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Hezbollah Stronger, Israel Scared, US Unable to Intimidate Lebanese: Nasrallah
 Hezbollah Stronger, Israel Scared, US Unable to Intimidate Lebanese: Nasrallah

The Secretary General of Lebanon's Hezbollah says the resistance movement is much more powerful than ever before as Israeli regime is scared and frustrated with regional developments.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made the remarks in a speech on the 11th anniversary of Zionist regime's defeat in the 33-day military war against Lebanon in 2006.

During a ceremony “The Period of Victory,” in Marjayoun’s Khiam, the Hezbollah leader noted that the main reason behind the victory of Hezbollah fighters in the war against Tel Aviv was their patience, steadfastness, valor and faith.

Sayyed Nasrallah said the game is now over in Syria, calling on some Lebanese sides who have been betting on the fall of the Syrian to quit on this idea.

He hailed Hezbollah fighter gains against al-Nusra terrorists in Arsal region and voiced his readiness to help the Lebanese Army in any future operations to drive out ISIS terrorists from the outskirts of east Lebanon’s Ras Baalbeck and al-Qaa.

Condemning the US campaign of intimidation against the Lebanese government and people through bundle of sanctions against Hezbollah, Sayyed Hasan emphasized that such plots won’t affect the resistance rather will boost its determination and its growing power.

33-day war

Remembering the 2006 war, Sayyed Nasrallah said Israeli analysts were still analyzing the results of that war, because it destroyed their self-confidence and they have admitted to their defeat in the summer war in 2006.

 “Eleven-years later, Israel speaks of Hezbollah’s forces... its weapons, the type of weapons, the rockets, etc. etc. etc. [But] today, I tell you every time Israel speaks of Hezbollah’s weapons and its capabilities, it further validates that Hezbollah was victorious in 2006."

"Israel is admitting to its failure in its main objective of defeating Hezbollah in 2006. Every time they hold conferences, the primary threat they say is Hezbollah."

The Hezbollah chief stated that Israelis wanted to destroy Hezbollah, but after 11 years, they say Hezbollah has become stronger and more powerful and this shows that they have failed to achieve the goals they pursued through 2006 war.

The men and women of Khiam were victorious and refused the invasion of the enemy,” speaking of the south Lebanon town where the ceremony was being held.

“Khiam and the other border towns fought for 33 days and remained steadfast despite aerial bombings.”

“The faithful people, the people of resistance, the people of God... this is the reality of the July War."

“All these aspects that won the war are now advanced.”

“Any Israeli tanks or fighters in the air or on the land... will be faced with hundreds more like the village Khiam.”

Hezbollah more stronger than 2006

"I want to say after 2000 and 2006, today there is a resistance, a serious one who doesn’t know how to waste time and doesn't have a yearly vacation. It studies all developments in the region as well as Israel and it has the best weapons it can possibly get. In all transparency, when it enters a battle it does so with a set goal. The enemy knows this is its problem," Hezbollah Secretary General said.

He added, "After the July war, from Aug 14, 2006 until today, it has gained strength. Even the enemy admits to this. Every time someone bet on the defeat of the resistance and today anytime someone tries to do this, they will lose this bet."

Hezbollah Fights Terrorism serves Lebanese national interests

Nasrallah also explained that Hezbollah only fights outside the Lebanese borders and will not use force in domestic developments of the country.

He added that in return for its victories, Hezbollah does not seek personal, party, or tribal interests.

"We need to know the value and importance of this resistance. This resistance works for the national interest [of Lebanon] and not for any individual, religious or political goals," Nasrallah reiterated.

"When I speak of the resistance, I speak to the enemy and never to anyone inside Lebanon. Israel will have a massive price to pay in any war against Lebanon," Nasrallah said, adding that Israel does not speak of a war against only Hezbollah anymore.

Israeli regime is afraid of Hezbollah  

Sayyed Hasan stated that the resistance movement is more powerful than ever and the enemy has reached the conclusion that any new aggression against Lebanon will be very costly.

"Israeli politicians and even extremists in Israel have said the only way a war against Lebanon will happen is if it is their last choice. They know it is no longer playing in the park because the Israelis know that in Lebanon there is a strength and that if the golden tripartite equation [of the people, the Army and the resistance] is completed, it will face big consequences."

"The Israeli decision to close the ammonia plant [in Haifa] came as a decision because they respect their enemy [Hezbollah] and they respect Hezbollah because they know it is strong and if they thought they were weak they would not have done it because they make money it is not an easy decision."

They wanted to crush the resistance in 2006 war, but they failed to achieve this goal, Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah chief added that not only Israel, but all those parties which seek to crush Hezbollah at the present time will fail to achieve this goal.

"Israel says 'I don't war with Lebanon and the cost of it is high,' but behind closed doors, European and Americans tell Lebanese that if they don't do this or that, there will be a war on Lebanon by Israel."

"If an NGO or municipality plants a green tree on the border, Israel complains to the U.N. that someone is planting on the border but UNIFIL went and found nothing."

