russiaís Spetsnaz and Security Services
* Was Saudi Arabia Involved in 9/11 Attacks?
MOST SCARY Footage Of Florida Hurricane Irma (SEP. 10, 2017)
* NUG Leaders Slammed Over Vacant Cabinet Posts
* Suicide attack targets foreign troops convoy in Bagram
* MPs Furious Over Leaflets Dropped By US Army
The Revolutionary Guards and Explaining Revolutionary Discourse
Only regional states can protect security of region: Rouhani
* Hundreds of thousands rally for Catalanís independence from Spain
Bangladesh offers land to shelter Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing Myanmar
German foreign minister equates far-right AfD party with Nazis
Security Council to vote on US-drafted resolution on North Korea
Instrumental use of terror in anyoneís favor, Karzai tells Pak ambassador
* Modi reiterates strong support to Afghanistan in the fight against imposed terror
MUDH and Kabul polytechnic university sign MoU to boost expertise, urban development
* US forces have failed in Afghanistan, Pakistanís FM claims
* Protestors Chant ĎDeath to Americaí Amid Leaflet Outcry
At Least Three Killed In Suicide Bombing Near Cricket Stadium
Rapist, killer of EU officialís daughter had also raped young Afghan girl in Ghazni
Germany deports 8 Afghans convicted various crimes including rape
* Irmaís death toll rises to 22 in US; millions without power
* Singapore gets 1st female president without election
* Why US Seeks Brokering Taliban-Afghan Govt. Peace Talks?
* US has become more an íoligarchy than a democracyí: Jimmy Carter
Global Peace Summit is Held for the Establishment of Peace Governance
Iran detains Isis group leader near Tehran
Apple unveils iPhone X in major product launch+VIDEO
Video/ Apple iPhone X Event Highlights - iPhone 8 & 8+ | iPhone X | Apple TV 4K & More
Afghan Politician Calls for ĎNational Consensusí on Eve of Election
* Zarif, Putin stress full commitment to Iranís nuclear agreement
FIVB World Grand Champions: Iran 3-0 USA
* Six people shot at high school in Washington State, one dead
Erdogan remains defiant as NATO allies criticize S-400 deal with Russia
Britain, Sweden urge Security Council to work for end to plight of Rohingya Muslims
* Trump reducing number of refugees to 50,000, lowest since 1980
* China, Turkey, Iran support Islamabadís stance on Afghanistan: Asif
Rashid Khan first Afghan cricketer to play in Australiaís Big Bash League
* CIA says will not release the porn collection of Osama bin Laden
US House votes to block aircraft sales to Iran
Ansarullah missiles can reach anywhere in UAE: Houthi
* North Korea developing nuclear capability to deter US aggression: Analyst
Iran a partner in Syrian victory: Assadís letter to Ayatollah Khamenei
* Tillerson urges more pressure on North Korea
* Afghan Taliban to support Pakistan against foreign invasion: Sami-ul-Haq
* Roman soldiers suffer casualties in Kandahar suicide car bombing
* Defense Ministry To Form Militia To Secure Volatile Areas
* Ghani Says Taliban Will Never Win The War
Man arrested after attacking police in Paris
Human Rights Watch censures Saudiís ícoordinated crackdown on dissentí
* North Koreaís latest missile test draws global condemnations
US drone attack kills 3 in Pakistanís tribal region
Spain passes measures to control Catalonia finances
Facebook must Ďown upí to its role in spreading fake news: Clinton
Qatar ready to ísit at tableí to resolve Persian Gulf dispute
Biden says Trump íundermines Americaís standing in the worldí
Turkey censures Belgium over court ruling on PKK
Saudi Regime Continues Crackdown, Citizens Call for Protests
* Russia, Iran, Turkey agree on Idlib ísafe zonesí
* Russo-Saudi Closeness: What Are Two Sidesí Goals?
Ghani to meet Trump on Thursday
* Abdullah says formation of political coalitions a legitimate move
US considering dropping Pakistan as an ally over terror sanctuaries
Massoud slams Ghani for lack of will to eliminate terrorism, bring reforms
McMaster And Atmar Discuss US Strategy In Video Conference
MPs To Summon IEC Officials Over Ongoing Problems
IDB Lends Kabul $74 Million For Ring Road
AAF To Take Delivery Next Week Of Six Black Hawks
* Noor demands Dostumís return and end to monopoly of power
* Israeli Settlements: Facts about Dangerous Strategy
Syria Says De-Escalation Zone Pacts Donít Legitimize Turkish Presence
Egypt Court Upholds Morsiís 25-Year Prison Sentence in Qatar Spy Case
* Tragic Story of Infant Drowned as His Family Fleeing Myanmar Regimeís Genocide
Iran overcomes Japan in FIVB Volleyball World Grand Champions Cup
US wonít be satisfied unless Syriaís Assad leaves power: US official
South Korea is Iranís new natural gas client
Police in Catalonia hunt for hidden ballot boxes
Chinaís US envoy urges Washington to halt threats on N Korea, China trade
Germany seeks to restrict economic ties with Turkey: Merkel
* St. Louis braces for more protests over killer copís acquittal
Afghanistan wins first gold and silver medals in Turkmenistan games
* Ghani to Discuss War on Terror, Peace and Security at UNGA
Torkham reopens between Afghanistan and Pakistan after Friday incident
Explosion in Khost city mobile phone market leaves several dead, wounded
* Whatís behind Pakistani FM Visit to Iran, Turkey?
* Russia-Belarus War-Games Continue as US Tanks Arrive in Poland
* Iran will respond to any íwrong moveí on JCPOA
Turkeyís Erdogan, Iraqís Abadi to discuss planned Kurdistan referendum
Iran, Pakistan army chiefs urge Muslim world action to end Rohingya plight
Kuwait to expel North Korea ambassador, four diplomats: report
* Boston rages against Trumpís DACA decision
Hurricane Irma
Buddhists to Rohingya: Leave, or we will kill you all
Paris deal bad for environment, come forward with new one: McMaster
Peace Summit Held in South Korea
* Kulsoom Sharif wins key vacant parliament seat in Lahore
Scrapping nuclear deal with Iran will be clear breach of agreement: Pres. Rouhani
* US considers embassy closure in Cuba: Tillerson
Ghani off to US to attend UN General Assembly and meet President Trump
NATO To Decide In A Month On Its Troop Levels
3,000 suicides annually in Afghanistan
* Palestinians Remember Israeli Perpetrated Massacre of Refugees in Sabra, Shatilla
* Human Rights Violations in UAE
Global Peace Festival with 200,000 People from 30 Countries was held in Korea
* Abbasi admits German embassy bombers in Kabul travelled from Pakistan
* Over 80 arrested during third night of protests in St. Louis
US sanctions to speed up nuclear program development: N Korea
UK to lose 10,000 finance jobs after Brexit: Survey
Trump says Ďbureaucracyí and ímismanagementí holding UN back
US committed to no international obligation: Iranís Rouhani
* Russiaís Putin attends Zapad-2017 joint drills with Belarus
* Noble Peace Prize: Discriminatory, Serving Westís Interests
Iran lures Afghan traders into investing in Chabahar port
* First batch of Black Hawks for Afghan Air Force arrive in Kandahar
2 Afghan asylum seekers arrested on charges of raping a girl in Germany
Hekmatyar Calls For End To War and Transparent Elections
Islamic Banking System Could Boost Countryís Economy
* Trump Defends Afghan War Strategy, Vows Action Against Taliban
Hamas to Welcome Palestinian Unity Govt. in Gaza: Haniyah
* US current account deficit reaches $123 billion
JCPOA belongs to whole world, not just US: EU foreign policy chief
* UN chief urges Myanmar to halt military campaign against Rohingya
China rejects threats as solution for North Korea nuclear crisis
A lie about the IRGCís anti-Semitic tendencies, an allegation of the IRGCís support for terrorism
* Taliban and their backers cannot win militarily, Ghani says
* CIA honors officer who had saved Hamid Karzaiís life
* Rouhani censures Trumpís anti-Iran rhetoric
French leader speaks in defense of Iran deal in first UN speech
Russia rebukes Trump, says to ídefendí Iran nuclear deal
California suing Trump administration over border wall
* Trump administration reluctant to end racism, hate crimes: Journalist
* Trumpís anti-Iran speech proves US failed policies in Middle East: IRGC commander
Khalili Says Platform Established For National Peace
* Political and military victory is within our side, Ghani tells Trump
Afghan ambassador meets Pak army chief amid new political developments
* Regional Ties More Important Than US Relations: Spanta
* Man Throws Shoe At Hekmatyar In Herat Mosque+Video
* ANDSF Corrupt Commanders Must Be Prosecuted: SIGAR
Comprehensive Approaches to Build "Peace Governance"
* Iran marks Sacred Defense Week with massive military parades
Trump: North Korean leader Ďwill be tested like never beforeí
* Weíll celebrate fall of Daesh in 2 months: General Soleimani
* Rehab Center To Be Built At Kabul Military Hospital
* US Mission to Reconstruct Afghan Security Forces Failed: American Watchdog
Iran edges past Afghanistan 2-1 2018 AFC U-16 Championship qualifier
Iran strikes 19 more medals at Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games
* Lavrov slams war of words between Trump, Kim as íkindergarten fightí
White House staffers begin looking for other jobs: Report
China set to limit oil supply to North Korea, ban textile imports
German protesters heckle Merkel at final campaign rally before polls open
Perspective: On The Month Of Muharram, Ashura and Imam Hussainís sacrifice
Imam al-Husaynís Sanctuary
* Imam Hussainís Revolution
* "We are the Bright Beacons of Guidance" - Imam Hussain
* Why do the Shia remember Imam Hussain every year?
Suicide Bomber Targeted Foreign Troops Convoy In Kabul City
* 15 years a long time for US to decide regarding Pakistanís lies: Karzai
31 Taliban Killed, Wounded in Dasht-e Archi District of Kunduz
* Iran closes airspace to all flights to and from Iraqi Kurdistan
* General elections begin in Germany, Merkelís party poised to win
* US bombers fly off N Korea coast, Pyongyang calls war íinevitableí
* UN, HR Groups Retail Rohingyasí Suffering at Hand of Myanmar Regime
What Behind Zealous Israeli Support for Kurdish Independence Referendum in Iraq?
Another deadly earthquake hits Mexico
Afghanistan likely on agenda as US defense secretary starts visit to India
* Iraqi Kurdistan holds referendum in defiance of intl. community
* North Korea describes Trumpís threat as Ďdeclaration of war
* Ex-Presidential security staff among 3 killed in Nangarhar raid: Karzai
* Merkel faces bumpy road ahead in building coalition govt
Upcoming event in India big opportunity for investment in Afghanistan: CE Abdullah
Afghanistan Wins Its 9th Bronze Medal At Asian Games
* Raziq Says Pakistan Positioning Insurgents Along The Durand Line
Iraqi parliament demands troops be deployed to areas disputed with Kurds
JCPOA and the future of the international system
The Role of the Women of Ashura
Trump insists his criticism of NFL players not race-related
Turkey will close border with Iraqi Kurdish region: President Erdogan
Pyong yang reserves right to shoot down US bombers, says Northís foreign min
* Iraq starts major military drills with Turkey along common border
Merkel speaks to press day after German federal election
* India Tells Mattis It Wonít Send Troops to Afghanistan
* Trump pushes Ghani to close Taliban office in Qatar
* Smell of Conspiracy in the Referendum of Iraqi Kurdistan
* US Ďstudentí was ítortured beyond beliefí by North Korea: Trump
Twin bombings, gun fight kill six police in Afghanistan
* MoI Warns Of Controlled Explosions In Kabul Overnight
Asif claims Pakistan cannot take responsibility for Afghanistanís peace and security
US Special Charge díAffaires and Hekmatyar discuss peace deal and elections
Taliban canít win on the battlefield, can gain much on negotiation table: Stoltenberg
* Iran bids farewell to iconic martyr Hojaji
Corbyn criticizes UK foreign policy, Israel oppression, Trump
UN: Longer-term plans needed to manage Rohingya influx into Bangladesh
France, China call for diplomacy over North Korea
* Putin hails Russiaís destruction of last chemical arms, accuses US of failing to fulfill obligations
China opposed to military settlement of Korea dispute, official says
* Saudi Regime Spreading Hatred Against Shiite Muslims: Report
* Elimination of 5th pillar in the government key for peace and stability: Sayyaf
Abdullah in India for trade exhibition as he expects to meet PM Modi
Afghan film "A letter to the President" nominated for Oscar Award
* Zarif Slams Trumpís Anti-Iran Remarks Saying Govt. Drives Legitimacy from People
* Turkey agrees to Ďonly deal with Baghdadí over oil exports
* S Korea says Ďmore provocationí expected of North soon
* Trumpís Travel Ban, Double Standards Driving It
Iconic Martyr Hojaji Laid to Rest in Central Iran
* Imam al-Husayn (A.S.), the reviver and the savior of Islam
One killed as Iranian army chopper crashes in Urmia
* Rabbani says concerned about upcoming election transparency
* U.S. cannot achieve objectives in Afghanistan without change of behavior by Pakistan: Dunford
Three Killed In IED Blast In Kabul
Ukraine rules out sabotage after blasts at ammo depot
* Explosion inflicts casualties in Kabul city
* Iraqís Grand Ayatollah Sistani opposes Kurdistanís secession
Moscow says ready to cooperate with Pyongyang to resolve missile crisis
* US increasing military spending to maintain global hegemony: Expert
Iran Navy will increase extra-regional missions
* Merkel, Macron outline plans for post-Brexit EU
Trump plans to accelerate US weapons sales abroad
Muharram month in Norway
* Karzai calls Kabul bombing work of foreigners as ISIS claims responsibility
Pakistani Chief of Army Staff to Visit Kabul
* Trump says Puerto Ricans íwant everything done for themí
* Events that Led to Day of Ashura, Momentous Day in History of Islam
Spanish police to remove Catalan independence voters from polling stations: Source
* What special privileges are granted to Imam Hussain (AS) by Allah (SWT)?
* Ashura Encyclopedia
Ashura, a Critical Juncture in the Life of Mankind
* Hezbollah now in strongest position and Israel knows this: Nasrallah
Pakistanís army chief offers to train Afghan security forces
* How Muslimís Imam Hussein Inspired Non-Muslim Elites?
* Total Annihilation of ISIS Close, Israeli Regime Worried: Nasrallah
* Any change in borders spreads insecurity, instability in region: Rouhani
* UN rights chief calls on Spain to investigate referendum violence
US, Philippines launch new counter-terrorism drills
* Trump slams Las Vegas shooting as íact of pure evilí+Video
Iran, Turkey back Iraqís integrity, voice opposition to Kurdish secession
* Horror in Las Vegas: Over 58 dead, 500 injured in largest US shooting+Video
* Talibanís Qatar Office Engaged in ĎSpreading Terror Activitiesí in Afghanistan
* Karzai strongly reacts at Las Vegas incident calling it a move against humanity
* Ghani Criticizes Services of Afghan Hospitals, Calls for Reform
Denmark to Send 55 More Soldiers to Afghanistan
* Arsenal of weapons, ammo found at Las Vegas gunmanís hotel room
* Now is not the time to talk with N Korea, White House says
* Nadal splits sport, politics after Catalonia clashes
* Catalans stage strike to slam Spanish police crackdown during referendum
Qatari Emir Meets Iranís Foreign Minister in Doha
US Army chief calls for Ďmilitary Schengen,í says Russia violating military protocols
Journalists Advocate Commitment to Building Peace in Our Times
* Dunford says Ďclear to meí that the ISI of Pakistan has connections with terror group
Trump ready for whatever steps necessary regarding Pakistan: Mattis
* Govt Happy With Its Progress As SOM Summit Opens in Kabul
Riyadhís Hurried Reforms: Real or Fake?
Muslims Urged to Converge at Aqsa Mosque to Confront Incursion by Zionists
Tokyo 2020 water venue polluted by E. Coli: Olympics
Russia buying more gold in push away from dollar
Manning says she wonít be intimidated by CIA chief
* 700,000 protest Spanish crackdown in Catalonia
* Rouhani: Iran, Turkey anchors of stability in Middle East
* Russia remains committed to Iran nuclear deal: Putin
* US Concerned over Future of Government in Pakistan: Rex Tillerson
* Ghani Reiterates Call to Pakistan to Intensify State-to-State Dialogue with Afghanistan
