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1000s of Haitians protest against corruption            Trump announces exit of his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders            Ghani, Modi Discuss Afghan Peace in Bishkek             SCO Summit Begins In Bishkek            Video: Iran saves crewmembers of tanker hit in Sea of Oman             World reacts as two tankers Ďattackedí in Sea of Oman             Police shooting of black man triggers unrest in Memphis, Tennessee            UK government signs order to enable Assange extradition to US            Ex-Football Chief Yet To Be Detained Despite Arrest Warrant             Man Who Tried To Approach Ghani Was Asked By Arg ĎTo Stay Silentí             Leader of Iran to Japan PM: Trump not worthy of exchanging messages with             Explosions hit two large oil tankers in Sea of Oman: Reports            Saudi crown princeís sister to go on trial in France in July            Catalan separatistsí rebellion trial closes            Trump says US sending 1,000 troops to join the 4,000 already in Poland            

Grand Ayatollah Mohaqiq Kabuli passes away

Ayatollah Qorbanali Mohaqiq Kabuli, an Afghan Shia source of emulation, died at the age of 91. image1 AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Ayatollah Qorbanali Mohaqiq Kabuli, an Afghan Shia source of emulation, died at the age...

Flash Floods Leave 19 Dead In West And North

At least 19 people have died and more than 20 others have sustained injuries in the past three days of flash floods in Herat, Badghis and Faryab provinces in the west and northern parts of the country, local officials confirmed. According to local officials, a number of people also have been disappeared...

Facebook bans white nationalism, separatism

Facebook has banned content promoting white nationalism and white separatism on its platforms, amid criticism that came after a white supremacist live-streamed his shooting of worshipers at two mosques in New Zealand on the social media network. The online service company announced its...

Global Peace Building through Cultural Diplomacy is Discussed in Bucharest, Romania

On the 30th anniversary of the collapse of dictatorship in Eastern Europe and Romanian presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), a comprehensive approach to peace building with a network and cooperation from governments and civil society groups will be discussed with 200 participants from...

10 Die In Flash Floods In Herat Province

At least 10 people lost their lives in flash floods in Herat which started on Monday night, the provincial governor’s media office said in a statement. According to the statement, thousands of acres of agricultural land and hundreds of houses were damaged following heavy rains in the past few...

Letters from Citizens to National Leaders: Endorsing Accountability for Global Peace Building at the UN General Assembly

On March 14th, about 30,000 people from all sectors of the society including government officials, religious leaders, heads of NGOs, media persons, and citizen gathered in Seoul, South Korea, to redouble efforts for the establishment of international law for peace. Hitting the 3rd anniversary this...

New Zealand mosque attack result of spreading Islamophobia in West: Commentator+video

The deadly shooting at two mosques in New Zealand on Friday is the result of spreading "hatred" towards immigrants and Muslims in the West, says a commentator. At least one gunman killed 49 people and wounded more than 20 during Friday prayers in New Zealandís worst ever mass shooting, which Prime...

36 dead, wounded in Kabul traffic incident

At least thirty six people were killed or wounded in a traffic incident in Kabul, the government officials said Friday. The incident took place late on Thursday night on a highway connecting Kabul with the northeastern Kapisa province of Afghanistan. According to the officials, a convoy of vehicle...

Demise of the former chairman of Kabul Bank Ďmysteriousí, claims Noor

The Chief Executive of Jamiat Islami Ata Mohammad Noor has described the demise of the former chairman of Kabul Bank Sher Khan Farnood as mysterious. Noor issued a statement after the death of Mr. Farnood was confirmed on Friday with the sources saying the former chairman of Kabul bank has passed...

Farnoodís Burial Delayed As Family Awaits Autopsy Results

Family members of Sherkhan Farnoon, the founder and former head of the old Kabul Bank, who reportedly died of heart disease at Bagram Prison on Friday, said Farnoodís burial ceremony will be delayed until an autopsy has been carried out by the forensic medicine department. The family said his death...

Kabul Husband Throws Acid In His Fiancťeís Face

Kabul police said Saturday that a man threw acid into his fiancéeís face on Friday night after she ended her engagement with him. Kabul police said the victim, Nilofar Akrami, was doused in acid in her home. Akrami, who is a nurse herself, is in hospital receiving medical treatment. Kabul...

Three Foreigners Killed After Being Kidnapped In Kabul

Three foreign nationals working in Kabul were killed on Thursday morning by unknown gunmen. One Indian, one Malaysian and one Macedonian were reportedly kidnapped early morning and their bodies were later found in Mussahi district in Kabul province. They were kidnapped from PD9 in the city. Police...

7-year-old minor bride girl killed by her husband in Badghis province

A minor girl who was married to a man has been killed due to unknown reasons in northwestern Badghis province of Afghanistan, the local officials said. Provincial police spokesman Naqibullah Amini confirmed the incident and said the victim was a 7-year-old minor girl. Amini further added that the...

Denmark, Norway Eye Kabul Center for Minors Denied Asylum

Denmark and Norway are working on establishing a center in Kabul where unaccompanied Afghanistanian minors who have been denied asylum can be housed, the Danish and Norwegian governments said on Wednesday. Asylum and immigration have been controversial political topics in the Nordics, as in other...