"Why is Israel afraid of a tree on the border today? They are supposed to have trees and we should have a desert. They want nuclear weapons and we are not allowed to have a gun. They want technology and they want us to have donkeys. They want to be educated and want us to be illiterate."

"Israel is allowed to have daily aircraft [incursions], weapons and radars on the border, but a Lebanese civilian is not allowed to stand on the border and even look towards to occupied Palestine. Well go ahead and continue to complain to the Security Council [of the U.N.] as long as you want."

Speaking to Lebanese residents, Nasrallah told them to "Go plant trees because this protects the country and protects you... needless to say the environmental benefits."

"The Israelis are scared, the one who never used to be scared is now scared of a tree in a village or a man just going for a walk near the border."

“The Israeli enemy has reached the rock bottom, while we have reached the peak,” Sayyed Nasrallah said.

US anti-Hezbollah measures are doomed to failure

Nasrallah said that due to its inability to wage new war on Lebanon, Israel wants to collectively punish the entire Lebanese nation, and it is putting high pressure on the administration of US President Donald Trump, but they will fail to achieve anything as in the past.

"The days where Israel would threaten and do, are over," Hezbollah chief said.

"Israel is counting on the Trump administration to be stricter on Hezbollah, the Lebanese government, the Lebanese people and friends of Hezbollah in Lebanon and in the region."

Speaking of the renewed financial sanctions, Nasrallah said that no American threat or pressure would be able to touch the resistance. "They are troubling themselves to no avail."

"When we see the American authorities or [U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley] speaking, when [U.S. President Donald] Trump says the U.S. and the Lebanese government are partners in fighting Daesh and Hezbollah, it goes to show that he doesn't know that Hezbollah is in the government which America says it is allied with. We were never above the government of Lebanon and we never will be."

"Trump doesn't know that the Lebanese government had not gone into a fight with Daesh when he was speaking [in his meeting with Prime Minister Saad Hariri]. Now, the Lebanese government is fighting ISIS [near Ras Baalbeck]."

"They say Hezbollah is a terrorist organization or a dangerous force in the region and Lebanon. First, the terrorists are America and Israel and even Trump said for one whole year during his electoral campaign that Obama and Clinton created ISIS."

"Hezbollah is the force that fights and kills terrorists. Hezbollah fought and destroyed the greater Israeli project in 2000 and every day it continues to do so. Hezbollah is a part of the regional resistance that destroyed greater Israel in 2006."

"The wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen are all a result of American and the Israeli authorities. When Trump speaks like this, knowingly or not, I hope that no Lebanese side is working under the table to complete or partner on this project."

Tel Aviv angry with Hezbollah fighters' victories against terrorists

Touching on Hezbollah fighters gains against al-Qaeda linked terrorist near Syrian border, Nasrallah said and "the victory in Arsal weeks ago,' is as valuable as victory against Israeli regime in 2006.

"Today who is the one who was most upset at the result of the Arsal battle? Israel."

"What is happening in Syria today is upsetting Israel, who was betting on terrorists and takfiris."

"The defeat of ISIS in Syria means Hezbollah, Iran and the [Bashar] Assad government will be victorious, this is what Israel is telling the U.S."

Sayyed Nasrallah vows liberating Lebanese territories from terrorists 

"In the near future, the remaining militants should be expelled to Syria and the Lebanese Army will take over the areas," Sayyed Hasan said, adding "Once the Army goes up and sets up bases, we will withdraw and give them the area."

"I tell Arsal's residents that there plantations and quarries will be back to them in days."

"We are waiting for the Lebanese Army to begin its operation to eliminate Daesh in the outskirts."

"[President] Michel Aoun in the Higher Defense Council decided to go ahead in this and today we have a national, sovereign decision to liberate a part of the Lebanese land which Daesh is occupying."

"I am asking for no one to compare this to different battles. We are going towards a national battle that will see blood and there is no time to play with this. No one should put a timetable for this battle and no one should compare this battle with Hezbollah's Arsal battle because each battle has its set of circumstances."

"I want to say that we are ahead of a massive victory."

"It’s just a matter of time and we should be unified as a nation."

"There has been talk of cooperating with the Syrian side in the battle spoken of recently. We don’t want problems and we didn’t bring this up in Cabinet. I want to speak on something bigger than ministers going to Syria or cooperation between Syria and Lebanon."

"ISIS: it is only a matter of time before its defeated and there is a decision to finish it off."

Fighting terrorists in Syria serves Lebanon's national interests

" geographically we have the sea, occupied Palestine and Syria. Lebanon’s benefit through Syria is much greater than Syria's to Lebanon. We are in need of Syria," Hezbollah Secretary General said.

"Doesn't the Army need to take over the border once it's safe? Who is it supposed to coordinate with on the border? Our national interest is to have the border between Syria and Lebanon open and let agricultural products go and come from there. Once Iraq is opened and Jordan is opened, we will need to go through Syria."

"Lebanese, all of us, we are in need of talking to Syria. Let us put our political and personal interests aside and have dialogue for what is in the national interest."




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