* NUG Committed to Organize ĎCredible, Viableí Elections: Abdullah
Nobel Prize in Literature goes to Kazuo Ishiguro
US to ask NATO for 1,000 more troops for Afghanistan
Europeís cancer drugs mostly ineffective: Study
Former President Karzai slams ĎUS new policyí on Afghanistan
* Berlin drops probe into US, British mass surveillance of German telecommunications, internet
* US Hands Over Two More Black Hawks To AAF
* Electoral Commissioners Under Fire By Coalition Council
Taliban says not tired of war as US-led invasion enters its 17th year
* President Ghani likely to visit Pakistan after Pak delegationís Kabul visit
* Iranophobic Allegations in Service of Saudisí Regional Interventionism
* Chomsky Explains Reasons behind US Animus towards íIndependent Iraní
Spain braces for more protests over Catalonia
FBI stopped Daesh attacks on New York subway, Times Square in 2016
Google to use balloons to give Puerto Rico cell service
* Rallies held across Spain against Cataloniaís planned secession
* Taliban chief attempting for cease fire with ISIS group
Mr Afghanistan Wins Gold At World Amateur Championships
Taliban reacts in panic as Black Hawk helicopters handed over to the Afghan forces
Gen. Raziq confirms Taliban chiefís visit to Helmand
* Karzai to ask govt leaders for Loya Jirga regarding new US strategy
* What Did Saudi King Look for in Russia Visit?
* Iranís IRGC to treat US troops like Daesh if blacklisted
* In Catalonia, large group of demonstrators oppose independence
* Hezbollah chief says US helps Daesh, does not allow it to be eliminated
* US could face retaliation over Ďillegally seizedí properties: Russia FM
Trump threatens to bypass Congress to scrap Obamacare
* The best policy for Iran is to focus on the "look inside" strategy
* Takfiri Terrorismís Next Station Could be Southwest Asia
High-Level Russian Delegation to Visit Kabul for Trade Talks
Moscow To Host SCO Contact Group Meeting On Afghanistan
* Hekmatyar accuses supporters of federalism for attempting to spark ethnic violence
* Islamabad Taken No Action on Given List of Pak-Based Terror Camps: MoD
* North Korea Says Ready for War Declared by Trump
Quartet to meet in Oman to revive Afghan peace talks with Taliban
Trump threatens to revoke TV network licenses over Ďfake newsí
Rajoy rules out negotiation on Catalan secession, issues ultimatum
* Karzai warns of growing US-Russia rivalry in Afghanistan, slams Taliban for destructions
ĎRole Of National Governmentsí Discussed In Herat Dialogue
* Trump refuses to certify Iran nuclear deal
Trumpís Iran claims have nothing to do with reality: Pundit
* US presidentís anti-Iran speech pile of delusional claims: Rouhani
Failed Truck Bombing in Kabul Planned By Haqqani Network in Pakistan: Police
Freed Couple Settling In To Normal Life In Canada
* CEO Inaugurates Projects In Laghman Province
* Oman To Host Quadrilateral Meeting Monday
* US UNESCO Exit Signaling Washington Frustration, Hegemony Decline
What Next after US Provides Safe Exit for ISIS in Syriaís Raqqa?
* US New Anti-Hezbollah Measures: Drives, Consequences
Saudi king phones Trump to thank him over Iran
Britain, Germany renew commitment to JCPOA
* Russia massively funding Taliban to fight NATO forces: Report
* Kabul Expects Positive Results From Quadrilateral Meeting
* Rabbani Calls For Fundamental Reforms
* EU supports Iran nuclear deal, vows full commitment
* Total termination of Iran nuclear deal ía real possibilityí: Trump
* Iraqi forces taking over Kirkuk Ďa declaration of warí Ė Kurdish Peshmerga
* At Least 41 Killed, 158 Injured in Paktia Attack
* Iraqi forces reestablish security in Kirkuk after pushing out Kurds
* President Ghani Warns Taliban at Abdyaniís Funeral
* Two-Thirds of Afghanistanian Girls Do Not Attend School: Report
How Op to Free Disputed Areas from Kurdish Militias Works for Iraqís Benefits
Britain Shields Israeli Regime, Bans Palestinian Anti-Balfour Adverts
Some awesome Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween
* Iran to Shred Nuclear Deal if Other Party Tears It up: Leader
* Second federal judge rules against Trumpís latest travel ban
* Insurgents Kill Over 40 Soldiers In Kandahar Humvee Bombing
Pakistan Unveils First Section Of Durand Line Fence
UN Strongly Condemns ĎTerrorist Attacksí in Paktia
* Over 100 Security Force Members Killed In Three Taliban Attacks
America Is Not Going Anywhere As Long As Taliban Decide to Join Peace Talks :Tillerson
Pakistan court indicts Sharif on corruption charges
Uganda confirms one death from Ebola-like Marburg virus
Muslim women in Quebec banned from wearing full-face veils
* IRGC vows enhanced Iranian missile power in face of threats
* Trump mulling visit to North Korea border: Report
Catalonia defiant as Madrid-set deadline arrives
* Taliban Must Have No Hope Of Winning On Battlefield: CIA Chief
* Ghani Warns States Supporting Terrorist Networks on Isolation
* MoD Accused Pakistan of Backing Taliban in Staging Recent Massive Attacks
ďNuclear Test on One Side, Discussion of Peace on the OtherĒ
* Russian ships in Philippines as Manila diversifies away from US
Madrid to dissolve Catalonia parliament, hold elections
UK PM Theresa May admits Brexit negotiations with EU are in ídifficultyí
* Death Toll In Kabul Mosque Attack Rises To Over 30
* India mulls security-related assistance to Afghanistanian forces
ISIS Threatens to Attack Russia 2018 World Cup with Releasing Messi Picture
* Abdullah Slams Officials for Threatening Political Movements
* No bargaining with enemy on Iran defense might: Ayatollah Khamenei
* Baltic Region in Focus as US Builds Allies Protection Belt against Russia
* Noor prefers collapse of the government in the absence of reforms
* Whatís Behind US Striving after Syriaís Abu Kamal Seizure?
* Ayatollah Khamenei urges Islamic world to continue anti-Israel fight
* Mega Dream: Bin Salmanís NEOM Project Hardly Feasible
* Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan to hold tripartite summit in Tehran
Abdullah urges political circles to consider national interests in their stances
* Noor hold talks with top political figures in Kabul regarding new political coalition
* US in Iraq: Taking Advantage of ISIS for Military Stay
Hamas Demands UKís Apology Over Balfour Declaration that Dispossessed Palestinians
Lebanese PM Hariri resigns after trips to Saudi Arabia
Mexico declares 1.5 billion barrel oil discovery
* Iranians hold rallies to mark US embassy takeover
* Ghani and pence discuss US strategy impact on Afghanistanian forces and Taliban
Attack on TV shows Taliban, ISIS opposition to freedom of speech: Dostum
* NATO Chief Stresses on Political Reforms in Afghanistan
Texas Attack Again Marks Trump, Western Mediaís Double Standards
* Over 25 Million Muslims March Against ISIS And The Mainstream Media Completely Ignores It
* Lena-Meryem Wielandt, New Muslim from Germany: Currents of Life
How Global Journalists Get Together for Freedom of Media and Peace Journalism
* Is Jordan Breaking Alliance with Saudi Arabia, West?
* Syria Pans US Plan to Set up Kurdish Border Forces as Breach of Sovereignty
* Over 22 Million Yemenis Depend on Aid Amid Saudi Aggression
Afghanistani Govt. Denies Holding Informal Talks with Taliban in Turkey
* Turkish President Urges NATO Take Stance on US ĎTerrorist Armyí in Syria
* Border Security Force: New US-designed Syria Partition Scenario
* Brexit Fruits: More Arms sale to Saudi Arabia amid Yemen Aggression
* Assad blasts Turkeyís support for terror groups in Syria
* World through the aperture
* Fatalities confirmed as Kabul hotel siege drama íendsí
* US Vice President Pence arrives in Israel to discuss Trumpís al-Quds decision
* 3 killed, 25 wounded as siege ends on NGO office in East of Afghanistan
Suicide bomber and Humvee laden with explosives eliminate in Helmand
* Saudi Regime to Hire Mercenaries from Latin America as Defeat Looms in Yemen War
* Death Toll Rises To 95, Over 158 Wounded In Kabul Blast
* Creators of Daesh Seeking to Relocate It to Afghanistan: Ayatollah Khamenei
* Five Things to Know about US New Afghanistan Strategy
* India Latest Party to Take on China in Southeast Asia, Sea
Bar Association of Indonesia and International NGO Proposed International Law for Peace for Settling Disputes​
* Peace Prospects Fading in Afghanistan as Trump Rejects Talks with Taliban
* US Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons in Case of Non-Nuclear Attack
* No Military Solution to Afghanistanian Issue: Pakistan PM
Afghanistanian Teenage Girl Commits Suicide in Ghor Province
* Chemical Attack Claims: US Handy Pretext for Pressing Syria
* US Plotting Against Turkey, Iran, Maybe Russia: Erdogan
* íUS moving terror groups to Afghanistan after Iraq, Syria defeatsí
* More than 10,000 civilians killed, wounded in 2017 in Afghanistan: UNAMA
* Ex-Student Arrested after 17 Shot Dead at Florida High School
Samanganís ousted governor defies governmentís decision for leadership change
Distribution of e-NIC to spark ethnic tensions, warns Ahmad Zia Massoud
* Former VP Qanooni warns of írevolutioní in Afghanistan
* No One Can Impose Their Identity on Others: Mohaqiq
How security decisions go wrong?
Modern management and requirements in the age of information
How has the military intervention in Yemen destabilised the domestic security of Saudi Arabia?
Islamic Republic of Iran and prospects for security in the Middle East
Indian Religious Leaders Raise the Voice for Securing Human Rights During the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week
* Work On Afghanistan Section Of TAPI Project Launched
* President Ghani warns against illegal use of force
* Afghanistan Prepares for Second Kabul Process Conference
* Loss of life is high in Afghanistan: CE Abdulah
Drowning caused Bollywood superstar Srideviís death: Dubai police
* Russia dismisses íbogusí reports of chemical attack in Syriaís Eastern Ghouta
Syria Ceasefire Resolution: Containing or Perpetuating Conflict?
* Palestinians Condemn US Embassy Relocation to Al-Quds
* Afghanistanian government offers recognition of Taliban as political group
* Syria on frontline of fight against enemies of Islam: Ayatollah Khamenei
* Car Bomb in Kabul Kills 1, Wounds 22
Peace impossible without pressure on enemy: Nicholso
Ghani Insists on Womenís Active Role in Peace Talks
Trump wants Ivanka, Kushner removed from White House: Report
New model suggests contrary to dominant model Moon emerged before Earth
Vodafone, Nokia to bring LTE into space by installing first 4G network on Moon
Infrastructure-based information system landscape
* Putin: Russia Creates Advanced Weapons Responding to US Scrapping Missile Treaty+Videos
* Afghanistanian Parliament to Open despite Constitutional Crisis
23 missing refugees likely dead off Libyan coast: IOM
Netanyahu launches into another tirade against Iran
* Russian cargo plane crashes in eastern Syria, 39 killed
* A Brief Look At Marshal Fahimís Biography
* Abdullah Warns Against Possible Rift Among People
* Death Toll Rises To Nine In Kabul Blast
UNAMA Chief Reports Back On Peace And Elections
* Officials: 16 security personnel martyred in Takhar attack
Photo of the day
World through the aperture
Russia slams ex-spy poisoning claims as Ďpropagandaí
Sri Lanka ups security to prevent more anti-Muslim violence
Millions rally in Spain on International Womenís Day
* Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un to meet by May: South Korea
South Korea, China, Russia welcome possible meeting between Trump and Kim
US offers $5 million in award money for Taliban leader
Some ĎCorruptí Individuals in NUG Challenging the System: Humayun
Israeli, Saudi officials hold Egypt-mediated meetings in Cairo: Report
World through the aperture
Dubai rulerís daughter secretly jailed for over three years, drugged in hospital: Report
* Taliban kill 18 soldiers in Afghanistanís Farah province
Massive floods hit Australiaís Queensland
France says wants to be Indiaís gateway to EU, replacing Britain
* UK-Saudi aid deal national disgrace: Minister
Why Does Peace Look Unachievable in Afghanistan?
How can China Respond to US Trade War?
Abdul Azim Badakhshi Ė Another rising star in MMA sports in Afghanistan
* Afghanistanian lawmakers elect the first deputy speaker of the Lower House
Ghani Warns to Close Inactive NGOs
* IEC Sets New Date for Parliamentary Elections
China parliament removes presidential term limit
* Corbynís Labour Party opens big lead over Conservatives: Poll
* Photo of the day
Russia successfully test fires hypersonic missile
Trump says he rejected Mexicoís demand about border wall
* China not willing to fight trade war, but vows to defend interests
Fire-walking festival in Japan
Ready to be the audience!
* British scientist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76
* 39% of Afghanistanian Live Below Poverty Line
* 7 dead, 22 wounded in Kandahar road accident
* Central provinces not to suffer from deprivation anymore: Ghani
Photo of the Day
Tillersonís sacking shows US determined to leave Iran nuclear deal: Araqchi
Yemeni snipers kill 14 Saudi mercenaries in retaliatory attacks
France to take legal action against Google, Apple for íabusive practices
* World through the aperture
* Angela Merkel elected Germanyís chancellor for 4th term
Finland is worldís happiest country :UN report
* UK expels 23 Russian diplomats over alleged nerve agent attack
* Stephen Hawking student reacts to his death
* Pakistan still supporting Taliban, says top U.S. general
Afghanistan to battle West Indies in Super Six stage of WCQ tomorrow
World through the aperture
* Photo of the Day
Climate change could wipe out over half of wildlife in Earthís forests by 2100: Study
Italian police arrest man suspected of planning to attack kindergarten
UN accuses Mexico of torture, cover-up in missing students case
* Politicians React to Hekmatyarís Idea of Granting Local Autonomy to Taliban
* Russia Ďconsidering retaliatory measures against Britainí
Spanish police raid Catalan govt. premises, arrest regional official
* UN Security Council Calls on Taliban to Accept Peace Talks Without Preconditions
Trump Plans to Dismiss H.R. McMaster; White House Denies
China Ramps Up Security Presence in Afghanistan
Amnesty says Shell, Eni negligent on Nigeria oil spills
Trump Jr., wife announce marriage breaku
* Iraqi Kurds mark Halabja chemical attack anniversary
* Vietnam marks anniversary of 1968 US massacre
Photo of the day
World through the aperture
Champions League Quarter-Final Matchups By The Numbers
* Daesh Makes Progress in Eastern Afghanistan: MP Qadir
World through the aperture
* Presidency promises two ministerial posts to Jamiat-i-Islami
10-year-old girl raped in Jowzjan
* Putin wins fourth term as Russiaís president with 73.9% of vote
Grenade attack injures 5 students in Shia district of Afghanistanian capital
* Foreign Countries Should Not Turn Afghanistan Into Their Rivalry Hub: Iranian Envoy
US Held Private Talks With Pakistan on Sanctuaries: Nicholson
* Happy Nowruz
* Powers Race for Superiority Leagues under Sea
* US High Delegation Led by Gen. Dunford Arrives in Afghanistan
* Taliban Welcomes Afghanistanian Jihadi Leaderís Offer for Direct Talks
Nowruz: An ode to spring
A Traditional Haft Sin Table Celebrating Nowruz
Franceís Sarkozy held in Libya financing probe
Iran sanctions already tough enough, says EUís Mogherini
New ISIL called the MEK
* 1396 Deadly Year for Afghanistanian Civilians: Rights Body
1396 Was A Challenging Year In Terms Of Security
* 29 Killed In Deadly Bombing In Kabul: Health Ministry
* UN Condemns Kabul Bombing as Death Toll Rises to 32
Govt Leaders Talk Peace, Elections on Occasion of Nawroz
Nowruz in Afghanistan
* New Balkh Governor Officially Takes Over
Afghanistan-Iran Trade Volumes Rise
* Germany demands answers from Facebook over data breach
Atmar In Germany For Talks With Officials
World through the aperture
Combating Corruption Priority of Hezbollah in Elections: Nasrallah
Israeli Chief Rabbi Calls Black People íMonkeysí
Refugee given life sentence for murder of German student in Freiburg
EU sides with Greece in Cyprus dispute with Turkey