ĎIntercultural Dialogue for Peace and Developmentí Held at UN Headquarters to Create a Foundation of Understanding and Tolerance

Approximately 100 representative officials to the United Nations of the respective countries including Canada, Austria, Colombia, the Republic of Senegal, and the State of Qatar gathered to hold a dialogue on the agenda of peace and development at UN Headquarters in New York on May 31st. Organized...

Nearly 3.7 Million Afghanistanian Children Out of Schools: UNICEF

Almost 3.7 million children mostly girls are out of schools in Afghanistan, due to ongoing conflict, poverty, and discrimination against girls, the United Nations’ Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says. That represents almost half of all children aged between seven and 17, and it marks the...

Russian pilot shot down in Afghanistan in 1980s found alive

A Russian pilot who was missing and presumed dead after his warplane was shot down 30 years ago during former Soviet military invasion of Afghanistan has been found alive and wishes to return home. "He is still alive. Itís very astonishing. Now he needs help," the head of the Russian paratroopersí...

French police begin evacuation of refugee camp in Paris

Police began evacuating hundreds of refugees living in makeshift camps in Paris on Wednesday, as European politicians continue to tackle the issue of refugees, which has fuelled the rise of far-right parties in the continent. Reuters Television pictures showed scores of refugees, from the "Millenaire"...

Cartoonists across world invited to join art competition marking Quds Day

Iran’s Ahlulbayt News Agency (ABNA) is set to hold the 2nd International Cartoon Festival on International al-Quds Day, calling on all cartoonists across the world to participate in the competition by sending their related works to the event.   The event, named “Quds; the Eternal...

Danish minister under fire for calling fasting Muslims Ďdangerí

A Danish government minister has sparked backlash among Muslim communities, unions, and refugee advocates after calling fasting Muslims a "danger" to the society and urging them to take time off work during the month of Ramadan. Denmarkís immigration minister, Inger Stojberg, said on Monday that fasting...

12 Year-Old Disabled Girl Gang Raped In Herat Province

A 12-year-old mentally disabled girl was brutally gang-raped in Herat, hospital officials confirmed. According to her mother the incident happened on Friday when her daughter left home and was unable to find her way back. The mother said her daughter was kidnapped and gang raped. Family members have...

S.U.C Called on People Not to Register for Election Until Security is Not Provided

Afghanistan Shia Ulema Council (S.U.C) has called on Afghanistanian people not to register or take ID cards until security is not completely provided. The S.U.C led by Shaikh Asef Muhseni has considered the security situation alarming after bargaining with its members. "Protecting the lives of people...

Americans less likely to trust Facebook over scandal: Poll

Fewer than half of Americans trust Facebook to obey US privacy laws, highlighting the challenge facing the social media company after a scandal over its handling of personal information, according to a new poll. The Reuters/Ipsos poll, released on Sunday, also found that fewer Americans trust...

Millions plan to leave Africa for US, Europe: Study

Nearly 1.5 million people have left sub-Saharan Africa for Europe and the United States since 2010, while millions more are making plans to follow in their footsteps, researchers said on Thursday. Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya were the biggest sources of migrants to Europe and the United States among...

Refugee given life sentence for murder of German student in Freiburg

Hussein K. has been given a life sentence for the crime that shocked the wealthy and picturesque city. He had previously been convicted of assaulting a woman in Greece, but was released from prison early. A refugee was convicted of murdering a medical student in the southern German city of Freiburg...

A Traditional Haft Sin Table Celebrating Nowruz

Haft Sin (Haft Seen) is a traditional custom in the New Year holiday of Persians known as Nowruz. Actually it is a table setting with 7 different items which its essential items letters start with, however there are some items in this table setting which do not start with seen. “Seen”(...

Nowruz: An ode to spring

Nowruz (New Day), the name of the Persians New Year, is a traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. A 3,000-year-old Iranian tradition for people of all faiths, Nowruz is celebrated by the world’s Persian-speaking community and other ethno-linguistic...

10-year-old girl raped in Jowzjan

A 10-year-old girl has been raped in Afghanistanís northern Jowzjan province, an official said Sunday. The girl faced sexual assault in Dasht-i-Laili area of the province on Saturday evening before she was admitted to hospital, the provincial public health director told. The victim initially said that...

Amnesty says Shell, Eni negligent on Nigeria oil spills

Amnesty International on Friday accused international oil majors Shell and Eni of negligence when addressing spills in Nigeria. Describing their actions as “serious negligence,” Amnesty said the companies were "taking weeks to respond to reports of spills and publishing misleading information...

7 dead, 22 wounded in Kandahar road accident

A traffic incident in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan has left at least 7 people dead and 22, the local officials said. The incident took place today in the vicinity of Maiwand district on the main highway connecting Kandahar and Herat provinces. Provincial governor’s spoksman Qudrullah...

39% of Afghanistanian Live Below Poverty Line

Officials from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Economy (MoEc) on Wednesday said that the poverty and unemployment rates have significantly increased despite efforts over the past few years to develop the country. Thirty nine percent of the people live below the poverty line and 23 percent of Afghans...

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Explosions hit two large oil tankers in Sea of Oman: Reports

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