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DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/9/29 - 03:35:20
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Pakistan, the source of terrorism
Pakistan, the source of terrorism

These days security in Afghanistan has undergone a more frosted, last suicide that occurred yesterday in front of the Supreme Court. The Taliban recently announced Pakistan's Punjab province of Pakistan to end armed activity, its operations are concentrated in Afghanistan. However, it has recently repeated some Afghanistan provinces of Pakistan attacked with rocket, only the rocket had hit the province since 6018. On the other hand, various Afghan cities insecurity has increased in scope and severity of the attacks.

Action and a clear interference in Pakistan and insecurity are influenced by a variety of factors that can be divided into two general groups Split:

A: Internal factors:

Opposition leaders ruling (Mullah Omar and Hekmatyar) expressed his extreme religious views, the illiterate population people have drawn attention to, while the number of people are unaware of the fact that the leaders of religious slogans, the wars of religion men who will not let go and feel the power of the true Islam is that of a democratic government to accept Islam.

Poverty and unemployment are considered unsafe due to the prolonged process of presidential elections has added to its extent When the stratum of the population are suffering from unemployment and poverty to economic needs may throw everything, including the work and effort to lap up the opposition Cause: Usually the joy of the ruling stratum of society may have so easily into the trap of opposition Through the complex, which has caused the economic backwardness of the community He is said to have been created and have their livelihoods.

In this sensitive matter to the authorities, we have a serious problem of poverty and unemployment, and work was a deliberate plan for various segments of society, especially youth. Here is our proposal to the government in the production and activation of factories, have paid more attention as part of international aid on the grounds that the structure and independence of the country's economic future and that depending allocate.

B) External factors

Afghanistan due to geographical location and geopolitical role and involvement of world and neighbors powers users and is constantly exposed. Ratings Afghan geopolitics stems from its geographical position between Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent is India. The mid-nineteenth century British intervention in Afghanistan was faced with after the British withdrawal from the region, the country's way to America. Ultimately the Soviet government in Afghanistan in 1357 with a coup brought to power consequently, the occupation and the process of formation and development, and the ongoing crisis lay, that our country is still burned in the fire. And the medieval Taliban regime emerged.

1.    Born of the Taliban in Pakistan

Continued foreign intervention group known as the Taliban was formed in 1383, although it is believed that the Taliban in Kandahar in 1371 under the supervision of the British ambassador in Pakistan has been laid, but what is certain (Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman) leader of Allmay Islam in Pakistan (Taliban movement architect intellectual formation) is. Apparently Mr. Nasr Ullah Babar Taliban movement, a political and Executive Architect, Interior Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was accompanied by the Ambassador and the British government, which in this way (Mahmoud Masteri) then UN representative for Afghanistan and the government of America as well as the necessary assistance America to have the State Department in Washington calls for SARATAN in 1377, the Taliban were confirmed.

However, with the defeat of the Taliban and the Afghan people's victory All participants believed that Pakistan will take on Afghanistan in their interventions; Despite the passage of almost 13 years of freedom, Pakistan indicated that his illegitimate child cannot (Taliban) from your lap cool and still covert and overt interference in Afghan affairs continues. All these interventions have increased and fueled by exporting terrorism to Afghanistan, bomb some village in the country and continue the program. Thus we can say that the main reason for insecurity in Afghanistan, Pakistan's covert and overt interventions as a source of terrorism and the country is exporting terrorism to Afghanistan. Another reason could be the lack of insecurity in Afghanistan can be state the foreign troops errors. 


2. Errors and indifference of foreign troops in Afghanistan

Despite the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan 13 years with the motto of the elimination of terrorism, but they have failed to fulfill their motto, the Taliban and other armed groups in most provinces of Afghanistan are still terrorized and murder,  The last of which occurred yesterday in Kabul, with heavy losses. Drugs as the main source of income for terrorists still at maximum production. And while the likes of NATO ends its mission without their chants work The main reason for the lack of success of NATO forces can be things like: Lack of familiarity with the culture and customs to NATO troops in Afghanistan, in coordination with NATO and Afghan politicians in the fight against terrorism, religious and ideological differences between the public and internal troops in Afghanistan by foreign forces, failure to equip the Afghan army to the air force by NATO countries, rogue operations forces and civilians in the operations of errors NATO and NATO forces in Afghanistan could be the main reasons for not meeting expectations

But the thing that has increased in importance these days; Locators appropriate NATO forces, especially America as a strategic ally in the Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nuristan against Pakistani hit rockets and exporting terrorism to Afghanistan by Pakistan, silence and apathy in the face of these cases deal with as well. This is not consistent with the rhetoric of fighting terrorism in the West

In any case with due veneration to our excellence Head of State, the independence, security and stability of the country is marred need No consideration is directly opposite what is now Pakistan, and warned any circumstance should be taken forward interventions and hit rockets. And as many times as security officials have said could even be the source of the suicide attack in Kabul last faced Pakistan.

This point should also be noted foreign troops stationed in Afghanistan that Afghanistan will never be safe from terrorist attacks, unless Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorists and issue, Is under international pressure to stop supporting the Taliban and al-Qaida and other terrorist groups.

Pakistan must understand this, the involvement of people who do not want peace in this country will not tolerate. Pakistani government leaders should know that Mullah Omar and Hekmatyar have no place in Afghan society, we have not forgotten still hitting  rocket and destruction to Kabul by Hekmatyar, our people are still have not forgotten five years of the terror and tyranny of the Taliban, yet the blood of more than eight thousand innocent martyr of  Mazar-e-sharif not dry, still the red sandy of Hairatan exist, yet in the minds of Bamiyan massacre remains, however, is clear to all participants that the massacres were carried out with the help of the Pakistani army. The group with the crimes they have committed against their own people, certainly people in the medieval times will not be allowed to win.

In the end, we propose the Muslim people of Pakistan, to put press on government to expel the Taliban and Al Qaeda By demonstrations and protests pushed the country thus the Pakistan society from existence of terrorists not faced as well as Afghanistan's problems.    

By: jawad sarwary

Interpreter: najia razawi



LINK: http://ansarpress.com/english/2384




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