* China pledges retaliation as Trump prepares to announce new tariffs
* Paris police fire tear gas at protesters as strikes challenge Macron
* Trump will imposes up to $60 billion on Chinese imports
Turkey sentences actress to prison for insulting Erdogan
Millions plan to leave Africa for US, Europe: Study
* Afghanistan Thrash West Indies to Claim World Cup Qualifier Title
* ISIS Suicide Bombers Target Shiite Mosque in Afghanistanís Herat
* Election: Over 900 Voting Centers ĎOut of Governmentís Controlí
World through the aperture
* Massive anti-gun rallies mark a shift in US gun control debate: Activist
* China air force holds drill in preparation for Ďfuture warsí
* John Bolton poses a threat to US national security: Analysis
* German Defense Minister Meets Afghanistanian Security Officials in Balkh
The Rapid Rise Of Mujeeb Zadran
Egyptians head to polls; Sisi, facing little contest, urges big turnout
Yemen army targets King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh
* Spain: Catalans clash with police in Barcelona at pro-Puigdemont demo
Australia PM under pressure as government loses yet another opinion poll
Americans less likely to trust Facebook over scandal: Poll
World through the aperture
* Huge crowd rallies in Sanaía to mark anniversary of Saudi aggression
Turkey still aims for Ďfull membershipí of EU: Erdogan
* 64 Dead in Russia Shopping Mall Fire
* Ghani Meets EU Envoy On Sidelines Of Tashkent Meeting
* Tashkent Calls On Taliban To Embrace Peace Offer
India to provide four Mi-24 helicopters to Afghanistan
Tuberculosis Kills over 15,000 Afghans Every Year
* Countries sponsoring terrorism pay US for support: Iran diplomat
Nasrallah: Saudis offered Syria money to sever Iran ties
* NATO expels seven Russian diplomats over spy poisoning row
Diplomat expulsions result of US colossal pressure, blackmail: Russia FM
Spanish police break up blockade of Catalan roads by separatist protesters
ípoorly preservedí mummy may offer cues into ancient Egypt
EU issues ultimatum for Facebook to answer data scandal questions
Erdogan, Putin Hold Talks on Upcoming Iran-Russia-Turkey Summit in Ankara
* Taliban sought money not weapons from Russia, claims Kabulov
Indian ISIS recruits likely killed in Afghanistan airstrike
New species of frog found in Colombia-Venezuela border areas
World through the aperture
* China: US to suffer consequences of protectionist trade policies
* UNSC holds urgent meeting on Israelís massacre in Gaza, Guterres urges probe
* Pakistan ĎAgreesí To Remove Check Posts On Afghanistanian Soil
Ready to resolve all issues with Pakistan through dialogue, says Ghani
MPs Decide to Impeach NDS Chief Stanikzai
* Border Forces CRU Commander Killed in Kandahar Blast
* Year after US MOAB Strike, ISIS Growing Fast in Afghanistan
World through the aperture
Trump slammed by conservative supporters over Syria strike
60 percent of French voters unhappy with Macron
* Trump says CIA chief met North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un
Iranís Leader, senior officials stop using Telegram messaging application
Iran marks National Army Day with military parade
Bolton in contact with Arab states to create regional force in Syria: Report
* Russia warns of Ďpainfulí retaliation in face of US sanctions
US-led Syria Strikes Were for Bin Salmanís Propitiation: Expert
* 50 People Killing Weekly in Syriaís Raqqa, Captured by US-Backed Militias: UN
* Four Reasons behind US Political Confusion in West Asia
* President Erdogan declares June 24 for snap elections in Turkey
íDown with Israel & USí: Iran showcases its military might in parade
Russia military finds alleged chemical weapons lab in Syriaís Douma
Moon Colonization: Why Do We Want It and What Technologies Do We Have?
Indian Scientist Finds Way to See Wormholes in Space-Time
World through the aperture
* Facebook seeks to limit effects of new EU privacy law
Macron to meet Merkel to push for EU reform plans
* Iraqi air forces hit Daesh positions in Syria in coordination with Damascus
North Korea willing to give up nukes if it feels no more threat from US: Analyst
Japan, Australia to take part in Philippine-US military drills
* We hope to see the day when two Koreas can live in peace: Trump
RAW: FSB busts militant wannabe in St. Petersburg
* Trump says heíll cancel or leave North Korea summit if it isnít successful
Russian Foreign Ministry news briefing
* There was already intíl consensus on Karzai as Afghan leader before Bonn conference: Qanooni
* Afghanistanís Economy Stalls without Troop Presence: SIGAR
Photo of the day
World through the aperture
Armenian police arrest more amid ongoing protests
* Four Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza
Watch: Men atop poles in strange festival in Japan
* Trump invites President Putin to White House
* MPs Divided Over Move To Impeach NDS Chief
NSA Asks China To Help Establish A ĎMountain Brigadeí
* US Says ĎThereís No Need For New Fighting Seasoní
* S.U.C Called on People Not to Register for Election Until Security is Not Provided
Taliban Kills 14 Soldiers in Kunduz
* Why Kabul Turns Blind Eye to ISIS Expansion in Afghanistan?
World through the aperture
West fears losing dominance of Mideast due to Iranís rising influence: Analyst
UK press freedom among Europeís worst: Study
Despite presence of foreign troops, Daesh growing in Afghanistan
* US Drops Over 500 Bombs On Insurgents In April
* 12 Year-Old Disabled Girl Gang Raped In Herat Province
* UN Chief Urges Governments To Protect Civilians From Violence
Seeking Fresh Spheres of Influence, US Eyes Boosting Uzbekistan Ties
World through the aperture
* Iran FM: US leaders prisoners to pipe dreams, pressure groups
Danish minister under fire for calling fasting Muslims Ďdangerí
Turkey slams deficit in German democracy over campaign ban
Afghanistanian complete rare silk Quran
US anti-Iran sanctions will further endanger Mideast: French FM
* US citizens in China warned against sonic attacks
* Attack On Interior Ministry Ends After 10 Gunmen Killed
* Afghanistanian Shias Targeted In Deadly Attacks in Recent Years: Report
Cartoonists across world invited to join art competition marking Quds Day
French police begin evacuation of refugee camp in Paris
World through the aperture
Syriaís Assad says Trumpís íanimalí slur represents himself
* Hekmatyar Reacts to Calls for Renaming Afghanistan Back to Khorasan
Haqqani Network Behind Attack On Interior Ministry
Afghanistan Gear Up for Bangladesh T20I Series
IEC Prints 18 Million Stickers for Seven Million Voters
* Govít Circles Facilitating Insurgent Attacks: MPs
* Three Reasons Driving Saudi Hudaydah Offensive despite UN Warning
Saudi king threatens to wage war on Qatar over possible S-400 deal: Report
Russian pilot shot down in Afghanistan in 1980s found alive
UN: Trump forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin
World through the aperture
* Iran Armed Forces will not hesitate to respond to threats: Military chief
* US in talks for summit between Trump and Putin
NATO says wonít defend Israel in case of Iran attack
* US Fails to Enforce Security Agreement: Senator
* Nearly 3.7 Million Afghanistanian Children Out of Schools: UNICEF
Elizabeth, from Scandinavia-All my questions are being answered and I know in my heart that this is the truth
he Night of Predestination (Laylatul Qadr)
Criminal Incidents Increased in Kabul: Police
* Gangs of Zionist Settlers Desecrate Al Aqsa Mosque as Quds Day Approaches
World through the aperture
Facebook ínot aware of any abuseí of data by phone makers
Mexico responds to US tariffs by imposing own duties
* EU confirms Iran enrichment plan not in nuclear deal violation
Franceís PSA again reverses on Iran deal in deference to US
* Trump-Kim summit set for Singaporeís Sentosa Island: White House
* Russia spares no effort to settle tensions in Korean Peninsula: Putin
* Imam Ali (A.S.) and the Holy Quran
Suratul Qadr, (The Night of) Ordainment or Power
ďThe Night of Qadr is better than a thousand monthsĒ
ĎIntercultural Dialogue for Peace and Developmentí Held at UN Headquarters to Create a Foundation of Understanding and Tolerance
* NATO discussing funding for Afghanistanian forces beyond 2020: Stoltenberg
World through the aperture
* Argentina calls off soccer friendly against Israel under pressure from campaigners
* EU wants firms exempt from US sanctions on Iran
* Franceís Macron: Phone calls with Trump like sausages, better not know whatís inside
NATO rejects Qatar membership demand
* Denmark, Norway Eye Kabul Center for Minors Denied Asylum
* CE Abdullah Meets Pakistanís President
* Why US Pin Airstrike against Iraqi Popular Forces on Israeli Regime?
* BRICS leaders pledge to strengthen multilateral trading system
* UK Contributes £10m Aid to Drought-hit Afghans
* 7-year-old minor bride girl killed by her husband in Badghis province
* Government leaders meet in Kabul after Gen. Dostumís return from Turkey
íVery positive signalsí after U.S., Taliban talks: sources
World through the aperture
* Chinaís door of dialogue with US on trade remains open: FM Wang
Pakistan opposition calls for probe into allegations of rigging during election
* Civilians suffer heavy casualties in a roadside bomb explosion in Farah
Car bomb kills 10 in southern Philippines
US detects new activity at North Korean missile site
World through the aperture
Pentagon creates blacklist of Russian, Chinese software
Tajikistan blames Daesh-claimed attack on opposition
* AGO Calls SIGAR Report As ĎContradictoryí
Saudi Arabia arrests 2 womenís rights activists: HRW
* Former NDS Chief Launches New Political Movement
EU Says ĎWe Stand United With Afghanistaní After Attacks
Three Foreigners Killed After Being Kidnapped In Kabul
Arab NATO: Goals, Challenges
* ISIS-K fighters to be treated as war prisoners, not honored guests: Gen. Votel
* Afghanistan assumes full control of its airspace after almost 26 years
Pakistan to add 60,000 more troops along the Durand Line with Afghanistan
Consensus reached on peace with Taliban, elections: Junbish Party
President Ghani orders strict follow up on cases of religious scholars
* Saudi jets attacks bus carrying children, leave 43 civilians dead
Russia: New US sanctions not based on evidence
Key labour figure defends calling out Israelís ígenocideí in Gaza
Canadian PM refuses to withdraw criticism of Saudi human rights record
News Analysis: Experts foresee further deterioration of ties as U.S. slaps sanctions on Russia over spy poisoning
* Ghazni Is Not Safe For Aid Workers To Enter: UN
Kabul Husband Throws Acid In His Fiancťeís Face
Imran Khan Sworn In As 22nd Premier Of Pakistan
Return of the dead bodies of Pakistanis from Ghazni incorrect, claims Gen. Bajwa
Taliban Chief invites US to talks to ĎReach Understandingí to end the ongoing war
* Reasons behind Formation of Afghanistanís Grand National Coalition
* Bomb that killed Yemeni kids supplied by US: CNN
US government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger: Reuters
Syria slams ídespicableí Saudi support for US ploys in war-torn state
World through the aperture
Chinese president to pay formal visit to N Korea in Sept.: Report
* Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day
* Taliban Preparing To Attack Kabul: Massoud
La Liga: Barcelona 3-0 Alaves/ video
* US cuts Syria ístabilizationí fund, vows to continue anti-Damascus bid
* 18th Asian Games in Pictures
íSocial, econ. woes behind US, Britain low life expectancyí
* Merkel implicitly rejects Putinís call to help Syria reconstruction
* Taliban militants kidnap 170 passengers from Kunduz-Takhar highway
US, Pakistan Welcome Ceasefire Announcement
* No War No Talks with US: Iran Leader
Farnoodís Burial Delayed As Family Awaits Autopsy Results
* Afghan Ambassador to U.S. appointed as new NSA to replace Hanif Atmar
IEC Offices in Kabul Reopened After About Two Weeks Delay
Daesh Ideology Takes Root in Afghanistan: U.S. Ambassador to UN
* Demise of the former chairman of Kabul Bank Ďmysteriousí, claims Noor
* Ghani Calls For Entire Security Cabinet To Step Down
* China hits back at Trump for íirresponsibleí comments about Korean Peninsula
* Distorting the Sacred Event Of Ghadeer
* Eid al-Ghadir and a Pious Leadership
Ghadir Khumm And The Orientalists
* Day of Wilayah
World through the aperture
UK food prices rise as no Brexit deal reached
* Israel controls UK politiciansí speech: Corbyn
Russia tells US not to go for another Ďunlawfulí aggression against Syria
Ghani Meets British Defense Minister
World through the aperture
US military blocks proposed railway connecting North, South Korea
* Moscow denies Hollandeís claim that Putin threatened to Ďcrushí Ukraine troops
* US ready to boost lethal arms supplies to Ukraine: Envoy
Ghani Has Not Delivered On His Campaign Promises: Critics
* Political Movement Unveils Thousands Of Fake ID Cards
* Woman knifed in north London amid surge in stabbings
CE Abdullah leaves Indonesia on a two-day official visit
* MoFA Fears Of US-Russia ĎConfrontationí In Afghanistan
Iraqi Politics Back On Track as President Elected
* How IS US Milking Saudi Arabia?
Khalilzad Leads Delegation to Afghanistan and Pakistan
* ONSC Reacts on Plan to Privatize War in Afghanistan
* Iran will slap US in face by defeating sanctions: Ayatollah Khamenei
* US Navy planning global show of force against China
* Afghans Ready To Vote Despite Threats
36 dead, wounded in Kabul traffic incident
* Three suspects arrested in connection to deadly Kandahar incident
* EU, Asia leaders call for lifting sanctions on Iran
Afghan, Pakistani foreign ministers discuss deadly Kandahar attack
Four Civilians, Two Policemen Wounded in Kabul Suicide Bombing
* Germanyís CDU sees íhard lossesí in state election
* MoI Revises Pul-e-Charkhi Prison Blast Death Toll
* Arbaíeen in pictures
* Two Muslim women expected to be elected to Congress in midterms
* Military Helicopter Crashes In Farah Province
* UN calls for resumption of Yemen peace talks íwithin a monthí
Khashoggi killed by strangulation, cut into pieces after murder: Turkish prosecutor
Death toll from attack on Islamic Movement in Nigeria supporters rises to 42
* Protesters gather near Presidential Palace in Kabul over recent wave of violence
* Casualties Feared As Explosion Rocks Kabul
* President Ghani met with the delegation of US House of Representatives
* EU Says Geneva Conference is An ĎImportant Opportunityí
* Pakistan PM Responds to Trumpís Comment
Saudi king throws his weight behind his son, Judiciary on Khashoggi murder
Putin urges Russian military to take Ďconcrete stepsí against US withdrawal from INF Treaty
* Upcoming Khashoggi murder recordings will shake world: Report
World through the aperture
* Police officer stabbed in Belgian capital, assailant subdued
Ivanka Trump caught using personal email for government work
* Teetering on Edge, Bin Salman Waits Trump Statement
* 43 Killed, 83 Wounded in Kabul Wedding Hall Explosion
Muhaqiq Agrees with Interim Govít on Condition
Trump put personal ties, commercial interests above Khashoggi life: WaPost CEO
* Russia: West after manipulating OPCW to own benefit
* Chancellor Merkel defends UN migration pact, censures ínationalism in purest formí
Erdogan accuses Soros of aiding Turkish philanthropist
Saudi Activists Tortured, Sexually Harassed at Regimeís Prisons: Report
* 85,000 Yemeni Kids May Have Starved as Saudi Aggression: NGO
NATO commander discussed Ghazni security with the provincial officials
* Ghani Slams Taliban, Pakistan for Recent Bombing in Kabul
World through the aperture
* US Congress urged to probe Trump, Kushner ties to Saudi after Khashoggiís death
* 3 killed, 22 wounded in Kabul mortar attack
* PM: 49 killed in íterroristí attack on two mosques in New Zealand
Muslim world reacts to New Zealand mosque attacks
Trump factor stands out in New Zealand mosque massacre
New Zealand mosque attack result of spreading Islamophobia in West: Commentator+video
* Trump condemns massacre in New Zealand; perpetrator praises Trump
* A dark day in New Zealand / Video
* íMuslims must not live in fear,í Omar says following massacre in New Zealand
Letters from Citizens to National Leaders: Endorsing Accountability for Global Peace Building at the UN General Assembly
* Yellow vests, police clash in Paris on day of íultimatumí
* US officials confirm Afghanistanian NSA Hamdullah Mohib was summoned to State Department
ĎIf we leave Afghanistan, we will leave together with NATOí: Khalilzad
New Zealand PM says received terroristís manifesto minutes before attack
10 Die In Flash Floods In Herat Province
* New Zealand PM says mosque attacker will face Ďfull force of lawí
China Ďto build island cityí in South China Sea, US cries foul
Trump calls Biden a ílow IQ individualí over accidental 2020 announcement
* Erdogan says anyone trying to attack Turkey will go back home Ďin casketsí
Global Peace Building through Cultural Diplomacy is Discussed in Bucharest, Romania
* Trumpís move on Golan will lead to war with Israel: Experts
Khanís Comments On Afghanistan ĎMisinterpretedí
World through the aperture
* West Bank next on US recognition list, Nasrallah warns
* New round of global outcry targets US over Syriaís Golan
* Extreme weather kills 25 in Iran; relief efforts continue
Nearly half of Americans still think Trump colluded with Russia: Poll
Pakistani minister brands US ambassador to Afghanistan a Ďlittle pygmyí in Twitter row
* UK PM May pledges to quit to save Brexit deal
World through the aperture
* New SIGAR Report Casts Doubt On Peace Effortsí Success
* Germany extends ban on Saudi arms sale by 6 months despite France, UK criticism
* Flash Floods Leave 19 Dead In West And North
UK lawmakers reject Brexit deal for third time
Was Obama involved in efforts to infiltrate the 2016 Trump campaign?
ĎResolveí of Fatemiyoun Forces in Anti-Terror Fight
World through the aperture
* Bolton: US to defend interests in Venezuela amid Russian, Chinese íprovocative actionsí
Malaysia drops murder charge against second woman in Kim Jong-namís case
Nevada woman accuses Biden of unwanted touching in 2014
* Afghanistanís Nabi Sinks RCB In IPL With Special Spell
Gen. Miller reaffirms support to Afghan forces, reiterates continued war against terrorism
World through the aperture
* Trump: íPhony and fraudulentí Russia probe íshould neverí happen again
Japan unveils name of new imperial era ahead of emperorís abdication
Contrasting styles: Here is how Trump and Ardern talk about Muslims
Comedian tops 1st round of Ukraineís pres. race, set to face Poroshenko in run-off: Early results
Erdoganís ruling party suffers major defeat in Turkeyís local polls
Interim Govt Not Under Discussion: Abdullah
Iran floods: New alerts issued as heavy rains continue
EU Parliament Urges Ghani to Stop ĎPolitical Pressuresí Against CAG Educational NGO
Women Must Be At The Table In All Negotiations: Khalilzad
NATO Chief Insists On Afghan Govtís Inclusion In Peace Process
* Zarif: US waging Ďeconomic terrorismí against Iran
World through the aperture
Scientists find likely source of methane on Mars
Ruling AKP asks Turkey election board to settle row over Istanbul vote results
Philippines protests Chinaís presence in disputed waters
Top Venezuela court urges revocation of Guaidoís immunity
No US F-35 equipment shipment to Turkey over Russiaís S-400: Report
Facebook deletes accounts in India, Pakistan
European Unionís chief negotiator warns no-deal Brexit more likely
* Flash Floods Killed 50 People In Iran In Two Weeks
Afghans Will Set Limits For Talks: Ghani
Flash Floods Affected Thousands of People in Afghanistan: UNOCHA
* US President Calls Afghanistan War ďUnfortunateĒ and ďRidiculousĒ
Afghanistanian Politicians To Meet Ghani And Khalilzad On Peace
* Trump retreats on Obamacare repeal after GOP leader warns it wonít happen
* Zarif decries Pompeoís comments about flood assistance as ífake newsí
Australiaís Senate censures MP over anti-Muslim remarks after NZ terror attack
World through the aperture
* UK PM May to meet Labour leader to try to break Brexit stalemate
Malaysiaís ex-PM pleads not guilty as graft trial begins
* Arab League Summit: Test of Arab NATO Practicality
La Liga: Valencia 2-1 Real Madrid
* New Zealand mosque attacker to face 50 murder charges
Situation tense in Libya as General Haftar forces move toward govt. positions
Angered by opposition visit to Moscow, Ukraine bans all flights to Russia
World through the aperture
Football legend Pele hospitalized in Paris
* Pence slams Germanyís unacceptable Russia ties, NATO spending
US likely to unveil Ďdeal of centuryí on Nakba Day: Report
Khalilzad Discusses Afghan Peace Process with Pakistani Officials
* Pakistanís PM Repeats Controversial Remarks On Afghanistan
* Study: US-Saudi arms deals ídramatically understatedí
* Turkey will purchase Russian S-400 missile systems, President Erdogan says
Britainís May asks EU for Brexit extension to June 30; EU could offer a year
France wonít take back Daesh terrorists, their families captured in Syria: Interior minister
Haqqani network militants among 15 killed in latest air, ground operations
* Libyaís Haftar forces close in on Tripoli, capture former international airport
World through the aperture
Trump delays Taiwan aircraft deal amid China trade talks: Report
US military admits to killing civilians in Somali airstrikes
Govt Proposes Lists For Negotiating Team, Reconciliation Council
World through the aperture
* Afghanistanian Govít to Form Peace and Reconciliation Council: Abdullah
* Pope blames US, Europe for deaths of people in war zones
* Afghanistan Loses $8m After Pakistanís Airspace Closure
Abdullah Says Fighting Terrorism Needs Collective Efforts
* Three US Service Members, One Contractor Killed In Bagram
US House Urges Briefing By Khalilzad On Afghan Peace
Ghani Welcomes EUís Stance On Afghan Peace
Ex-Communication Minister Jailed for Three Years
Pakistani PM and US CENTCOM Chief discuss Afghanistan
* US under pressure to extend Iran waiver as oil surges
* Americaís move against IRGC rooted in rancor: Khamenei
Amnesty to join legal fight against UK arms sales to Saudi amid Yemen atrocities
Israelis voting in general elections, with main contenders neck and neck
World through the aperture
* Iranís IRGC on US Terror List: Reasons, Consequences
10 Irresistible Smoothies to Make Right Now
* Abdullah Sees A Role For Taliban If They Quit Violence
* NATO Challenges on Eve of 70th Anniversary
* US fines Standard Chartered $1.1bn over Iran transactions
World through the aperture
Turkey, Qatar, China, Iraq denounce US blacklisting of IRGC
Rightist Netanyahu on path to win 5th term as Israeli PM
Turkey: Delivery of Russian S-400 may be brought forward
Poll shows Labour is surging in run-up to UK elections
ĎRussia ready to expand military cooperation with Turkey on new S-400 suppliesí
Qatar Meeting Postponed For April 19
* US blacklisting of IRGC proves Washingtonís fiasco in Middle East: Nasrallah
World through the aperture
* Sudan Ruler Omar Al-Bashir Removed as President: Reports
* UK PM May admits íhuge frustrationí over Brexit delay
Assange íexposed great crimesí by US government: Galloway
Taliban Offensive Announcement ĎIllegitimateí: ARG
Khalilzad condemns Taliban ĎRecklessí Offensive Announcement
* Afghan Forces Push Back Taliban Attack on Kunduz City
* UN expert: Assange not guaranteed fair trial in US; torture, death penalty possible
World through the aperture
Trump warns ICC against prosecuting Americans, Israelis for war crimes
Facebook spends $22.6 million to keep Mark Zuckerberg safe
Saudi Arabia resorting to death penalty to quash opposition: Amnesty
Germany pledges 59 million euros to Afghanistan
Jirga Preparations On Track Amid Waves Of Oppositions
* List Of Qatar Delegation ĎNot All-Inclusiveí: Say Critics
Instagram deletes pages of IRGC commanders after US blacklisting
World through the aperture
* US agreed verbally not to seek death penalty for Assange: Report
Syriaís Assad denounces US for blacklisting Iranís IRGC
* Ilhan Omar is Ďdisrespectfulí to US and Ďdisrespectfulí to Israel: Trump
Ajax are into the semi-finals of the Champions League
* Champions League: íMan Utd are miles offí - reaction to exit in Barcelona
* UN Condemns Taliban Announcement of Spring Offensive
Taliban had considered a reduction in violence in Doha talks: sources
* Cases of Torture Reduce in Afghanistan Prisons: UNAMA
World through the aperture
* íTrump acting as al-Qaedaís big brother, fomenting bigotry against Muslimsí
EU rejects Israeli claim to Golan, other occupied territory
Trump vetoes resolution on ending US involvement in Yemen war
Climate-change protesters vow to disrupt London underground
Pelosi moves to ensure safety of Omar after Trump tweet
Huawei to build worldís first 5G smart hotel
Video/ Notre Dame Cathedral structural stability should be guaranteed before rebuilding efforts: architect
* UK PM May faces Tory grassroots action to step down
* Iranís Zarif, Turkeyís Erdogan slam US sanctions, IRGC blacklisting as they urge enhanced ties
* Democratic small donors back Muslim lawmaker amid 9/11 fight with Trump
* Russian And Tajik Leaders Discuss Afghanistan
World through the aperture
* Trumpís so-called Ďpeaceí plan for Palestine dead on arrival
EU, Canada vow to fight new US sanctions on Cuba
* Attack On Afghan Ministry Leaves Seven Dead
* Pakistan PM Says Will Not Give Advice to Afghanistan Anymore
Presidential Candidates Seeking Alternative To NUG
World through the aperture
* US intelligence says Huawei funded by Chinese state security: The Times
Google targeting Press TV for challenging íUS hegemonyí: Journalist
Studies show the highest life satisfaction is between Muslims
* An Imam Still Calls OutÖ
* Tear gas canisters fly, but Yellow Vesters wonít give up
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo looks to Dubai as international launchpad
Afghanistan announces squad for ICC Cricket world Cup
Pompeo Pushes For Another Intra-Afghan Dialogue In Doha
* Abdullah Says íMismanagementí Interrupted Doha Meeting
World through the aperture
International Kite Festival, in Shandong province
* Iran, Pakistan to form joint anti-terror force: Rouhani
Who is new IRGC commander General Salami?
* Saudi Arabia Puts 37 Nationals to Death in Shocking Execution
* Khalilzad Says Important Steps Not Taken for Launch of Intra-Afghan Dialogue
* Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran to Export Oil At Will
Afghanistan, Tajikistan to Face in Football Friendly Match
* UNAMA Report Shows 23 Percent Decrease in Civilian Casualties
Moscow to Host Trilateral Meeting on Afghan Peace
World through the aperture
* North Koreaís Kim arrives in Russia for summit with Putin
* Itís íGetting Harderí To Track US Progress In Afghanistan
* US Sanctions Iran Oil Due to Regional Failure
Libya Crisis Drags on as Key Intl. Powersí Interests Rule
* World Slams Saudi Regime after Beheadings
Suspected militant blown up while planting a bomb inside a private university in Kabul
* Iranís Zarif Believes Trump Does Not Want War
US grants exemptions to new sanctions on Iranís elite military force
France seeks source of damaging leak on Yemen war
World through the aperture
* Karzai Calls on Ghani to Postpone Peace Jirga
* MoFA Welcomes Moscow Meetingís Agreements
* US sanctions on Venezuela led to 40,000 deaths: Report
* ďRealizing Peace Starts from Peace EducationĒ Peace Education Conference Held in Romania
* Newborn Baby Dies due to Road Closures in Kabul
* 12 Electoral Tickets Warn of Forming Similar Loya Jirga
US Seeking Political Settlement, Not Withdrawal: Khalilzad
China says UK should resist pressures in Huawei case
* Trump lashes out at Democratic Party, presidential opponents at Wisconsin rally
Grand gala held at opening ceremony of Beijing horticultural expo
* Ismail Khan Skeptical On Peace Jirgaís Outcomes
22 Daesh Fighters Killed in Nangarhar
World through the aperture
Video purportedly shows Daesh ringleader after 5 years
* UK may defy US warnings on Huawei cooperation: UN envoy
* President Rouhani signs off on US CENTOM terrorist designation law
Venezuelan govt. confronting small group of coup-seeking Ďmilitary traitorsí: Minister
F-35 jet program doomed to failure if Turkey excluded, Erdogan says
Rouhani: Iran to Bring US to Its Knees
* Khalilzad, Talibanís deputy political chief met with Indonesian FM ahead of Qatar talks
Daesh Gaining Foothold In Afghanistan: Russia
* Sixth Round Of US -Taliban Talks in Doha to Begin Today
Zarif: US unilateralism existential threat to entire world
* Daesh remains potent threat worldwide despite reduced capabilities, Iraqi PM warns
World through the aperture
* Iran: US power doesnít match its bluster
* UK court gives Assange 50-week jail term for breaching bail
* Police clash with protesters on May Day march in French capital
Light, water shows enrich May Day holiday in China +Video
Sayyaf Optimistic On Peace Jirgaís Outcome
Champions League: Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool
World through the aperture
* US sending mixed signals on Venezuela military action
* Grand Consultative Peace Jirga Ends in Kabul
* Khalilzad Urges Taliban to Stop Violence, Embrace Peace
* Israeli forces will be annihilated if they dare attack Lebanon, warns Nasrallah
* Trump, Putin discuss possible new US-Russia nuclear accord: White House
Turkey In Favor Of Durable Peace In Afghanistan: Erdogan
* Abdullah Does Not See ĎAnything Newí In Jirga Resolution
World through the aperture
* Boeing 737 slides off runway into Florida river, 21 hurt
Khalilzad Reacts To Talibanís Rejection Of ĎLaying Down Armsí
IEC to Kick Off Voter Registration Process on Mid-May
Presidential Candidates React To Peace Jirga Resolution
* Trump ífirmí on China trade demands: US VP Pence
* Funeral held in Gaza as Tel Aviv continues to strike besieged enclave
Asiri, Saudi mastermind of Khashoggi murder roaming freely
Ghani Calls for Peace, Reconciliation During Ramadan
Taliban Attack Kills 20 Soldiers in Farah Province
* Whatís Causing Intensified Israeli Violence against Palestinians?
World through the aperture
Iran to unveil countermeasures to US withdrawal from JCPOA
* Pilot says lightning caused deadly Russian crash landing
* New US Weapons Flow to Despotic Arab Regimes
* Children may be their parentís best climate change teachers, find scientists
Dutch mosques take extra security measures for Ramadan
Taliban Has No Political Will For Peace: Abdullahís Office
Afghan Boyís Dance Video Goes Viral On Social Media +Video
* World through the aperture
* Dostum Warns Against More Inattention To North Security
World through the aperture
* Pence to offer Venezuelaís military new incentives to turn against elected president: Report
* UCL :Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona
* Gunmen Storm Intíl Organization In Kabul; Gunfight Continues
US pregnancy deaths are up, especially among blacks: Report
* Taliban Attack In Kabul Labelled Crime Against Civilians
* Dunford Suggests Longer Military Presence In Afghanistan
Hungary Forces 11 Afghan Asylum-Seekers Into Serbia
Kabul Attack Death Toll Climbs To Nine
* Senior diplomat: Withdrawal from nuclear deal on Iranís agenda
World through the aperture
Champions League: Spurs break Ajax hearts to reach final
Facebook chooses London for WhatsApp payment
* Trump says China Ďbroke deal,í repeats warning on tariffs
* EU rejects Iranís 60-day deadline on nuclear deal, says will remain committed for now
Maduro lashes out at USís Pence for encouraging defections
* US beating drums of war with Iran with fake intel: Muslim congresswoman
UK boosting space defense to prevent Russia, China attack: Leaked memo
Russiaís Red Square military parade marks 74th Victory Day +Video
* Rehearsal for Victory Day parade held in Moscow
* US To Transfer Part Of $1.5B To Border Wall From Afghan Forces
Former Afghan Female Journalist Assassinated in Kabul
Afghanistan beats Scotland by 2 runs via D/L method in second ODI match
* US passes phone number to Swiss in case Iran wants to call: CNN
World through the aperture
Venezuelaís former intel chief was íCIA moleí seeking to orchestrate coup: Maduro
* US gives China one-month ultimatum for trade deal: Sources
US missile systems in Japan pose direct threat to Russia: Russian FM
* Manchester City Wins Premier League Title +Video
Taliban Wants To Take Over Afghanistan: Ex-Pentagon Chief
* Abdullah Sees No Progress on Afghan Peace Process
* Presidential Candidates Propose Caretaker Government After May 22
Idlib Operation: Bells Ring for End of Terrorism in Syria
World through the aperture
* Trump to Xi: íChina will be hurt very badly if you donít make a dealí
Trump plan includes extending Israeli law to West Bank: TV
Sweden reopens rape investigation against Assange
* China strikes back at US with tariff hike on goods worth $60bn
* New Lawmakers Fail to Elect Parliament Speaker
* IEC Decides Not to Use Biometric System in Upcoming Elections
India Delivers Pair Of MI-24 Helicopters To Afghan Forces
Sahraa Karimi To Lead Afghan Film As First Female Chairperson
* Situation In Pul-e-Charkhi Prison Remains Tense After Face Off
* UAE Port Attack: Scenarios, Vindications
World through the aperture
Iran FM rules out possibility of talks with US
Russia continues dumping US debt: Report
UK PM agrees to announce timetable for resignation
* UN chief warns of nuclear Ďcoffiní leaking in Pacific
* IRGC commander: Iran enemies have reached end of the line
* Trump says he hopes US does not go to war with Iran
* Election Planning Must Go Forward: Khalilzad
* Court Verdict Still To Be Implemented On Two New MPs
* Nigerian army opens fire on protesters demanding release of Zakzaky
World through the aperture
* France, UK, Germany defy US bid to ban Huawei equipment
Trump says EU Ďtreating US worse than Chinaí on trade
President Maduro declares begining of Norway-brokered talks with opposition
World through the aperture
Man City crush Watford in FA Cup final to win domestic treble
Venezuela army awaiting US Ďwith weapons in handsí
* Turkey now eyes Russiaís S-500 missile system
Saudi king calls for urgent meetings of Arab leaders
MPs Brawl Over Election Of New Speaker
* Afghan Treasures Displayed At China Exhibition
* Yamamoto Calls For Separate Holding Of Upcoming Elections
* Far-rights across Europe rally, call for pre-Maastricht rules
* UN Stresses On Persistent Anti-Corruption Efforts In Afghanistan
* Airstrike Reportedly Kills Five Civilians In Helmand
World through the aperture
* Trump says no war, but wonít let Iran have nuclear weapons
Google suspends ties with Huawei after Trumpís ban
Swedish prosecutor files formal request for Assange arrest over rape allegation
* Trump says Chinaís ígetting totally killed with tariffsí
Palestinian cabinet not consulted on US-led Bahrain summit, PM says
* Al-Qaeda Elements Are Seen In Parts Of Afghanistan: Miller
* 3.5 Million Afghans Displaced Since 2012: IOM
* Six Civilians Killed in Irresponsible Armed Groups Gunfight in Takhar
Peace Has Eventually Become Possible In Afghanistan: Wang
Xavi Hernandez hangs up boots at age of 39 at Tehran
World through the aperture
Trump loses court battle over House subpoena to obtain financial records
* E.U. Special Envoy Met Mullah Baradar in Qatar
Naib, Shahzad Help Afghanistan Level Series Against Ireland
World through the aperture
* Russia, France, Germany defend JCPOA, support trade with Iran
íUS, Iran tensions can turn Mideast into powder kegí
Theresa Mayís Brexit gambit fails as her premiership fades
EU under huge US pressure over Iran trade: France
* Khalilzad Briefs US Lawmakers On Afghan Peace Talks
* Modi takes commanding lead as India counts votes
Iran in full control of Persian Gulf: IRGC deputy commander
* UK to warn NATO allies of Russian cyber attack campaign
World through the aperture
Trump may use Iran tensions to bypass Congress, sell Saudis more bombs: Senator
* Moscow To Host Meeting On Afghanistan Next Week
US airstrikes kill at least 14 civilians in Afghanistan
* Indian PM Modi wins landslide victory, vows íinclusiveí India
"From a victim of war to the leader of peace"
* Senate Speakerís Advisor Arrested For Links With Terrorists
Well-Known Religious Scholar Killed In Kabul Explosion
* Corbyn calls for Ďimmediate general electioní after British PM steps down
* Iranian Foreign Minister: Donald Trump as ďa terroristĒ
* Afghanistan Shock Pakistan By Three Wickets In Warm-Up Match
Lionel Messi wins sixth European Golden Shoe
* Xi meets Brazilian VP amid Chinaís push for greater presence in US íbackyardí
Moscow agrees to send military specialists to Republic of Congo to service weapons
* Suicide rates rise in US youth, especially among girls: Study
World through the aperture
Trump says considering pardons for US soldiers accused or convicted of war crimes
US military helicopter destroyed after íhard landingí in Afghanistan
Nearly 40% of Americans canít cover an unexpected $400 expense: Report
ďGlobal Youths and Citizens Led Simultaneous Peace Walk Events to Advocate International Support for Securing Peace through International Law"
* Rival Candidates Accuse Ghani Of ĎLaw Violation, Bullyingí
* Hezbollah Standing Firm against US, Israeli Plots: Nasrallah
Imam Ali, is he our role?
The Night of Predestination (Laylatul Qadr)
* Trump hails ígreat progressí in trade talks with Japan, says not in hurry for deal
Was Imam Ali (AS) alone after the Prophet of Islam (PBUH)?
* Imam Ali (A.S.) and the Holy Quran
* Seven Members of a Family Shot Dead in Kabul
* Abdullah Not Aware Of Recent Cabinet Appointments
* Foreign forces must exit Afghanistan for peace: Taliban
* Trump rips aircraft carrier design, says will Ďuse steamí
Chechnya: Republic Of Contrasts (Documentary)
* Former Supports of Ghani Demand Formation of Interim Govít
* ĎTwo Out Of Five Childrení Are Not In School In Afghanistan
* Moscow Talks: Taliban Rejects Calls For Ceasefire
* Palestine using rockets not rocks to counter Israel: President Rouhani
* Boltonís allegation against Iran psychological op: Academic
* Suicide Bombing Near Marshal Fahim Military University Kills Six
* Moscow Delegates Form Working Group
* On Eve of Intl. Quds Day, Iran urges strong Muslim unity against Israel
* Negotiation with US Ďtotal lossí: Ayatollah Khamenei
World through the aperture
* President Ghani Meets Imran Khan, Discusses Bilateral Ties, Peace Process
6th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace and Peace Walk!! +Video
* Khalilzad Welcomes Afghan, Pakistani Leadersí Meeting
* Taliban Leader Expects ĎHonestyí From US
Roots of Israeli Election Crisis
* War on Iran to Set Fire to Whole Region: Nasrallah
US raises tariffs, China retaliates amid escalating trade war
World through the aperture
Russia says new US limits on space launch contracts aimed at forcing it out of market
* Israeli paper betrays scandalous details of ídeal of centuryí
* US heavily investing in Asia to counter China: Pentagon chief
One Killed, 17 Wounded in Kabul Blasts
* Khalilzad Says US Is Not Seeking Violence In Afghanistan
Liverpool lift their sixth Champions League trophy, defeating Tottenham 2-0
Giro díItalia: Carapaz in pink as Bilbao wins stage 20
Iranís steadfastness made US back off: Rouhani
* Trump to UK: íWalk awayí if EU does not give what you want
Leaked govt. inquiry hints at ígenocideí of Indigenous women in Canada
New US rule to demand social media details from visa applicants
China to Ďfight at all costsí to defend Taiwan, South China Sea claims
Photo of the day
Ex-Afghan Spy Chief Leaks New Information Regarding Govt, IEC, Taliban
Jamiat Warns President Ghani to Step Down
* Nabil Stresses on Fair Investigation of Sexual Abuse Charges on ARG
VNL 2019: Iran Victorious over Germany
Khalilzad In Pakistan To Advance Afghan Peace
World through the aperture
* Trump kicks off controversial visit to UK
German chancellor vows to carry on with coalition despite SPD chiefís resignation
* Ghani To Visit Pakistan At The End Of June
Almost Half Of Rural Afghans Face Food Insecurity: UN Report
Ghani Stresses On Fair Elections As He Delivers Eid Message
* Nearly 200 Afghanistanian Civilians Killed In Ramadan: Report
* Iranians mark anniversary of Imam Khomeiniís passing
* In pictures: Pious and festive on Eid al-Fitr
* Turkey wonít backtrack from Russian S-400 deal: Erdogan
* Trump vows fair UK trade deal, tells May to stick around
China defends government action at Tiananmen Square in 1989
Imam Khomeini distributing gifts to his Christian neighbors for Christmas
* Ayatollah Khamenei: Iran will not fall for Trumpís politicking
* Trump attacks Corbyn after he condemns visitorís racism
Imam Khomeiniís lasting legacy in pictures
* Germany, Qatar to Host Intra-Afghan Dialogue
World through the aperture
* Ayatollah Khamenei: Americaís evil deal on Palestine will never materialize
* Militants preparing to stage new chemical attack in Syriaís Idlib, Russia warns +Video
* US-China trade war to cut global economic output next year, IMF warns
Qatar: Saudi-led bans worsening human rights situation
Australia police raid ABC over report on killing of civilians in Afghanistan
* Naderi Calls For Impartial Probe Into Allegations Against Arg
* Russiaís Putin urges next UK PM to forget spy row and improve ties
No solution on horizon to Persian Gulf crisis, says Qatari FM
No meeting between PM Modi, Pakistanís Khan at regional summit: India
Govít Forces Retake Ghazniís Khwaja Omari District After a Year
* Thousands of protesters rally in Dublin against Trumpís visit
* China vows to ífight to the endí if US intensifies trade war
US stops accepting new Turkish pilots to train on F-35 fighter jets
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt behind Sudanís bloody crackdown: Expert
Netherlands beat England in extra time at UEFA Nations League
* Iran says Macronís remarks to deepen distrust among JCPOA parties
* US House Speaker Pelosi told Democrats I want to see Trump Ďin prisoní: Report
World through the aperture
UNSC assigns no blame despite UAEís claims on oil tanker attacks
Russia blames US warship for causing near collision in E China Sea
* Khalid Warns Against Any Deal In Peace Process
* Senators ask Fed to investigate Trumpís Deutsche Bank transactions
* Whatís Driving Forthcoming American-Russian-Israeli Summit?
Saudi Arabia going through most oppressive era in its history: Activist
Facebook to prevent installation of its apps on Huawei phones
* Backtracking on initial support, Trump criticizes NASA for focusing on Moon
* US imports rise from other nations amid China trade war: Data
Venezuela Socialist Party deputy meets Cuban officials in two day visit to Havana
French Open: Nadal beats Federer in semi-finals
World through the aperture
Trump cancels tariffs on Mexico after deal on migration
Skillful Kidnapper Shot Dead, Four Women Rescued
* Iran: Abe visit success depends on unwinding US measures
* ICC prosecutor challenges courtís rejection of probe into US war crimes in Afghanistan
Myanmarís Suu Kyi, Hungaryís far-right PM, lament ígrowing Muslim populationsí
Boeing delayed fix of defective 737 MAX warning light for 3 years: US lawmakers
Russia set to air TV series that reveals US role in Chernobyl nuclear disaster
Huawei, ZTE ban would cost EU operators up to Ä55 billion: Report
Minister Khalid Meets Top US Military Official for Afghanistan
Presidential Candidates Asks Their Supporters to Stage Protests
FIFA Bans Ex-Football Chief For Life For Sexual Abuse
* AGO Issues Arrest Warrant For Ex-Football Chief
Euro 2020 Qualifications: Turkey 2-0 France
World through the aperture
Hundreds of US infantry soldiers mobilizing for deployment to Afghanistan
* Sudan protesters begin ícivil disobedienceí to unseat junta
White House blocked climate change testimony warning: Report
Russia, China sanguine as Kazakhs elect new leader
* Saudi teenager faces death penalty
* UKís Johnson threatens to withhold $50 billion Brexit payment
China warns tech firms of Ďdire consequencesí if they follow US ban
Italy Must Leave the Eurozone
* NATO Has Commended Reforms In Afghan Institutions: Qayumi
* Mohib Says ANDSF Will ĎBreak Talibanís Backbone In Four Monthsí
Iran unveils new indigenous air defense system
* 4 killed, 18 injured in gun battle between rival Indian political parties
China on watch as Hong Kong takes up extradition bill
12 Haqqani Network Commanders Killed In Khost
Khalilzad: Peace Talks are Entering a New Stage
* Govt Should Not Interfere to Solve Parliament Impasse: MPs
* Man Kills 12 Members of His Family in Farah
* German FM in Tehran, pledges no ímiraclesí on JCPOA
Leaked plot: Brazilís Lula jailed in fabricated case to keep him from election
* Kazakhstan elects hand-picked successor of former president Nazarbayev
World through the aperture
UK drivers being pursued by foreign police over unpaid speeding fines: Report
Moldovan president suspended, snap election called amid political standoff
ĎTrump undermining US leadership role,í Democrats attack Trump for his Mexico deal
Trump would have been fired from any job by now,í says George Conway
Six Hindu men convicted of rape, murder of 8-year old Muslim girl in India
US senators seeking to block Trumpís Saudi arms sales
* Helicopter crashes onto roof of Manhattan skyscraper, killing one
25 Days Passed, MPs Quarrel Still Remains Unsolved
* Grand Ayatollah Mohaqiq Kabuli passes away
World through the aperture
* Europe must resist US economic terrorism against Iran: President Rouhani
North Korea warns US to drop Ďhostile policyí
US mulls new sanctions to kill Iran-EU trade vehicle
* Trump threatens Chinaís President Xi: Meet me or else!
Unknown militants raid Burkina Faso town, kill 19
UKís intelligence service broke laws on data storage, use: Watchdog
US pressuring world into ignoring Security Council resolution on Iran: Russia FM
EU cannot be blackmailed on Brexit: Germany
Why is he so low-key? UK PM candidate Johnson bashed for avoiding scrutiny
* Collapse of Century: Howís US Hegemony Declining?
Turkey condemns US Congress resolution on purchase of Russian S-400 systems
* US companies sued over Londonís deadly Grenfell Tower fire
Italy Ďdeterminedí to avoid EU debt procedure
Afghan Director Begins Filming New Movie In Iran
Key Taliban Member Among 52 Others Killed In Zabul: Governor
* EU moves closer to disciplinary action over Italyís rising debt
* China lashes out at US for Ďirresponsibleí comments on Hong Kong
* Taliban Main Obstacle to Peace Process: Abdullah
* Germany Mediates for Ending Afghan War: MoFA
Japanís Prime Minister Abe in Tehran on historic visit
* Putin Hopes Efforts On Afghan Peace Will Product Positive Results
Daesh In Afghanistan Aims To Attack US: McKenzie
* PM Abe calls Iran significant country, voices Japanís readiness to help ease tensions
* Explosions hit two large oil tankers in Sea of Oman: Reports
* Oil prices jump following suspected attacks on two oil tankers in Sea of Oman
* Leader of Iran to Japan PM: Trump not worthy of exchanging messages with
UK parliament rejects move to block no-deal Brexit
Trump says US sending 1,000 troops to join the 4,000 already in Poland
Catalan separatistsí rebellion trial closes
Saudi crown princeís sister to go on trial in France in July
* Explosions hit two large oil tankers in Sea of Oman: Reports
* Man Who Tried To Approach Ghani Was Asked By Arg ĎTo Stay Silentí
Ex-Football Chief Yet To Be Detained Despite Arrest Warrant
UK government signs order to enable Assange extradition to US
* Police shooting of black man triggers unrest in Memphis, Tennessee
* World reacts as two tankers Ďattackedí in Sea of Oman
The Worldís First 360-Degree Rooftop Infinity Pool Is Coming to London in 2020
Video: Iran saves crewmembers of tanker hit in Sea of Oman
* SCO Summit Begins In Bishkek
Ghani, Modi Discuss Afghan Peace in Bishkek
Trump announces exit of his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders
* 1000s of Haitians protest against corruption
* SCO plays constructive role in promoting regional peace, stability: Statement
* Senior Afghan Politicians In Pakistan For Key Meeting
* Iran refrained from hitting manned US plane accompanying downed drone, IRGC says
* Russia will help Iran with oil, banking if payment channel not launched: Ryabkov
* Georgia parliament head quits after 240 injured in crackdown
* Tory leadership race exposes Britainís democratic deficit
* Trump rejects UN request for FBI probe into Khashoggiís murder to save weapons sales
* ďLegislate PeaceĒ Campaign in Afghanistan
* Taliban claims Kabul and Parwan explosions
* Suicide attack in Kabul city kills 22 civilians, injures 38 others
* Voting Kicks off in Afghanistanís 4th Presidential Election
* Hekmatyar Casts Vote without Having Sticker on His Tazkera+photos
* Abdullah Calls on Electoral Commissions to Stay Independent
* Vote Counting Underway; 1 Million Counted So Far
* Pro-Government Fighters Killed ĎBy Mistakeí In Takhar Airstrike
* Floods kill 113 in north India in late monsoon burst; jail, hospital submerged
* Yemenís Houthis to free 350 captives, including three Saudis, in good will gesture
* Abdullah Claims Victory in Presidential Elections
* UN Insists on Transparency With Afghan Election Count
Taliban Delegation Meets Pakistani Officials
* Ghani: We Must Avoid 2014 Election Chaos
* Reasons Riyadh May Be Leaning to Yemen War End
Blast In Ghazni University Leaves 23 Students Wounded
* IEC Registers Non-biomteric, Fraudulent Votes: Saadati
* Russia jails American-Israeli woman on drug charges despite Netanyahu plea
* Leaders of India, China have frank discussions defuse border tensions
* Authorities Fail to Enforce Court Order over a Former IEC Member
* Qayoumi Referred to Attorney General
* Civilian Casualties Have Spiked: UN
* 62 killed, 33 wounded in an explosion in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan
* IEC Chairperson Apologizes for Violation of Timeline
* China Set to Host Taliban, Afghanistanian Politicians
* US Mission Has Not Changed in Afghanistan: Esper
* FM Rabbani Resigns, Citing Parallel Structures
* Afghan Govt May Join Beijing Peace Discussion
* Breach of IECís Digital Center Unacceptable: MPs
Taliban Had to Show Real Willingness to Make Real Compromises: NATO
* Abdullah Emphasizes on Transparency of Election, Importance of Peace
* 31 Taliban militants, civilians killed, wounded as explosives-laden vehicle goes off in Jawzjan
* HRW says CIA-backed Afghan forces carry out Ďgraveí rights abuses
* Afghan woman politician sees Taliban talks as only hope for future
* Abdullah at SCO: Afghan Peace Requires Regional Cooperation
* Afghanistan Protests Summoning of Envoy by Pakistan
* íTaliban Commanderí Killed In Logar Airstrike
* US Airstrike ĎMistakenlyí Hits Afghan Army Outposts in Logar
* US ĎStrongly Supportsí Release of Taliban Prisoners: Bass
* Americans taking advantage of protests in Lebanon for own interests: Nasrallah
* Seven People Killed in Kabul Car Blast
* IEC: Election Announcement Again Postponed
* Gaza stops fire as Israel agrees to Islamic Jihad demands: Islamic Jihad
* Report: Road Accident in Iran Kills 28 Afghan Nationals
* At Night Family Celebrates Birthday, Next Morning Buries Children
* Haqqani Prisoners Returned to Bagram Prison: Source
* Taliban Prisoners Still Under Afghan Government Custody: Sediqqi
* IEC Non-Voting Intíl Members Accused of Concealing Electoral Violations
* Abdullah Warns of Using Every Means to Stop Partial Vote Recount
US Supports Delay of Prisoner Swap: Bass
íGrenadeí Attack Near Kabul Military Training Center
* California mass shooting leaves several dead, injured
* Nabil Boycotts Vote Recounting Process
Intra-Afghan Meeting in China Delays Again
* Who Is The Third Force Behind Killing Iraqi Protesters?
* Two AUAF Professors Freed in Zabul
* Hekmatyar: Prosecute Those Committing Electoral Fraud
Bolivian Police Crackdown Moralesí Supporters
Police, Moralesí supporters clash amid worsening unrest
Duke of York subjected to scorn and ridicule following interview
Many Afghan Children Are Afraid to Go Outside: Save the Children
Two US Service Members Killed in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
13 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in Kunduz
* US war on terror cost nearly $6 trillion
US-China trade friction sends European shares lower
* Wahid Muzhda, Political Analyst, Assassinated In Kabul
* Trump Hopes Prisoner Exchange Leads to Afghan Peace
Shelling by Saudi-led militia kills 10 African refugees in Yemen
* Trump Invites Ghani to US After Discussing Peace Process
Trump Discusses Afghan Peace with Pakistani PM
US Senators Seek Oversight of Afghan Peace Settlement
Davis Cup: Novak Djokovic 2-0 Benoit Paire
Support for huge general strike building in France
* Clashes erupt in Colombia amid protests, nationwide strike against government
Beijing warns US against provocations after two warships sailed in South China Sea
* Iranians rally to support establishment as riots contained
* China wants US trade deal but ínot afraidí to fight: Xi
Afghanistan Beats Turkmenistan 2-1 at CAFA U-23 Women Championship
* Trump: US ĎWorking on an Agreement With the Talibaní
Pregnant Muslim woman violently attacked in Sydney cafe
Violence Against Women Increases by 8%: Report
* Afghan Forces Had í30 Insider Attacks in Three Monthsí: SIGAR
* Farah Residents Protest Civilian Casualties ďFrom AirstrikeĒ
Blast in Kabul Leaves One Foreign National Dead
* Karzai: Situation of Afghanistan Is Deteriorating
* NDS Says Claims of Sexual Abuse of School Boys Made up for Seeking Asylum Abroad
Afghan Forces Receive Five More MD530 Helicopters From US
* Ghani Orders Probe into Logar Sex Abuse Allegations
* Peace in íNear Termí Possible: US Gen. Milley
* EU Envoy Condemns ďExtrajudicialĒ Detention of Rights Activists
Abdullahís Team Calls for Kabul Protest
* Trump makes surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan
* Mixed Reactions to Abdullah-Led Protest
* Ayatollah Khamenei blasts Americans for unauthorized trips to regional states
Ayatollah Sistani warns of enemy plot seeking to create civil strife, bring back íera of dictatorshipí
* Australian Professor on Three-Year Ordeal Taliban Hostage
Knowledge Summit 2019: MBRF Unveils Findings of ĎFuture of Knowledge
* Ghani Orders Termination of Gold, Copper Mining Contracts
Politicians Working on Plan to ĎEnd Crisisí
* Freed Taliban Hostage Australian Professor Says He Never Gave Up Hope
* Khalid, Miller Meets VP Dostum in Jawjzan
Italy PM defends reform of euro zone bailout fund but seeks concessions
* Trump blasts impeachment inquiry as Ďa hoaxí
* Germans Ready to Extend Their NATO Mission: Minister
Childrenís Advocates Call for ĎPromptí Probe into Logar Case
* Abdullahís Supporters Stage Protests in the North
US Troop Drawdowns In Afghanistan ĎNot Tiedí to Taliban Deal: Esper
* Head of Japanese NGO in Nangarhar Has Died From Gunfire Wounds
* Abdullahís Supporters Continue Protests in the North
* Khalilzad Will ďRejoin Talks with the TalibanĒ: US
* Meeting on Afghan Election Did Not Break Impasse
Turkey to Host Meeting on Afghanistan
* US-Taliban Talks Continue for Second Day
Body of Japanese Aid Worker Arrives in Japan
* Pentagon chief says plans to shift US military focus to Russia, China
* Abdullahís Team Sees No Outcome from Election Meeting
Ghani Calls for Regional, Intíl Support for Afghan Peace
US, Taliban Not Agreed on Reduction of Violence: Sources
* Fox Ďpandersí to Democrats, Trump complains, calling it ípatheticí
US Democratic leading impeachment probe says Trump violated oath
* Confidential Documents on Afghanistan Released
Peace Talks Continue into Fourth Day
IEC May Announce Election Results Wednesday
Jeremy Corbyn fends off tough interview by BBC
EU Ďconcernedí about restrictions in Indian-controlled Kashmir
Saudi gunman ílegallyí purchased pistol used in US terror attack
* Endless unwinnable US war in Afghanistan
* US House Democrats unveil Trump impeachment charges
Suu Kyi defends Myanmar at Rohingya genocide trial
US judge blocks Trump from using $3.6 billion in Pentagon money on border wall
* 2 killed, 73 Wounded in Ongoing Taliban Attack near Bagram Base
* Abdullah Says Result Announcement Will Not Be Acceptable
Protests Held Against Indiaís Religion-Based Bill
ĎNo election tomorrow,í Algerians chant ahead of presidential vote
Nicola Sturgeon set to reshape the politics of the British Isles
* US íStands With Afghansí to Bring Peace, Stability: Pompeo
* Indian police fire blanks in fresh demos against citizenship bill
US weekly names Swedish activist Greta Thunberg Person of the Year
* Bagram Attack Casts Shadow Over Qatar Peace Talks: Sources
Facebook is engine of anti-Muslim hate in the world: Journalist
UK system of elections is viewed by many as being unfair
Trump says US and China ívery closeí to trade deal
Why So Many Americans Are Turning to Buddhism
* IECC Hosts Meeting on Electoral Crisis
16 civilians killed And Injured In A Mine Blast In Ghazni
* Abdullah Asks Protestors to Allow Recount in Seven Provinces
* Operation Ends in Mazar, Qaisari is ĎMissingí
* Students join protests against new citizenship law on campuses across India
China lodges representations with US over expelling diplomats
* French commuters face 12th day of transport strike over pensions
* Khalilzad in Kabul for Peace Talks: Officials
* Clashes Continue in Indian Capital Over Citizenship Law
Every day On Average, 9 Children Either Dies, Gets Injured In Afghanistan
* Pelosi calls Trump threat to US national security before impeachment vote
* Pompeo Hopes Reduced Violence Will Lead to Ceasefire
* Talks Approach íImportant Stageí: Khalilzad
President Trump impeached over abuse of power, obstruction of US Congress
La Liga: Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid+Video
video/ Barcelona 0-0 Real Madrid: Gareth Bale denied by VAR in El Clasico stalemate
Bolivian regime issues arrest warrant for ex-president Morales
* Erdogan slams certain Islamic Ďplatformsí for inaction over Muslim woes
* Global security will be put in jeopardy if New START treaty with US not renewed: Putin warns
Moscow: One killed in lone wolf Ďterror attackí on domestic security agency building
Lebanon president Aoun designates Diab as countryís new premier
* Biden: I Was Against Troop Surge in Afghanistan
* Analyst: Britainís keeping of Scotland in UK Ďpolitical folly
* Death toll hits 9 as citizenship law protests spread in India
* Afghan Political Figures Works On New Peace Plan To Be Discussed In Peace Talks
Ayatollah Sistani demands early elections to end crisis in Iraq
US watching North Korea closely for possible íChristmas surpriseí missile launch: Report
* Afghan Saffron Ranked Best in the World for Eighth Year
Twitter aborts another Ďmanipulativeí Saudi state-backed op, which included activity against Iran
Italyís new tax on tech giants likely to trigger US retaliation
US permanently at war on humanity at home and abroad: Writer
Trump approves sanctions against Russia-Europe gas pipeline
US íverbal abuseí over rights allegations aggravate tensions: North Korea
US government reports 2.7% percent uptick in homeless population
* Muslim nations considering gold dinar to beat sanctions
Panamanians march on 30th annv. of US invasion
European Parliament Condemns Child Abuse in Afghanistan
Facebook removes hundreds of fake accounts promoting Trump
Modi summons ministers as citizenship law protests rage on
Trump signs military budget to create controversial Space Force
* Hundreds arrested in India during days of protests over citizenship law
Macron: French forces kill 33 Ďmilitantsí in Mali
* Ghani Tops Preliminary Election Results: IEC
Liverpool clinch 2019 Club World Cup
* íWhite House ordered freeze on Ukraine aid 90 mins after Trump call to Zelenskyí
2019 Wingsuit Flying World Cup held in southwest China
Iowa woman ran over girl she thought was Mexican: Police
* Taliban killed an ĎAmericaní solider in northern Kunduz province
India, Iran Agree to Accelerate Chabahar Project
Saudi court releases MBS aides in Khashoggi murder trial
New Lebanon PM Enjoys Support, Expertise To Form Govt.: Expert
* Abdullah files more than 4,000 complaints over preliminary presidential election results
Preliminary Election Results Are ĎFalseí: Hekmatyar
Trump: ĎPelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the US Congressí
Indian Muslims brandish natl. flag, say their protest not anti-India
* 2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard urged to resign after voting in favor of Trump
* China says USís outer space domain strategy constitutes Ďsecurity threatí
Condemnations pour in as court exonerates Saudi officials in Khashoggi murder case
China, Japan, South Korea stress dialog with North Korea
Ukraine govt., pro-Russians agree on prisoner swap by year end
Texas homeowner fatally shoots 3 men who invaded home
* Document: MoF Asks Govt-Run Bank to Pay Taxes in Advance
* Taliban Agrees With Short Term Ceasefire Proposed By USA
* IECC Registers Over 7,000 Complaints in Two Days
US National Security Adviser warns UK about allowing Chinaís Huawei in 5G network: Report
* Russia Ďwatching US for new missile deployments in Europe, Asia-Pacificí
Russiaís advanced Sukhoi Su-57 jet suffers first crash
Hong Kong protesters clash with police at shopping malls
* Modiís Rightist Policies Increasingly Cause Crisis in India
Talibanís Top Leaders Meet in Quetta: Sources
Taliban abducts 27 peace activists in Afghanistan
Russia, China want Iran to adopt FATF rules: Chief banker
* ďMost MembersĒ of Taliban Councils Support Ceasefire: Sources
* Leaders Unite Against Rise of ĎFraudulentí Govt
* civilian casualties in afghanistan surpassed 100,000 in the past 10 years
* Facing US trade uncertainty, China seeks closer ties with neighbors
Turkey will soon pass bill to send troops to Libya: President Erdogan
10-Year-Old Girl Raped in Badghis: Local Officials
American University in Kabul May Close
* Passenger plane crash in Kazakhstan leaves at least 14 dead
Liverpool crushes Leicester City to go 13 points clear
* 10 ANA Troops Killed in Helmand Attack
* Iran, China, Russia drill in vital waterways for 2nd day
Iraqi resistance groups decry Salihís resignation as submission to US interests
* Taliban Agrees On One Week Ceasefire
Saudi judicial system corrupt, Bin Salman chief culprit behind Khashoggiís killing: Dissidents
NASAís Mars 2020 rover set to hunt Martian fossils, scout for manned missions
Trumpís tariffs on imports backfired, caused job losses and higher prices: Fed study
Hong Kong police arrest 15 in fresh shopping mall protests
Young Afghan MMA fighter defeats his Russian rival in a breathtaking fight
* Iraqi president condemns US attack on PMU bases as death toll reaches 25
* Air Pollution Kills 17 in Kabul in a Week: Ministry
* Iran, Russia: West disturbing peace in region
Sydney fireworks to go ahead despite massive protest petition
Turkish government sending Libya deployment bill to parliament despite oppositionís rejection
* US under barrage of criticism over strikes in Iraq
British establishment wary of post-Brexit crisis in NI
Pompeo categorizes US aggression in Iraq, Syria as Ďdefensive actioní
* US Embassy in Iraq evacuated amid angry protests over airstrike on PMU
8 Police Killed in Balkh, 7 ANA Killed in Takhar
World Welcomes 2020 Amid Wildfires, Protests, Nuclear Threats
Pilots break strike unity as Macronís ĎThatcher momentí is right now
Number of homicides in London climbs to 10-year high
Trump says does not foresee war with Iran over Iraq
4,000 US troops ordered to deploy in Middle East amid Iraq unrest: Officials
US Army bans Chinaís TikTok over security worries
North Korea Ďto develop new strategic weapon soon,í as deadline for US passes
* US taking revenge on Iraqi popular forces for defeating Daesh: Leader
US Amb. Bass: Take Opportunity for Peace, Fight Corruption
US embassy in Baghdad suspends consular operations
* Taiwanís top military official missing after helicopter crash-landing
US auto plant closures tied to surge in opioid overdose deaths
* Death toll from floods, landslides in Indonesia reaches 21
Netanyahu to ask parliament for immunity from corruption charges
Hong Kong police arrest 400 protesters on New Yearís Day
New citizenship law protest intensify across India
Death toll rises in Australia due to devastating bushfires
* Trump faces major foreign policy challenges in 2020: Analysis
Australian authorities steer mass evacuation as wildfires raze holiday towns
* Commander of Iranís Quds Force, Iraqís PMU deputy head assassinated in US strike
Trump ordered assassination of General Soleimani: Pentagon
Iraqi PM warns of devastating war, Sadr orders forces to be ready
Russia slams US íadventuristí move in Soleimaniís assassination
* Iran Leader vows íharsh revengeí following assassination of Gen. Soleimani
Iranís Armed Forces vow ípunishing responseí to Soleimaniís assassination
Trumpís order to assassinate Iranian General Soleimani draws swift condemnation from US officials
Israelís PM Netanyahu cuts short Greece visit íin light of recent developmentsí
* Who was General Qassem Soleimani?
US Senator Bernie Sanders condemns Trump for ordering assassination of Iranian General Soleimani
* Angry Iranians rally in huge numbers to call for revenge
Corbyn: assassination of Soleimani ďextremely serious and dangerous escalation of conflict in the Middle EastĒ.
Iraqís top Shia cleric condemns US assassination of Ďheroes of anti-Daesh fightí
* Resistance forces across world carry task of avenging Soleimani: Nasrallah
* Afghan VP Calls for ďCalmĒ over Soleimani Killing
* Why US assassinated General Qassem Soleimani
Military reservists called up as thousands flee Australian fires
In Pictures: Iranians mourn General Soleimaniís martyrdom
Iranian media react to Quds Force chief assassination
Iraqís PMU denies strike on fighters as US mounts attacks on anti-terror group
* Huge crowds of Iraqi mourners join Gen. Soleimaniís funeral procession
Mysterious pneumonia outbreak infects 44 in China, puts Asia on alert
* Afghan official calls Gen. Soleimani key figure in anti-Daesh fight
US assassination of Soleimani will lead to expulsion of US troops from Iraq: Experts
China fully supports Russiaís one-year chairmanship of BRICS
Iran will be patient in planning crushing anti-US response: IRGC commander
Palestinians in Gaza pay tribute to assassinated Iranian commander
In photos: Funeral held for Gen. Soleimani, his companions
Gazans pay homage to General Soleimani, burn US, Israeli flags
* Red Line crossed: US assassination of Qassem Soleimani
Children among 14 civilians killed in roadside bombing in Burkina Faso
In Pictures: Iranís Gen. Soleimani assassinated in Iraq
* IRGC: Strategic revenge to end US presence in region
Soleimani opposed US hegemony over oil in Iraq: Expert
* Assassination of Iranís Soleimani Meets with Negative Reactions in US
* US assassination to make Iran-Iraq alignment stronger: Analysts
Six Germans killed, 11 injured in Italy road accident
Targeting Iran cultural sites will be war crime: People react to Trump
In pictures: Millions bid farewell to iconic Gen. Soleimani in Ahvaz
Over 100,000 protesters rally against citizenship law in southern India
Iran says US lacks courage after Trump threatens to hit 52 sites
170 Iraqi lawmakers sign draft bill to expel US military forces from country
* Washington always disrespects its political, legal, moral commitments: Rouhani
* Iraqi lawmakers approve bill to expel US forces from country
Russia starts European gas deliveries through TurkStream pipeline to Turkey
Biden blasts Trumpís íincredibly dangerousí tweets on Iran
Iran will hit US Ďmilitary sitesí in response to assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani
* US soldiers, officers will go home in coffins after Soleimani assassination: Nasrallah
* Millions of Iranians mourn Lt. Gen. Soleimani, PMU deputy head in Mashhad
* Iran announces decision to take fifth step to scale back JCPOA commitments
Iraqís Sistani condoles with Ayatollah Khamenei on Soleimani assassination
Iraq lodges complaint to UN chief, UNSC over US assassination of Lt. Gen. Soleimani, Muhandis
* Millions pack Tehran streets to pay homage to Gen. Soleimani
London Muslims mourn for martyred commanders
US not to leave Iraq, unless they pay for our base: Trump
Pelosy: US House will vote to limit Trumpís war powers on Iran
In Pictures: Tehran holds huge funeral procession for martyred commanders
Pompeo: John Bass Helped Advance US Efforts Towards Afghan Peace
Japanese businessman pays $1.8 for an enormous tuna
* Tulsi Gabbard: War with Iran would make Afghanistan, Iraq wars ílook like a picnicí
* In pictures: Final funeral procession for Lt. Gen. Soleimani
Germany slashing troop numbers in Iraq
Even weakest revenge scenario to become historic nightmare for US: Shamkhani
Iran calls for national legal action against Instagram
Trump didnít know Gen. Soleimaniís blood will make resistance front stronger: Senior Yemeni official
US-led coalition temporarily relocates headquarters from Iraq to Kuwait: Report
Indian Muslims protest US assassination of senior Iranian, Iraqi commanders
Iran FM vows proportionate response to US terror act after assassination of General Soleimani
* Massive crowds bid farewell to hero general in hometown funeral
* IRGC targets US airbases in Iraq in response to assassination of General Soleimani
IRGC: No missiles intercepted in attack on US bases, casualties reported
Countries move to evacuate, restrict citizens after Iran missile attacks on US bases in Iraq
Ukrainian passenger jet crashes in Iran, all 176 on board dead
Epic Funeral Services for Gen. Soleimani Across Iran
Rouhani: Ultimate revenge is to end US presence in region
* Ayatollah Khamenei: Iranís retaliation against US only ía slapí
* US still needs Middle East oil; Trump lies: Report
20 killed, over dozen wounded in bus accident in northern Iran
* Ilhan Omar: ĎWar destroys lives, takes away futuresí
Anti-war activists in New York City protest against Trumpís Middle East policy
US threatens India with sanctions over purchasing Russiaís S-400 missile systems
Trump says US will impose new sanctions against Iran after Tehranís retaliation
Johnson clashes with Corbyn over General Soleimani assassination
Putin, Erdogan urge restraint, de-escalation of Iran-US tensions
Australia bushfire rages on, PM confirms 27 dead
* íDesigned by clowns,í Boeing employees ridicule 737 MAX, regulators in internal messages
Alcohol-related deaths in US have doubled in past 20 years: Study
US imitating Daesh in threatening Iranís cultural sites: Zarif
* Omanís Sultan Qaboos dies at 79
India citizenship law protest turns creative with art to express anger
Pelosi set to send impeachment articles to Senate
* Iran: Ukrainian plane brought down ídue to human errorí
* Oman names Sultan Qaboosí cousin Haitham as new ruler
US lawmakers reject Trumpís new claim that Soleimani targeted 4 US embassies in region
What Are The Implications Of Iranís Missile Strikes On US Bases?
China reports first fatal case of unidentified virus outbreak
* EU ministers hold emergency talks on Iran
North Korea rules out return to talks with US despite good personal relations with Trump
* US rebuffs Iraqís call to withdraw troops from Arab country
* We accept full responsibility for Ukrainian plane crash: IRGC Aerospace chief
Trump: US troops wonít leave Iraq unless it pays for Ďmoney we put iní
Hundreds of people protest French military presence in Mali
Pakistanis protest US assassination of top Iranian General Soleimani
Trumpís sanctions threat reveals true US plot: total colonization of Iraq
Local Officials Criticized for Silence on Shindand Strike
* Russia, Germany say committed to saving JCPOA despite US pressure
UK ambassador arrested while organizing protests in Tehran: Report
Trump tweets message of support to Iranian protests
Thousands protest against government in Thai capital
Australiaís PM admits partial guilt in bushfire response
Over dozen Saudi servicemen to be expelled from US: Report
Libyaís government, rebels agree to ceasefire brokered by Turkey, Russia
* Flashfloods Kill 11 in Kandahar, Helmand
Regional security cooperation has no value without Iran: Qatari emir
73% of Americans concerned about war with Iran: Poll
* íCorrupt actsí by US, allies cause of current situation in region: Ayatollah Khamenei
Iran sets up hotline to help families of victims of downed Ukrainian plane
Iran summons British ambassador over íunconventional behavior,í attending íillegalí rally
* Soleimani assassination act of international terrorism: Chomsky
Saudi TV suspends Palestinian announcer over solidarity with Yemen
* Nasrallah says Iran missile strikes showed all US bases in West Asia within range
Franceís transport strike drags on despite government compromise on pensions
Iran volleyball qualify for Tokyo 2020
* China slams US, other states for congratulating Tawainís Tsai on election win
* Rumbling volcano shuts down Philippine capital
Pelosi says Trump Ďimpeached for lifeí despite McConnellís Ďgamesmanshipí
Rouhani receives Pakistani FM, stresses importance of mutual relations
Boliviaís ex-president Morales calls on people to form popular defense groups
Angry Pakistani protesters vow to drive US forces from region
India anti citizenship law protests continue as government calls for calm
íMore than 400,000 German jobs at risk in switch to electric carsí
New Boeing chief executive takes over with 737 max crisis unresolved
Europe accuses Iran of íviolent actioní, urges return to obligations
MI5 chief rebuffs US warnings of potential risk Huawei poses to intelligence sharing
Afghan men detained in Delhi airport for heroin smuggling charges
* US Wants Taliban to Cut Iran Ties: Hekmatyar
Nearly 10,000 Election Complaints Rejected: IECC
Hong Kong Ďfacing unprecedented challenges over high number of arrestsí
NGOs boycott pre-G20 meetings in Saudi Arabia over rights violations
US budget deficit tops $1 trillion in 2019
* Avalanches in Pakistan claim 67 lives
Police conduct raids in Germany in hunt for suspected Chechen militants
Outbreak of dengue fever kills dozens of children in conflict-stricken Yemen
US court rejects bid to seize $1.7 billion of Iranian assets
Johnson refuses to issue section 30 order
* Anti-govt. protests resume in Lebanon as political vacuum persists
FBI presses Apple for phone data from Saudi shooter
* EU3 triggers dispute mechanism with Iran in blow to nuclear deal
Turkey to Ďteach a lessoní to Libyan rebel commander if anti-govt. offensive resumes
* Oceans were hottest in recorded history in 2019: Study
Indian state challenges citizenship law in Supreme Court
Ceasefire Key to Peace Talks: Mohib
* Taliban Leader Agrees to a 7-Day Reduction of Violence: Source
Secret that helps some trees live more than 1,000 years
* Russian PM Medvedev announces government resignation
* Over 130 killed as avalanches and floods hit Pakistan, Afghanistan
Delta flight dumps fuel on Los Angeles school, 26 treated for minor injuries
Rouhani: Withdrawal from region serves US own interests, restores regional security
Long-Bailey announces groundbreaking initiative on Islamophobia
íLyingí Trump could spark war with Iran: Bernie Sanders
Zarif rejects UK PMís proposal for new ĎTrump dealí to replace JCPOA
Turkey summons Egyptís charge díaffaires over raid on Anadolu office
Pelosi names Trump nemesis Schiff íleadí impeachment manager
* When Life Imitates Art
Sadr Calls for ĎMillion-Man Marchí against US Military Presence in Iraq
* Activists sue German government over lack of action on climate change
* Qureshi: Taliban íReady for Reduction of Violenceí
* US Officials Routinely íLiedí Over Afghan Progress: Sopko
* US, China sign ímomentousí trade deal
Relief as rain falls over Australian bushfires
Lebanese continue protests, demand release of detainees
* Trump administration slammed for lying over Afghan war
Turkey Ďnot pessimisticí about ceasefire in Libya but wary of Haftar
White House abruptly cancels Iran briefings amid contradictions
Zarif: Europeans sold out remnants of Iran deal to appease Trump
Economic shocks of rising sea levels threaten sovereign credit ratings: Moodyís
* Trump impeachment articles delivered to Senate
Russiaís ruling party approves Putinís candidate for prime minister
Tehran now enriching more uranium than before 2015 deal: Iranís Rouhani
Spainís prime minister to meet with Cataloniaís president
* Russian parliament unanimously approves Mikhail Mishustin as prime minister
Around 350,0000 people have fled Syriaís Idlib since Dec. 1: UN
Qureshi Urges US to Remain Engaged in Rebuilding Afghanistan
* US, Taliban Discuss Signing of Peace Deal: Shaheen
* Ayatollah Khamenei: US disgraced after assassination of Gen. Soleimani
US military says 11 US troops wounded in Iranian missile attack despite earlier denials
Riyadh pays $500 million to cover cost of US troopsí presence in Saudi Arabia: Report
The case for ... making low-tech ídumbí cities instead of ísmartí ones
US assassination of General Soleimani was Ďimmoral actioní: New York Times
Guatemala cuts ties with Venezuela in kowtow to US
EU warns of WTO challenge if US-China deal harms businesses
EU Brexit spokesman says Britain assured him about those who do not apply for settled status
* Trumpís ďNATOMEĒ Idea: Goals, Outlook?
6 US Jets Were Near Iran Border at Time of Accidental Shoot-down of Ukraine Plane: Russia
* 90% of black Americans disapprove of Trumpís job performance: Poll
US relaxes firearms export rules, raises sales by 20%
Amid Doha Talks, Palace Still Insists on Ceasefire: Sediqqi
House Speaker to Herat Cleric: ĎAfghans Reject Radicalismí
* ĎThe War Will End When the US Withdrawsí: Mullah Badradar
French police evacuates president Macron from theater amid protests
Europe to face terror threat if Tripoli-based government falls: Erdogan
* Analysis: Americaís main allies are abandoning Trump as his threats to world leaders backfire
* Pelosi to Trump: íYou are impeached foreverí regardless of outcome of Senate trial
Khalifa Haftar is not a force for good in Libya
Iran: Region facing dangerous situation due to US combination of arrogance, ignorance
Lebanon security forces, protesters clash near parliament building
US spies are placing local motorists at risk near RAF Croughton
Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane to Kiev: Civil Aviation Organization
Iraq Developments in Shadow of US Expulsion Bill
* Govt ĎApplies Double Standardí to Private Sector: Union
* Taliban Aims to Sign Peace Deal by íMonthís Endí: Dawn
US Chargť díAffaires in Kabul Begins Work
Six members of a family killed in cold blood Ė Faryab
Summit on Libyan peace to open in Berlin
Stolen íDivan of Hafezí heading to Germany after discovery in UK
Hong Kong protesters attack, injure policemen in head
Johnson appears keen to exploit Libyan conflict
Palestinian child held for several weeks in solitary confinement at Israeli jail
Fire at Czech home for disabled leaves 8 dead
Sanders, Warren try to ease tensions after a week of feud
* Libyaís Haftar must end Ďhostile attitudeí to resolve conflict: Erdogan
Russian Shakeup: What Does Putin Have in Mind?
Whatís Behind London Hezbollah Ban?
* Four Members of One Family Killed in Kabul
Plan on Reduction in Violence íDeceptiveí: Danish
* Peace is "Not One Personís Monopoly": Abdullah
Wells visit to Pakistan ahead of Afghan Peace Deal
Italian Sardines square off against Salvini ahead of crucial vote
* Foreign powers call for ípermanentí Libya ceasefire, vow end to foreign interference
* Billionaires richer than 60 percent of worldís population: Oxfam
* Italians rally against far-right surge in north ahead of crucial regional vote
* France probes police violence as video of officer beating up protester goes viral
Alaska volcano spews thick ash cloud, triggering aviation warning
Fears of radicalization as violent protests hit Lebanon
SARS-like virus spreads in China, nearly 140 new cases
Thousands of US-bound migrants set to enter Mexico from Guatemala in new influx
De Niro takes veiled jab at Trump at SAG tribute
China urges Canada to release Huawei chief as she heads to court to fight extradition to US
Russia repels drone attack on Hmeimim base in Syria
* UK legal team urges police to arrest Egyptís Sisi during London visit over Morsi death
Leader of Iran: Iranís appeal as model of resistance angers US
Hasina, Karzai join criticism of Indian Citizenship Law
* Rep. Schiff: NSA, CIA probably have more evidence pertinant to impeachment
The Geopolitical Feature of Peace and War in Afghanistan



Modi, Merkel Discuss Afghanistan, Radicalisation And Terrorism



The Geopolitical Feature of Peace and War in Afghanistan

Rep. Schiff: NSA, CIA probably have more evidence pertinant to impeachment

Hasina, Karzai join criticism of Indian Citizenship Law

Leader of Iran: Iranís appeal as model of resistance angers US

UK legal team urges police to arrest Egyptís Sisi during London visit over Morsi death

Russia repels drone attack on Hmeimim base in Syria

China urges Canada to release Huawei chief as she heads to court to fight extradition to US

De Niro takes veiled jab at Trump at SAG tribute

Thousands of US-bound migrants set to enter Mexico from Guatemala in new influx

SARS-like virus spreads in China, nearly 140 new cases

Fears of radicalization as violent protests hit Lebanon

Alaska volcano spews thick ash cloud, triggering aviation warning

France probes police violence as video of officer beating up protester goes viral

Italians rally against far-right surge in north ahead of crucial regional vote

Billionaires richer than 60 percent of worldís population: Oxfam

Foreign powers call for ípermanentí Libya ceasefire, vow end to foreign interference

Italian Sardines square off against Salvini ahead of crucial vote

Wells visit to Pakistan ahead of Afghan Peace Deal

Peace is "Not One Personís Monopoly": Abdullah

Plan on Reduction in Violence íDeceptiveí: Danish

Four Members of One Family Killed in Kabul

Whatís Behind London Hezbollah Ban?

Russian Shakeup: What Does Putin Have in Mind?

Libyaís Haftar must end Ďhostile attitudeí to resolve conflict: Erdogan

Sanders, Warren try to ease tensions after a week of feud

Fire at Czech home for disabled leaves 8 dead

Palestinian child held for several weeks in solitary confinement at Israeli jail

Johnson appears keen to exploit Libyan conflict

Hong Kong protesters attack, injure policemen in head

Stolen íDivan of Hafezí heading to Germany after discovery in UK

Summit on Libyan peace to open in Berlin

Six members of a family killed in cold blood Ė Faryab

US Chargť díAffaires in Kabul Begins Work

Taliban Aims to Sign Peace Deal by íMonthís Endí: Dawn

Govt ĎApplies Double Standardí to Private Sector: Union

Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane to Kiev: Civil Aviation Organization

US spies are placing local motorists at risk near RAF Croughton

Lebanon security forces, protesters clash near parliament building

Iran: Region facing dangerous situation due to US combination of arrogance, ignorance

Khalifa Haftar is not a force for good in Libya


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